Flowers, Seasons, and More Banal Relations to Romance

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Possibly the greatest love poem ever made in the history of mankind. Shakespeare can't even touch this.

P.S: Make sure you have a dictionary next to you as you read this.

Submitted: October 20, 2013

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Submitted: October 20, 2013



If I’m supposed to start

By comparing you to Fall,

Then let it be known

Comparisons I know all.

Vocabulary, I’m familiar with

My English teacher knows,

Short words used in poetry

Are my greatest foes.

To make my poem grand

It’ll have no chime,

But nonetheless I hope

You have a grand ol’ time:


Your soft countenance is equivalent

To clouds’ pristine whites,

Sweetest roses are acrimony

Compared to your laudable allure;

Wind transports trees

Whenever God gawks at your allure,

Fall, winter, spring, summer

Short of your divine prowess

To the amiable personality.

Your voice is mellifluous,

Whenever that magnum opus resonates.

I feel epicurean sensations

Of digesting verdant oeuvre,

Definitely confiscates my approbation;

Don’t forget the wind

Which moves vegetation because

Of God’s envy.


Your buttocks are august,

Those juicy cheeks bear no semblance

To asinine entities;

Instead, they seize the traits

Of an autodidact.

Your genitals are as indefatigable as

A soldier’s heart, while it

Flaps in the tree-moving wind like

A rippled flag.

My description is picayune

Compared to your exquisiteness,

I pray t’was enough

To win a portion of your heart. 

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