A Beautiful Tragedy.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Vina wanted a normal teenage life, she would of if her dad didnt turn into a monster, now Vina has to endure all the scarry things that go in her home, an has to deal with the life cards she is delt.

She was seven when it first started, all the yelling and hitting, at that time Vina didn’t know what was going on, she didn’t know what to do about it all, she knew that it was wrong. But she was only little and if he did hit her as hard as he did her mom, she would fly across the room and break her neck. When she got older and more confident she wanted it to stop she wanted to have a normal family like the ones she read in books, she wanted her mom Rhonda to be happy and have a career that she loved and a father who loved his wife and his daughter and would never hurt them not even a bit. When she was 15 Vina stood up to her father for the first time and, Mike her father didn’t like that and hit her hard, she flew across the room, but braced herself for the fall so she wouldn’t break anything. That never stopped, she would always stand up for her mother and her father would always knock her down. Just thinking back to the time Vina just couldn't stand to be alive in the world she had to call home. It made her well up with tears because she could never do anything about it. Now Vina was 17 she is almost an adult and soon legal to leave the horror of her house behind.
"Rhonda!" Mike, yelled "I'm home, start making me supper!" he slurred as he sat the 6 pack more like 3 pack down trying not to spill his third beer.
"What smells so bad” asked Rhonda, Vina's mother, as she came up from the basement with a load of light laundry. "Oh hi Mike didn't hear you come in" She said and she started folding and sorting clothes in piles.
"Start supper Rhonda" Mike yelled
"Vina dear, come down and help me with supper" yelled Rhonda.
"Sure, I'll be down in a minute "Vina yelled back, she just had to finish up some last minute homework. When she got down stairs her dad didn't look the same and neither did her mom, her dad looked like he was going to punch the TV because wrestling wasn’t on and her mom looked very scared.
"Hi Hun, can you peel some potatoes for me please?" Vina’s mom asked
"sure" Vina said as she picked up the heavy bag of potatoes, slung them on the counter and started peeling. While her mother made steak with mushrooms and onions.
"Stupid TV is on the damn glitch again, grrrr!" Mike cursed in the living room. After an hour the supper was finally cooked to fit Mike’s standards and they were all sitting down at the table like a normal family does, it may have looked like they were a normal family like the ones you see on TV, but that is if you were watching them on mute.
"I got fired today" Mike spoke up slyly shoving a pile of potatoes in his mouth.
"oh, how?" Rhonda asked acting surprised but she knew that he would get fired.
"The boss said I was slacking too much" Mike explained
"Oh"-that doesn’t surprise me- she thought,” Do you think you'll get another job?" asked Rhonda, hoping that he would.
"I might, I’ll look in the paper tomorrow." Mike lied, he knew in his right mind he was surely not going back to work, he had enough of it. he was tired of sitting at a desk all day craving a beer and getting yelled at every 2 minutes for not doing anything that he was suppose to. Those were the last words that came out of his mouth that night, the next day would be the start of a new beginning a beginning that might never end.
Vina woke up to the sound of her parents fighting again it has been 3 weeks and her dad still didn't find a job. She could hear what they were saying, but she knew that it was about finding a job, which her dad was not doing and they needed money. Vina herd that morning, they were going to soon lose the house if he did not find a job. Those were the exact words that came out of her mother’s mouth one morning, in one of the many fights that happened before Vina’s alarm clock buzzed.
"Why haven’t you given even the thought of picking up the paper and finding a job, we have to survive" Rhonda yelled.
"Because, Rhonda. I’m sick and tired of work, and besides you’re the women, its your job to look after me and take care of me, While you’re at it, make that daughter of yours get a job we need the money."Mike yelled back. Vina didn't like the idea of getting a job, but if she had to help her mom, she would consider it. Vina got up and put on jeans, shirt and a sweater and went down stairs to get something to eat when she walked in on her dad hitting her mom repeatly, Vina couldn't believe her eyes, she has seen her dad hit her mom before but not like this, this time it was bad. Mike looked up in a abusive rage.
"Don't you tell anyone about this Vina or you'll be next and I mean it!" Mike said.

Vina picked put her shoes quickly put them on, grabbed her book bag and ran as fast has she could, she knew her father seemed different but she never thought he would abuse her mother that bad. She ran all the way to school with tears streaming down her beautiful little porcelain face, her pretty blue eyes were more like grey now, and her long brown hair was a mess. She ran up the stairs into the entrance of her school and walked straight to the bathroom so she could put on some make up just so people wouldn't suspect she was crying. Her first class was English, she liked that class it was the only class she could be herself, well through writing anyways. She walked through the student infested hallway to room 231 where she sat and waited for English class to start. That class was a free writing class, so she decided to write about her morning, writing always let out her frustrations, she always wrote about what happened at home, her note pad was her only friend, and the only one that would keep her secrets. She hoped she didn't have to pass anything in because she wouldn’t have actual school work, and she would never pass in her writing note book. That day went fast, she was scared to go home. Her dad would be home every day and her mom would probably go to work.
She did not want to come home, and face her father every day after school while her mother would be away. But she couldn’t do anything about it. Vina walked home as slow as she could go. She didn’t want to go home and face what might be going on. Walking home seemed peaceful this time, the air seemed clean and crisp and sky was actually blue and not grey or grey blue like it always was because of all the mills in her town. Vina opened the door and walked in she was glad that her dad was sleeping, she didn’t have to listen to him yell at her for being late or to tell her to make him a sandwich. She was glad that her house was peaceful, for now anyways. She crept up stairs trying not to wake him and started on her homework and waited for her mom to come home. That would happen mostly every day. She would come home to her dad sleeping on the couch with a beer in his hand.She couldn’t believe what had happened to her family, when she was younger everything seemed so easy and care free, and everyone was happy even her mother, and then one day it all changed and it has never been the same. She would always think back to that one day, she came home from school and her mom was dancing and singing, and her dad was along with her, they were singing and dancing and laughing together, it was a beautiful time. Her dad had just got a promotion, it was the greatest thing, they were having a party at home, just them they were having a picnic outside, with barbeque hamburgers and hot dogs that her dad made, Vina’s favourite. They played games and then had a fire in the fire place when everything was cleaned up. That was the best day of Vina’s life.
One night her mom got home early and Vina walked in on her dad beating her mom, the table was broken, there was flour and smashed egg all over the floor. I guess she was trying to bake before it all happened Vina thought. Her mom looked almost dead, but she was still screaming on the top of her lungs for Vina to run. Vina couldn't leave her mom lying there; her mom has been so nice to her, she was the only one that cared for her. Vina decided to run because she knew if she didn’t she would be next, her dad looked like an animal, he had changed for the worst and it wasn’t getting any better, but before she could, Mike had a hold of her and was beating her too. Vina started to scream for help but Mike threatened to slit her throat. She stopped screaming; He used her as a punching bag when ever Rhonda got raw and looked like she was going to die. Hours later Mike started to calm down, once he did we ventured down to the basement to get away from him.
Vina would go to school wearing long sleeves or big sunglasses so she wouldn't show her scares and bruises. After a week of beatings, Vina started to look pretty banged up and someone started to notice. A guy came over to Vina at her locker and introduced himself as Nick. He asked her if she wanted to go to the skate park with him after school. Guys never talked to Vina, they thought she was weird and ugly, they usually made fun of her or just flat out ignore her. Vina was scared what her dad would do to her if she did go to the skate park with Nick. But Nick’s icy blue eyes and shiny back emo hair and chizzled arms drew her in, she couldn’t say no to him. She went to the skate park with him. She had a great time, he taught her how to ride a skate board and taught her basically what a normal teenager does, instead of coming home to an abusing father every day, she felt very flimsy on the board at first but Nick helped her keep her balance and guided her and reassured her that she wouldn't fall. She thought to herself, “I can't believe that we have this connection with each other, we have just known each other for a few hours and he doesn't care if I make a total fool out of myself. After a few hours she had to get home to her mom and see if she was okay. She didn't want to leave but she didn't want her dad to get mad at her for not coming home right away. When she got home her dad was still asleep on the couch and her mother was making pork chops and potatoes.
“Hi hunny, your late getting home”
“Yeah, I’m sorry, i made a new friend today, and he wanted me to hang out with him” Vina replied with a smile
“Oh a boy, is he cute?” Rhonda replied getting very interested.
“Yes, he is mom, and he is very nice”
“That’s fantastic hunny!”
“Rhonda! Why isn’t the food done yet!” Mike yelled stomping into the kitchen.
“Sorry babe, it will be done in 5 minutes” Rhonda replied shyly. They had a quite dinner which was a first, it was nice to eat in silence, it was an awkward silence but it was better than the yelling that usually happened at this time. Vina went to the skate park with Nick everyday for 3 weeks; they started to bond so well. They also hung out at school not just at the skate park. They were the talk of the school everyone was so surprised that Nick was paying attention to Vina because he was so good looking. By the end of the fourth week they have been hanging out they had started dating, Vina was always happy when she got to school, she had a skip in her step and she started to dress differently and wear makeup, she was over all a happy teenager, accept for when her father got mad, but that never discouraged Vina, she now had another person besides her mother that liked her for who she was. Nick always walked Vina home, they were so into each other that they wanted to spend as much time with each other as they could. They walked they got to the corner of the side walk, and Vina's house was 3 blocks away, she always got tense when they got that close, she really liked Nick but she didn’t want him to see what goes on in her home, and she didn’t want him to meet her father in fear of what her father may do.
“I'll take it from here" Vina trembled.
"Are you sure? Why do we always stop here, whenever I take you home? Why can't I take you to your house?" Nick asked concerned.
"I'm sure, and the reason why I don’t want you to walk me to my house is that my dad just doesn't want me dating" Vina reassured him.
"Oh okay Vina, well I'll see you tomorrow" Nick said giving her a hug. She walked to her house alone, once she walked in the door her dad walked up out of the basement, for some reason he looked happy, and Vina like it. Her mom was in the kitchen washing dishes, Vina went up stairs and took a shower while she was in the shower, Vina thought about what she saw, there was something fishy about the whole thing, her father was up to something. She had to get out of there fast, she had a feeling it would be her last shower in a while, Vina got out and put a couple pairs of pants and a couple shirts and a sweater and some underwear in her book bag. She just laid down on her bed and waited till everyone went to bed and there was no sound. She got up and wrote her mom a note.
Dear mom,
I'm sorry; I have to leave you now. I feel that something is going to happen; I can't stand to be in this house. I wish I could take you with me, but dad would get mad that both of us would be gone, we both know he would find us and try to kill us both, and I don't want that to happen. But I promise I will come back for you with help.
Love Vina
oxox I love you so much mom! Keep safe!

Vina sat the letter on her bed and crept out the door. She made her way down the stairs knowing which ones to step on and which ones not to. She got to the kitchen and took 2 apples. Those she could eat for breakfast, she also took a box of crackers, before leaving she saw 10 dollars laying on the counter. She took that too, Vina didn’t know how long she was going to be gone. Vina opened the door and shut it very carefully, she was almost free, she felt bad that she was leaving her mother. She just had to make it to the end of the street before she was entirely safe. There was a rustling sound in the bushes beside her. In the bushes was Nick, He was watching her. He knew something was very fishy about always saying goodbye at the corner of the sidewalk. When Vina got to the end of the block she wondered where she was going to go next because she never ran away before, she didn’t have a safe place to go, but then she remembered that the skate park was where she first found happiness so she decided to go there. Once Nick realized where she was going he started to follow her. The skate park was the only place where she found happiness. She got there quickly, because it was dark out and she didn't know what could be lurking. She felt a presence behind her all the way there.
"Vina?"  Said the presence. Vina was scared
"Yes..." Vina trembled, she was also crying. She hated how she was leaving her mom with that monster.
"What are you doing here so late at night? It’s me Nick" Nick said as he stepped into the light.
"Oh phew, Nick thank God it’s you, and I'm.. um.. running away," Vina said relieved. but still scared
"Why?" he asked concerned
"Can I trust you? I don't want you going around and telling everyone" Vina said
"You can trust me" He said pulling her into a hug and guiding her to a bench.
"Well it all started a month and 3 weeks ago when my dad got fired and he started beating me and my mom. I just couldn't take it anymore, so I am running away" Vina explained. Nick didn't know what to say to that, but he finally got the words to say
"I love you Vina, I'm always here for you if you ever need anything. I'm always here for you to talk to, and I’m not going to let you stay here either, your coming home with me" Nick said hugging her. Vina was shocked, she never thought that any guy would ever tell her that they loved her.
"Well, if you’re telling the truth, you'll keep this a secret, because I don't want my dad coming after me" Vina said
"I'll keep it a secret" Nick whispered, he was surely NOT going to keep it a secret because it was too big of a secret not to tell the right people. Nick took Vina home with him, because he knew his mom wouldn't care. He wasn't going to let Vina out on the streets unprotected and cold. The next morning Nick and Vina walked to school. When Vina and Nick got to school, Nick walked Vina to her class early because she had to get some help on an assignment, and Nick took that opportunity to leave school and go to the local police station. He stayed there all day. He told them what Vina told him to keep a secret, they were very grateful that Nick came to them with that information. The police sent out 2 police Ronnie and Bert to act as spies to watch the house for a couple days to see if they could catch Mike in the act. Vina started to feel happy that she was away from her home but her heart was crying for her mom, she missed her so much and she was worried if she was still okay. Vina became more at home at Nick's home everyday her mom was very nice and welcoming, it started to feel like she had been living there her whole life.The cops that were watching the house, spotted something in the window of Vina’s home, they beat on the door, hoping that they would stop a beating, but they were too late, what they were seeing in the was window wasn’t a beating, it was Mike stabbing Rhonda to death. They suspected that Rhonda had stood up for herself and Mike didn't care for that too much and he killed her.
The day after the murder Nick brought Vina to the police station, Vina had no idea why they were going to the police station. Nick guided her to the confession room; the 2 cops who witnessed the murder were there and they were going to tell her what happened to her mother.
“Hello Vina, my name is Ronnie and this is my partner Bert, please sit down”
"We have some bad news, to tell you today" Bert said
"Nick here told us what was happening at your house so we wanted to witness it ourselves so we could charge your father and get him out of the house, so we spied on your house for a few days. We witnessed what we thought was a beating but we were mistaken" Ronnie said
"What was it?" Vina whispered, so worried of what they were going to say
" Well when we got into the house your mom was laying there dead, we suspect that she had stood up for herself and your dad Mike didn't like that" Bert said sadly.Vina didn't do anything but cry. Nick tried to comfort her but it didn't help. She cried for days, while thinking about all the great times her and her mom shared together at their home. She felt so bad, she was living life like a normal teenager again, and she didn’t go back for her mother like she said she was. Vina felt responsible for her mother’s death. She felt like she could have stopped it. After about a week Vina had stopped crying and Nick took her into the police station again to tell her story. After hours upon hours, Vina was done and her dad was sentenced to life in jail without parole. 4 days later was her mom’s funeral, Vina didn’t feel like going, she didn’t want to face family and friends, because she didn’t want them to go up to them and tell her how sorry they were and try to comfort her, none of that brings her mother back. Vina went anyways because she did not want to disrespect her mother. During the funeral Vina tried to give her speech about how great her mother was but she couldn't stop crying, she just sat in a chair and stared at the ground until it was all over and everyone left. Now that Vina had no family to come home to, Nick’s mother took her in, because Vina had no close relatives that she got along with and Vina didn't want to leave her neighbourhood. Nick never had a dad so it was just Vina, Nick and his mom. Vina was glad because she didn't want to put up with another dad again. Vina decided she would have a new beginning; she would live her life different and actually make a difference in the world. She would get out in the world and volunteer; she would concentrate more in school and get good marks so she could travel around the world and have a great life now that she doesn’t have to be afraid of someone judging her. She had two other people who loved her for her, Nick and his mom were her new family and they were extremely supportive, She was very grateful that Nick told someone about what had happened, because if he didn’t no one would, and her father would still be in her nice community and he would find her and take her away from something great. Vina still misses her mother, but it gets easier every day because she is in a better place where she won’t have to deal with abuse ever again.

Submitted: February 03, 2011

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