Their Desires

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When a farmhand is tending to his father's fields as usual. Then he hears the sirens calling to him from the ominous forest. Curiosity leads him to the woods where he discovers his fate.

Submitted: August 06, 2013

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Submitted: August 06, 2013



It was all so sudden. I was tending to the cornfield like my father told me to, since it was a weekly routine that I honored without question. Then, a screech echoed my name. The sirens. The sirens were calling for me. Past the hilly meadows where our livestock grazed I could hear them singing. Their beautiful cries were singing a melody that I could not resist in my hardest efforts. Midway through a vibrato, I dropped my sickle. I brushed by the crops and proceeded towards the woods. Everything that was vegetated rustled the same way my heart did. I did not know why I was going. Nor did I know whom I would meet. However my curiosity as well as my lust urged me forward en route to an unknown fate.


I entered the forest that was adjacent to our property, awing at the uniform trees that loomed over my being. This, unabashed feeling of bravery was not present in my soul once my eyes caught the sight, although I wish it did. No, instead a realm of fear clouded every emotion that I used to hold true. The sky grew darker as abruptly as the goosebumps appeared on my spine, all in singular harmony. I’m scared. But…but, this is an obstacle that I have to overcome. Oh, that song, that opus, it called to me yet again.


I forced myself through the shrubs and trees of dim green color. The hue did not speak of life but of death. This side of the forest was a wonderland that I never had seen during my previous visits here. Dread overcame me as I walked by an ominous crack on the side of an elm’s bark. The grass flowed with the whistling zephyr which blew against my flesh, stroking its fine fingers through my pores. The sirens sang once more. Their voices are like ambrosia to my ears, causing my heart to flutter with irregular pattern. The temptation to leave is now completely overshadowed by the one to stay.


My saunter gained into a jog. I was able taste every step my feet made on the rotten soil. The bitter flavor of dirt dried my tongue with its nauseating presence. Each footprint that departed from my feet to the ground said to me, “You’re almost there.”


Finally, my spirit was blessed with their company. There were three as far as I could recollect. They were more angelic than goddesses, and their accents even more so. Their splendor was too beautiful for me to put into dull words, so I will let your imagination take over. The sirens had faces prettier than gold. Their hair had glossy colors that were never seen by mankind before. How it swayed through the air like drunk with grace turned my wildest fantasies into mundane parodies. The moment I noticed them, light penetrated the darkness and shone on them a spotlight, to capture a loveliness that could never be described in whole. As I granted you these tiresome adjectives, let me tell you that despite all of this, a troubling aura disturbed me. Something wasn’t right. No, nothing was right.


Quiet, that’s all there was when they noticed me. The utterance of my name turned into oblivion. An expressionless gawk came from the women. The screams of a raven passing by interrupted the uncomfortable suspense the situation attained. Then…growls. Emitting from entities that I gossiped of with such positive admiration were snarls that could chill a hyena to the core of its bones. The sirens…they…they…transformed. It freezes my nerves just thinking about it. Their eyes melted onto the dirt in a pool of pus. They were unfazed as if pain was a missing knowledge to them. A black inferno seeped through the crevices of their chap lips. Satanic doesn’t fully mention the full horror.


I sprinted in the opposite direction, whizzing by the dozens of hundreds of thousands of obstructions in my way. Everything raced. My heart. My legs. My mind. Yet the only thing I was aware of was my fear. My tears displayed it for me. I tried to scream—and I did—but the strident pitch of their howls dominated it. Never have I had death breathe its swampy breath this close to my neck like this. Beyond the woods was evil darkness, mocking my desperate attempt to flee.


I know there has to be an end, there has to be. Eventually I'll escape. I can’t keep running forever. There has to be an end. Right?

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