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This short story is written about a sparrow who spends all his life under the guava tree in a small garden in southern of a tropical country. One day, there is an eagle from Philippine who got accident on the sky then fall down that garden. The sparrow saves that Haribon eagle’s life then they make friend. The sparrow often looks up the sky and wishes one day he could fly higher and higher and travel to another places. But he can’t make his dream come true because what he gets is people’s laughs when he tells them about his dream. Until when the eagle tells about his adventure stories where he comes from Philippines but he travels through many places around the world and has many friends and learns many lesson in life. When spring comes, he will fly to the Everest because he wants to conquer the top of the world with lots of eagle friends from around the world. Little sparrow has an old cat name Antonie. The last word he told to that sparrow “Close your eyes then fly”. If you can do, just fly to discover new land. If your hesitance make you go back, just close your eyes then fly in your dream, in dream forever. The world will come or not depend on your dream and action. A sparrow can become an Eagle if you know who you are and what you want to conquer it.
Then little sparrow makes his trip alone. He goes with flocks of swallows to fly to southern but he has not enough strength for that journey then they leave him alone in that strange forest. Windy is too scared of what happens with him at night when storm and thunder appear together. He wants to come back guava garden and fall asleep.Tomorrow, he flys to the land near that forest and is saved by a little 4 or 5 year old girl name Alice.But Alice gets autism because of her parents broke up then she lives with father in a farm. Windy makes friend with her and shares love for her. When his health is better, he joins in a ship to fly to Zea zealand. But a pelican tries to drive him away freeboard and Lisa, female eagle protects him from that pelican. Windy tells her about Horibon’s journey and his love for her and Lisa tells him that all eagle who tried to conquer Everest were die. Windy fly to Zew zealand and he wins the first prize of Telling Story Competition. He gets homesick then is going to come back guava garden. Vicky, female sparrow, want to travel to his hometown. On the road they fly, they meet flocks of sea eagle were invited to attend wedding party of Horibon and Lisa. Windy and Vicky fly together to Philippine and meet Horibon. Horibon didn’t conquer Everest moutain because he thinks that he can die without anyone’s regret or no one shares his victory if he wins. He realize that love is the most important thing he wants in this life. He quits that competition and searches for Lisa. Finally, they meet and become a couple. Windy understands Horibon’s lesson and he asks Vicky whether she wants to live with him in guava gadern or not. A small part of Windy’s journey has just finished when he find out his lover but others interesting journeys will start soon.

Submitted: April 06, 2013

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Submitted: April 06, 2013



That is an unforgettable autumn for Windy. He is a sparrow who has just passed the flying examination of flock of birds on the rice field near river. He has brown eyes and he always looks at the above blue sky then wishes “ I wish I could fly higher and higher until I could touch you”. Sometimes, he watches out the moon who is dancing on the night sky and asks himself “Who is she? Why is she so beautiful? Or wind is her boy friend?”. No one can give him an answer and they think that he is a stupid boy. Yes, he will never forget that autumn when a very very huge bird fall from the blue sky. That strange bird puts the wind up everyone in his village scared of his big body, sparkling eyes, large wings and sharp claws. That stranger lies on the ground with a hurtful hole on his left leg.

- Stay away here! Stay away from that guy.

Everybody fly to apple garden which very far from this guava garden. The stranger stays quietly and he closes his eyes slowly.

- Hey, do you alive?

A soft voice is risen.

That stranger opens his eyes slowly and sees a sparrow is looking at him. Maybe there is a light in that sparrow’s eyes.

- Yeah, What’s your name? I’m Haribon from Philippine.

The stranger breathes hardly.

-I’m Windy, from guava garden. What is Philippine? Oh, sorry, maybe you are too tired. Look! Look at your injury. Um, let me find something for you.

Windy flys to a medicinal herbs garden under hill and he brings some herbs in his mouth when he comes back. He chews them into small piece then put them into that stranger’s hurt.

- Thanks for you kindness. Why do you help me? Aren’t you scared of me?

The stranger looks at little sparrow with his surprised eyes.

- No, I don’t think that you are a bad person. Let me help you and by the way, I have never known any bird as big as you. Tell me, why do you fall down from that sky?

Windy passes from the lower branch to higher branch of guava tree.

-I was shot by someone, maybe a hunter. I’m flying from ThaiLan to New zealand.

- What? Did you tell me that you from Phillipine? Are you a liar?

- Oh boy, do you know where are Phillipine, ThaiLand and Newzeland?

- Honestly, I don’t know anywhere but this gadren and some places near here.

- Ah, I see. ( Haribon nodded). Phillipine is my hometown where I growed up with my family and lots of friends. That is a very interesting country. I bet you love it when you come there.

- Is it far from here? His eyes was opened larger.

- Haha yes, of course. It is very far from here. I had to spend one month to fly on the sky.

- How do you feel when you fly like this? Were you scared of something ? Storm? Thunder or kidnapper? May I know about it ?

- Ah, awesome. An unforgettable experiences, boy. You no need to scare of anything because they are lessons which helped you become stronger as a man.

Haribon is tired of answering all questions of Windy. He falls asleep right away. Windy stands alone on the stone. He looks at some shadow flying above the sky and listens to guave trees are sighing in the wind as usual. Here is their song.

“ O little boy, little sparrow

Do you know where are you now?

Why do you always dream ?

Flying on the above sky

And dancing under stream.

O poor little boy, little boy…”

Windy hates their song very much.

“ I need you, my old friend”.

Windy leaves Haribon sleeping here then he flys to Antonie’s house. He is a very old cat and lazy too.

- Hey, do you still awake? May I bother you now?

- Ah, Windy! Welcome home. You know that you are not stranger here.Come on my boy. Come in.

Antonie is too old to catch mouse or birds. He is a good friend of Windy because he is only one person willing to spend hour and hour just to listen to Windy’s dream and sometimes he gives Windy some answers about sky or what he knows in his life.

- You want me to bring food to that stranger. Ok. I will. I’m a talkative old man as you know. That’s why I want to know what made that Horibon fly to this land.

Dark is as not quiet as daylight. Million bright spots appear in the guava garden.

-Watching him! He is a big meal for us.

- I love his feather.

Another voice is risen.

- I love to chew his claws.

- Shut up, crazy mouse. Don’t you know that Brave Antonie here?

- Oh shit! What do make that crazy old cat come here? Let’s go. We don’t want to have a battle with cat.

Rats disappears quietly as the way they came. Horibon closes his eyes and pretends to sleep but he knows what was happening.

The sun comes from the top of the old banian tree. He spreads out his sunbeam under the atmosphere and looks at curiously that stranger is lying on dead leaves in guava garden.

- Hey, do you feel better? Do you want to have breakfast now ? My old friend brought them to you.

- Thank you little boy and your friend too. My health will be better with your kindness.

Windy looked at Horibon while he is eating meat slowly.

- Ok, done. What do you want to know about travelling, little sparrow?

- Oh yes, I want to know more about the big world outside.

- Ah, the world is very very big, my friend. You only can imagine what I talk to you now. But I think the best way is you should experience it by youself. Well, let me begin my story.

When I was young, my father taught me a lesson about conqueror because we are the king of bird in Philippine. Everybody had to make their bow when they see us. But one day, a flock of sea eagles from Northern flew to our land. They just wanted to fly over our sky but I disagreed. We had a battle because I wanted to prove that I am the King of bird. You know what I mean. I was proud of myself. (Sight) I was loser because they united while our eagle struggled alone. I still remembeedr her grey eyes were very sparkling when she talked to me “ You should fly to the extensive world instead of staying here and thinking that you are a king. The world is very big and we never know it all”. Then she went away. I was shocked after that battle but, maybe because of her words. Then I said goodbye to my Ealge kingdom in order to travel around the world and….have to admit that I really want to meet that girl again. If you meet her, please let her know that I’m searching for her all my life.

- Well, that is a very touching story.

Windy is still imaginazing about Horibon’s story while he is looking at nothingness .

- Is that love ? I have never fall in love with any female sparrow here.

Little sparrow sights.

- Yes, I think I fall in love with her. But, there are also many stories in my traveling time. You know that I am going to fly to New zealand but I got stuck here. I am very upset with my injury while mountain scenery in New Zealand is waiting for me. But instead of regreting about it, I am so happy to have a good friend like you.

- O, don’t make me shy. I just do what I think it is right. So, after going to New zealand, do you have any other plan for future? Sometimes I wonder what will happen to my life in the future? They said that I should married a girl then become a father. O, life is a circle and it is so boring when I only dance in this garden.

- Well, do you know about the Top of the world called Everest, Antonie?

Horibon look at old cat is licking his fur under sunbeam.

- There was a rumor about that place. A swallow told me a legend about that Everest “Who conquer mountain top is the King of birds in the world and he has a diamond heart and silver wings;hence ,he can conquer dangerous climate here”. Do you still want to become a King?

- Oh no, I’m a King of Philippino Eagle and I don’t want to become a King of the world. I got a lesson about power long time ago and it still stayed here in my heart. I just want to go there because I almost conquer every where in this world from darkness of Amazone to aurora borealis in Northern, from dessert in Sahara to Black Sea, from lavender field with millions insects dancing under sunshine to grass fields with millions sheep near the moutain.

- O, please Horibon, I love listening to your experiences. Please don’t make me wait for it anymore.

Little sparrow’s voice is so excited.

Horibon looks at old cat who is closing his eyes and moving his tail left to right in order to kill mosquitos.

- Well, you know. The world is very beautiful. But sometimes you met bad and good persons in your journey. I met a bad guy near Mongolia who wanted to kill and get my wings but a fox saved my life. Unbelievabal. A fox. I thought “O my god, I’m gonna die here under a fox’s teeth on the steppe”, but he saved my life. Life is an unforeknowable moment, I don’t care too much about what or who I will meet in future. I just receive it and learn from it.

- I totally agree with you. You are a good teacher for little Windy.

Antonie nods and smiles extremely delighted.

Antonies leaves guava garden to come back his home sweet home near the old pomelo tree. Sometimes he stands on the branch of pomelo tree and watches insects and mouse moving under garden like a cunning old owl.

When springs comes, flocks of birds come back guava garden because they are not scared of that Horibon King Eagle anymore. His injury is disappeared and he is going to say good bye to every one in this tropical land.

-Will you come back with me, Eagle King ?

I can see somes teardrops in little sparrow’s eyes.

- Oh man, don’t cry like girl. You need to go and become a strong man. You have a good heart and I am sure that you can attract good people come to you. I will wait for you on the Top Of The World in case I’m alive. The world is opened in front of my eyes. I can’t stand on the ground and wish to fly to above sky. Bye bye my little good-hearted sparrow.

- Ok, I will.

Windly watches out Horibon’s wings until he is only a little spot on the sky then disappears into the cloud.

“ O the great Horibon has gone

Will our little sparrow do now?

Crying under sweetie moonlight

Hiding away fierce shadow of darkness

Or he has courageto become an eagle”

The song of guava garden is singing loudly and loudly.

- They opposed my journey, Antonie. But I don’t care about their idea anymore. I came here for wellfare to you, my old friend. I will come back and tell you my travelling story. Good luck for me, Antonie.

- You don’t know that I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Now, it’s time. I don’t have wings to fly but do you know why I climb on the tree just looking everyone under garden?

- Oh, I never ask you about your action. I respect your life.

- I wish I had wings to fly like you. But sometimes I have to accept real life. But nobody can protest me against in my dream. Just close your eyes then fly. That is what I do everynight. But you, you are a young man. You need to open your eyes larger then fly to the widen sky and sometimes, you close your eyes to feel insteading of seeing what in life. Good luck my little boy and come back to tell me your story soon.

- Good bye my old friend. You are here ( he puts his right wings on his heart) . We fly together.

An old cat is standing on the guava tree and looking up the sky to see the small spot of Windy is dancing under sunbeam. He smiles then closes his eyes to fly with his little friend.

- My little sparrow, when you dare to fly to the extensive sky, I know that you have an eagle’s heart.

At night, under the Everet, thousands of eagle are dancing and singing their stories to preparing for the greatest journey in their life on tomorrow when the first sunbeam comes, they are going to fly to the top of the world to conquer the greatest challenge in their life.

The first sunbeam of a new day appears on the east. Windy opens his eyes to look at the above sky. He goes away from home and now he can’t come back when he has nothing in his experience. Windy sees a flocks of swallows are flying through sky.

- May I join in with you, friendly swallows ?

They make a low bow then go ahead to the southern.

- Where are you going to go, my dear?

- We are flying to the land of flowers. We love spring, little sparrow. Why don’t you stay at home?

- I need to explore the big world. Guava garden is too small for me.

- What? Haha…

They laugh at our little sparrow. He exhausts his strength to fly through the mountain and it seems that he can’t breathe anymore.

-Good bye, little sparrow. We have to go now. Come back with your guava garden when you still don’t know how dangerous world is.

Windy takes his perch on a stone. His eyes follow and search for swallows’ spot on the sky but they are gone. A rainbird is singing his song in the forest then a heavy rain follows him in short time.Windy runs quickly to hide himself under a big leaf. Darkness comes. A clap of thunder is tearing poor sky.

-O, I’m hungry and tired. I need my home sweet home. I need Antonie covers my wet fur.

Darkness and storm are invisible beasts just want to gulp down little sparrow. He cries and thinks in his mind “ I miss you , my family, my friends, my guava garden. Tommorrow I have come back and don’t care that they laugh at me”.

Windy listen to a son is sung by a mother Cape Jasnime sings her children to sleep.

“ Forgetting them, darkness and thunder

Who show off their strenght

But they are as timid as rabbit

They can’t catch you under my protection

Smiling, singing and dancing

Flying to the grass field

Closing your eyes and sleeping

O my babies, my babies”

“Get up, little sparrow. You need to finish your journey”. Windy hears a whisper like Antonie’s voice . He gets up and feels very tired. He got wet fur last night and now it seems that he gets sick. Windy tries his best to fly high and higher. Then he fly to the grass field and his heart jump into happiness when he sees a harbour with lots of big and small colorful ships sleep quietly. Windy takes aim at the harbour to fly but wind blows too hard and it is trying to throw him aside his path.With his effort, he tries to ride upon the wind but he fails and falls down from sky without knowing what happens to him anymore.

A sweet perfume makes Windy wake up. “O, I still alive”. He thinks that he was died because of hazardous wind. “Who did save my life?”. Windy wonders and takes a glance around him. That is a small room with a pink bed, a lot of Teddy bears and lovely doll are displayed on pink cabinet in order. Many beautiful pictures of sun flowers and board on lake are stuck on the wall. But Windy’s eyes stops at a window where sitting a little girl. She is a kid, maybe only 4 or 5 years old as Windy’s guess, wears pink dress and she is looking at rainy outside. Windy tries his best to fly to that table and he looks at into little girl’s eyes. But her blue eyes doesn’t respond his saying and she makes him think that her eyes was blind.

- Alice, did you get up? Ah, why don’t you have breakfast with me, honey?

A man comes into Alice’s room and touch her blond hair. Alice doesn’t answer her father’s question. He touches his daughter’s hands and talks :

-Oh, are you playing with little sparrow? You see. You really did a good job for saving a lovely bird. He is very happy to make friend with you, honey.

Windy flaps his wings to let Alice’s father know that he wants to say thank you for saving his life and he is willing to make friend with little girl. John takes care for Windy and his feather changes color very soon. He feels more strong health than any time.

-I think she got autism. (sight) She doesn’t speak or want to make friend with anyone, event me. Doctor Kant often comes here for helping her but I am not sure whether she can get over it or not. I think…May I suggest you come here to meet her once in a while ?

Windy listens to John’s talking with Alice’s mother.

“Oh my poor little girl. Maybe she got autism because she lacks love of both father and mother”.

Windy flys to grass field where Alice is sitting near her baby-sitter, an old woman, is kniting a pink sweater for Alice.

- I have to go to office now. Have fun with little sparrow, my princes.

John kisses his daughter’s head then he goes to his car parking near the path. Windy flys in front of Alice’s eyes and he flaps his wings to make friend with Alice but little girl only looks at nothingness with her empty eyes. Nancy tries to talk and she event sings some folk songs for Alice but it seems ineffective. She sights and continues knitting her unfinished work. Windy looks at cloud with different shapes such as a beast, a teddy bear, a house and many beautiful shape then a ideal comes into his mind. He flys and and tips over and flaps his wings in order to bring a special thing to Alice’s notice but nothing appears in her sad blue eyes. It’s Windy’s turn to sight. He looks at the habour at the end of the grass field and thinks about his waiting journey. “Should I go now and forget her? She event doesn’t want to make friend with me.”

On Sunday, Melisa comes to visit her daughter. She goes with her two- year-old son named David.

-This is my son, David. And this is John, father of your sister, Alice.

John hugs his ex-wife’s son then three of them go to sun flower garden where Alice is sitting on bench alone.

-She always stays away from people. I don’t know what to do now.

John brings his sad face when he touches Alice’s cheek.They talk and sing childish’s songs for her but she doesn’t care anything but focusing on a shadow on the ground and sometimes she stares at her fingers without saying any words.

-I will come here every weekend, my poor daughter. I’m so sorry for a bad mother like me.

From the day Melisa and little David come to play with Alice, Windy discovers that there is a little change in Alice’s eyes. She turns her head to Windy when he flys from left to right and high to low. They run together to the grass near the habour and sit down side by side to watch sunset and sunrise.

- Come on, my princess. We need go home for dinner and I bet that little sparrow is hungry too.

John takes his daughter’s hand and they go home when sunset is invasting the atmosphere. Windy perches on Alice’s shoulder and sings a happy song which makes John smile.

On Sunday, they decide that a picnic on fresh grass near the harbour and the lighthouse is a good choice for weekend. And that is the first time Windy meets Thomas, Melisa’s husband. A big family gather to play childish games and sing funny songs make little David laugh a lot. But Alice still keeps silent. She leaves everybody and moves onward to look at sun is spreading his sunbeam around the world.

-Fly with me, my princess. Close your eyes then fly with me.

Windy flaps his wings more strongly and strongly in order to wish Alice could understand his action. Alice smiles and stretchs her arms just to feel that she blows in the wind.

-Oh my Godness. Look. Look what little sparrow did for her.

They cry happily and hug each others to little David’s great surprise.

- It’s time for me to continue my journey, angel Alice.

Windy kisses on Alice’s cheek then he looks at she is sleeping and breathing slowly on her pink bed. He turns his head to watch Alice’s house for the last time before flying on the white ship has just left port.

Windy finds a warm place near brown barrel to lie back. Such a nice day with blue sky and white clouds are wandering lazily and songs of sea are dancing with school fishes.

-Hey, do you think that you are the ruler here? I hate seeing and sharing my place with lower rank like you, stupid sparrow.

A gull looks at Windy with his dark sharp eyes.

-I’m sorry for taking this place. But will you share it with me? It seems that these barrels still have enough place for you and I.

-I don’t want. Go away before I can kick you off this ship.

-You are too rude.

Windy flys to another hold to search for a small place but moneys just want to pick his feathers and stormy petrels are laugh at him.

-Oh, poor boy. We don’t want to share this place with you. They hide under warm places and are filled with scorn while little sparrow gets wet and trembles uncontrollably under big waves.

- You are too selfish.

A female eagle with green eyes and white fur walks slowly to Windy. She stretches her beautiful wings to protect Windy under her power. Everybody keep silent when she comes.

- Thank you so much. My name is Windy, from guava garden in tropical land.

- I’m Lisa. Oh, I have never known that place. Is it a beautiful garden?

- Yes, It is a very beautiful.

They talk a lot about their journeys and Windy admires her experiences and her intelligence.

- What did you say? Is Haribon looking for me?

Something look like teardrops in Lisa’s eyes but Windy doesn’t make sure about it. He doesn’t have a good point of view of what woman is thinking.

-He is so stupid. No one can alive. Don’t you know that no one can alive when conquer great Everest. One of my friends was died because of proving himself.

- Perhaps, Harion still alive. He is a good person and I think that he won’t meet any unluck . He said that after conquering Everest, he will search for you all his life.

Windy daren’t talk anyword instead of watching a dolphin jump over a high wave.

- Don’t wander in life,little sparrow. You should know why you were born in this life and find that answer when you are still young. I have travelled for a long time just to looking for that anwer and founding the man of my life. Haribon is that man, but ( sights) no one could come back from Everest.

Windy feels a hard rock stays in his throat and his small heart is crushed with a black beast’s fingers and salt water makes his eyes fall in drops.

Storm comes then goes quickly on the sky. Windy has to say goodbye to Lisa when he see a beautiful land on the right.

- Come to visit that wonderful land, little sparrow. You will regret all you life if you miss it. See you one day.

Windy turns back to look at Lisa is flapping her wings to say good bye him. That white ship goes too far for Windy to turn back.

That is really a wonderland as Lisa’s told him. Windy can’t close his mouth while looking at moutain are covered by ribbon white cloud and millions lake near a big fresh grass field. Windy has never seen many kind of beautiful flowers are dancing under wind before.

-Oh, new guy. Every one open their mouth like you when they came here for the first time.

A female sparrow speaks with her sweet voice makes Windy come back reality.

- Yes, I’m new comer. So beautiful. What is this place called ? New Zeland ?

- Welcome to the land of magic. We are going to have a Story Telling Competition on tomorrow morning under hundreds years oak near the Silver lake.

Then she flies away when Windy hasn’t introduce his name and know what her name is. “She is the most beautiful sparrow I’ve met in my life”.

Thousands or maybe millions kinds of birds gather near the old oak to attend that competition. Windy sees banner with letters “ Welcome To Story Telling Competition” were woven by wild flowers still have linger morning dews and perfume. Windy wakes up late so he missed introduction and some stories of this contest. When he comes there is a white young crane is telling her touching love story with a black swan in Perth but no one shed tears.

- You guys idiot. My story is so moved.

She flies to a high branch dittany and throws supercilious eyes to examinar included an male old eagle, a female middle-age swallow, a femal canary and a lady peacock with her lovely and sparkling tail makes Windy’s eyes wallow in it.

- Ok next ( Windy doesn’t understand why they chose old kingfisher with his husky voice for MC”, please welcome Miss Vicky from wonderland for her story.

A big clap from them makes Windy’s ears want to explode.

- Oh, that is she. Her name is Vicky.

Windy opens his eyes widely to see that lovely sparrow who he met yeasterday. He thinks that he makes a very big clap when she finishes her touching story about love of friendship in this wonderland. He even thinks that she smiles with him when she flies to the lake with her friends. “Oh, maybe she casts a glamour over me, God, please save my soul”.

A tailorbird nearly gets a stone while he is overstating his adventurous story on a meadow in Africa. How they can believe that he could make a lion run around and around. He has to fly to the grassland before expelled by two strong woodpeckers.

Another candidate comes to stage ( that is a big basket were made of hay hung on the oak) is lady Serin from Mediterranean Sea. She is prouds of her beautiful country and blue water of that sea and forgets that no one here know about it.

-Oh come on lady, we don’t know about your land and can’t imagine it.

- I flew to many beautiful lands in Europe, Africa, America and even North and Soul Pole. O, you are too young to get knowledge about this big world.

Lady Serin says good bye to her audience without a word.

During the recreation, Windy watches many kinds of birds are dancing their tradition dance on the sky and the ground. He smiles and nods his head to the sound of bird songs.

-Why don’t you tell them about your land? I have never gone to tropical land and see a guava garden.

Vicky looks at directly into Windy’s eyes then he feels as if he is choking.

- Welcome Windy from guava garden in tropical land.

Windy can hear their laugh when MC introduces his guava garden.

- Oh, a little sparrow.

- He lives in a guava garden, haha. Really ?

- Where is that place? A tropical country? Where?

Windy has not used to speaking in public. But this times, he is speaking in front of millions people. He is too nervous. He only can speaks when he looks at Vicky and see her eyes encourages him.

-My guava garden is the warmest place in my heart. My tropical land is Viet Nam. That is your home if you come here. And you can sing with guava trees. They always sing and dance even when I get happiness or sorrow because they are my friends.

The crowd keep silent to listen to his journey from moment he watched the Moon and wished to fly but scared of the world ouside until he met great Horibon.

- Yes, he tells the truth. I met Horibon once time. He is the great king of Philipino eagle and a good friend.

Someone added .

– Look his eyes, I can see a bright star here.

- You know. I am a little sparrow and afraid to break through my cirle although I wann to conquer the big world. The only thing I do is perch on guava garden and close my eyes then fly in dream . But now I know that I need to fly to the big world and discover bad and good things learn how to become a strong man with love, hurt, friendship etc. Now, I am starving for new knowledge from you. And I really understand I need Love.

Windy stops his story by searching for Vicky’s eyes.

The crowd make a big clap for Windy.

-And the second prize belongs to little Vicky from wonderland.

The crowd hates MC very much. His husky cough makes them feel headache very much. And they give comment without caring about examiners’ evaluation.

-I don’t thinks that female penguin is a suitable person for the third prize with her story about teaching children in pole.

- I’m honoured to inform that the winner of this year is ….Little Sparrow Windy from guava garden.

The crowd clap and whistle and dance together near the lake. Windy can’t believe that his story gives him this award.

-No, I want to give it to my friend, Vicky. She deserves first prize.

-Oh man, touching love story huh ?

A kid sparrow’s voice make everybody laugh.

After that competition, Windy has lots of friends. Everyone know him and they make a low bow when see him.Windy always greets them back because the lesson from Horibon is in his mind.They are willing to tell him their adventurous stories and Windy feels very excited.

Day after day, Windy wanders alone along path near Silver lake and watches couple of white swans are swimming near lotus. Night after night, Windy and some male buntings sit down around a pile of books watching peacock dancing and nightingale are singing love song.

But Windy feels alone. He misses perfume of guava’s flowers and Antonie’s voice. He misses his parents and people in that garden.

-Why are you so sad, Windy?

-I miss my home sweet home, Vicky.

- This is wonderland, Windy. Everybody want to live here forever.

Vicky’s voice is very strong.

-This is your home, not mine, Vicky. Anywhere I go, only guava garden is my home sweet home because I have love here and that is the only place in the world are waiting for me.

Vicky keeps silent. She listens to the song is sung by Windy ( that is song of guava tree).

“Under moonlight and sunlight,

Our guava’s petal are flourishing

Pure white color like a coat

We burgled it from the moon

Is she weeping in cloud’s arm?

O, we don’t care, don’t care”.

- So, funny. I mean your guava garden, they are very friendly and funny.

- Yes, I love them so much. Good bye Vicky, I will miss you.

No one say any word. Only an indifferent breeze makes a sound in the quiet night.

Windy turns his head to look at friends on that wonderland for the last time. He nearly cries to wave his hand to say goodbye. Whenever he goes, he always leaves a piece of his soul there.

Windy aims to the brown ship which is floating on the wave nearest him.

-How can you leave without inviting me to your guava garden?

Windy starts at the voice of Vicky. She smiles at Windy’s astounded face.

- I…I don’t think that you will go with me.

- Never think in mind ! We need to ask to know it is possible or impossible.

Snow comes then goes. It hides white coat into a secret place and decorates the world with green color and diverse flowers.

-Welcome to land of Southeast Asia. I think we have just touch its sky.

- Wow, I love tropical breeze.

I can see two little spots are soaring on the blue sky with sunbeams and white clouds. There are many group of birds appear on the sky and they have a for doing important thing because their faces can show happiness and they make up themselves very attractively.

- May I know there is a festival in this tropical land?

Windy asks a hawk with brown curly-haired is joking with his girl friend.

- Oh, don’t you know that Haribon, King of Philipino Eagle, invited his friends to attend his wedding tomorrow. That is the biggest festival in this year. Well, we have to fly there on time.

- Oh, may I know the name of bride?

- Lisa, a beautiful sea eagle. She is my cousin. I need to make a bouquet for her on this important event.

Said by that female eagle then they fly quickly to follow their company.

- We need to go there, Vicky. I bet you will like Haribon very much. He is my great teacher who helped me to overcome my fear.

They fly to the kingdom of eagle in rainforest. Windy can see a huge stone stands likes a statue with the hay crown appears in the middle of a lake and that is statue of Haribon. That’s really a very big festival. People from all walks of life make up and bring wedding gift to this land;therefore,it makes Windy think about a carnival are going to open.

-O, my little friend. You make me so surprise. Ah, no, my strong sparrow.

Haribon winks at Windy when he see Vicky smiles at him.

- I followed your advice and I really had a wonderful journey. Did you conquer top of the world ?

- No, my friend. When night came, we danced and sang under moutain and waited for the first sunbeam so that we could fly to top of the world. But at that time a wind told me about the most powerful and important thing in this life is Love. I thought about it seriously and understood that I need Lisa more than anything. If I could conquer that great mountain, who shared with me that happiness or only me enjoyed it lonely. I said goodbye to them and flew to search for Lisa. I regreted that they didn’t listen to wind’s advice

Haribon looks very sadly when he remembers his friends who never came back ground anymore.

- But you still lack one awesome journey in your life. Take it or you will regret forever.

- What is that, Lisa?

Lisa is a very beautiful bride in white dress and a pink crown.She looks at Haribon instead of answering Windy’s question.

-Well, that is your journey of love, my dear. If you don’t take this opportunity, someone will get it in front of your nose.

Windy looks at couple eagle are flying together to the stage of their wedding and he takes his courage in both hands to ask Vicky.

- Will you marry me?

I don’t hear her answer clearly but the last thing I see in that eagle Kingdom with millions birds are dancing in wedding party of couple Haribon andLisa , and there is another couple get married on that day is my little sparrow and his fiancee.

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