Cassidy's Herbs

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: May 10, 2012

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Submitted: May 10, 2012





Cassidy calls me one evening.

“Hey you. Wanna do something tonight?” She slurs into the phone.

“Of course, yeah. Sure.” I answer, trying hard not to sound too eager. Cassidy gives me heart palpitations.

I hear her laugh. The sound is sharp and jagged like broken glass. It cuts through me, slices me in two.

“’Kay. I’ll see you in about ten minutes.” She drawls. Then she hangs up.



I’m tearing around trying to find some decent clothes when I hear her tapping at my window. I hastily pull on a pair of jeans, slide the window open and clamber over the sill.

She’s standing there, her loopy blonde curls sprawling over her shoulders, her wide mouth painted cherry red, short baby doll dress, thick white thighs and chunky Mary Jane’s.

We sit on the roof. It’s cold. Cassidy lights up a joint. Holding it in between her teeth, she wraps her crimson lips around it and inhales deeply.

“You wanna try?” She asks, blowing smoke in my face. I hesitate. I’ve never smoked a joint before.

“Come on Elliot, it’s just pot.” She smiles. The lacy hem of her dress creeps up her creamy thigh. I suddenly find it hard to swallow.

“I can get something stronger if you want,” She giggles and widens her large blue eyes at me. Oh, fuck she’s beautiful.

“No it’s alright.” I say, taking the joint from her. I hold it between my thumb and finger and raise it to my mouth.

“Hurry up babe. It’ll burn out soon.” Cassidy urges me.

I quickly inhale. The smoke scorches the back of my throat. It tastes funny, a sort of piney, evergreen taste. I cough, most of the smoke escaping my mouth.

“No silly, you have to hold it in your lungs or it won’t work. Try again.”

This time I get it right. I exhale slowly, eyes shut. I’m suddenly feeling fantastically relaxed. I open my eyes and squint at Cassidy. Everything is sharper, more defined. The colors are clearer. I feel enveloped in euphoria.

Cassidy’s stretched out on her back, arms behind her head. I’m completely immersed with the desire to run my hands all over her body. I want to feel her silky skin beneath my palms. I want to kiss her heavily painted mouth. I want her lipstick on my face.

She twists onto her side so she’s facing me. Her swirly curly hair spills over her bare shoulders like liquid sunshine.

“What are you going on about?” She asks. “Liquid bloody sunshine?”

Did I just say that aloud? I can’t remember. Am I saying this aloud? I don’t think I am. Oh, shit. I’m fucking confused now.

“Shut up Elliot.” Cassidy heaves herself into a sitting position. I notice her silver locket nestled neatly between her pale plump breasts. I rather want to touch it.

This isn’t safe. I need to stop thinking before I say something really inappropriate.

“Can I eat you?” Oh yeah because that’s totally appropriate.

I can see her even teeth peeping out from behind her crimson lips.

“Another time hey Elliot.” She says, her tone quite serious, and she looks so innocent, gazing at me with hazy azure eyes that I lean in towards her and to my surprise she leans in towards me.

Her lips find mine. It’s not the perfect kiss; I don’t get shivers down my spine or bloody butterflies in my stomach. It’s messy, her lipstick is sticky and my face gets hot. The roof of her mouth is sweet with a faint trace of burnt herbs.

Cassidy pulls away first. Her face is close to mine. I can see her pale freckles, like stardust. Her breath is nice on my cheek. She feels so buttery and sweaty.

She draws away from me, glances at the dainty silver watch squeezed around her plump wrist and says, “I’d better go then.”

And then she's gone and I'm left with only a flushed face and the vague suggestion of burnt herbs on my tongue. 


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