How Johnny Lost His Teeth

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This is a poem about how bad candy could be for your teeth.

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013



Johnny Matthews was a boy

Who ate a lot of candy.

Anything with sugar in it

Suited him just dandy.

Chocolate, lollipops,

And everything in between,

It's a mystery

Why his body was so lean.

One day he had a toothache

That he just couldn't bare.

He cried for his mom and dad

To give him satisfactory care.

His parents took him to a dentist,

Hoping to find the source of the problem.

While waiting for the good doctor,

Johnny coughed up bloody phlegm.

He and his parents became frantic,

they worried for the worst.

Next thing they know,

His gums started to burst.

Teeth and crimson goo

Freely spilled onto the floor.

Then, countless spiders burrowed out of Johnny's gums,

All of them wanting more.

They covered the poor child's face

As they ate their meal.

His mom screamed in horror

While his dad muttered, "This can't be real".

The arachnids tickled his cheeks,

Forehead, chin, and nose;

Pretty soon Johnny's face became nothing but skull

His parents felt his woes.

It was determined later by investigators

How Johnny met such a grim fate.

A breed of spiders immigrated from Brazil

And came to America to mate.

However, this species isn't like

Your run-of-the-mill arachnid.

These spiders lay their eggs in chocolate,

And see the kid.

So the next time you're craving chocolate,

A substance that always brings joy.

Just remember what happened to Johnny

That unlucky, dead boy.


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