Dear my future lover,

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Speak softly love to my future lover....

Submitted: November 01, 2011

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Submitted: November 01, 2011



Dear my future lover,

I lay on the grass while the gentle sound of the song “I’ve never been to me” is slowly invading my mind. Looking up the above sky, I see not only those clouds and winds are flirting but rays of sunshine are dancing as well. I feel so green when couple of orioles are singing on the orange tree and looking at me with their curious eyes. I open the door of my heart and write a love letter for you.

Honey….So sweet as honey…. I don’t know who you are.. I don’t know what is your name.. I even don’t know where you are from ...but I really want one day this letter can be reached in your hands.

I feel so lonely in this world….My life has no meaning when I go alone in the road …It is too far and I don’t know where destination is. Darkness is a beast just want to swallow a little girl like me. Some love stories came and went in my life. Some lovers made me smile then cry. Happiness and sorrow like a love song singing slowly in my head. I go alone in the rain and let it ease my pain. What if you just like a wind through my life? What if I was born in this life without you? What if we are looking for each other but God keep a parallel line between us? What if I found you then I will fall down when you belong to another girl? What if I kiss you then I feel your lips calling her name? What if you don’t see wave of love in my eyes? What if? Thousands “what if” I want to ask this world!

What is love? My future lover, What is true love? It is only a simple question but most of people in this world are willing to pay their breath and searching for the answer all their life. I am notan exception. If you come into my world, I will cry to say “ A moment like this, I am waiting for all my lifetime…”.

Love is a game. Love is a sorrow. Love is a fruit. Love is a call in the middle of night just to wake me out of nightmare.. Love is sweet fairy brings a prince to a Cinderella then she laughs at my innocence when I find out she is a wizard and what that prince told me just a lie then he kills my heart with his coldness.

If you are an Orient man, I hope you will less traditional…pls don’t ask me to change myself in order to make you satisfied with the power of Orient man. What made you love me? How can you still love me if I am not the girl you said you love her before. Why are you too selfish my Orient man? Why you can let me alone and wait for you to come home to have dinner when night comes while you go out and drink with your friends? You said that is the way a man must do on business but why I can smell a strange perfume on your shirt? Why can you read newspaper and wait your wife brings food to you? Why you can make love with other girls while your wife MUST be a virgin until your honeymoon. Why you admire intelligent girl but you accept to marry who less smart than you so that she can obey your say? I feef so sorry for my friends when they got married with these kinds of men. Will you a Vietnamese like any traditional Vietnamese men?

If you are a Western man, pls don’t flirt with me for fun …you can make me feel scare of you … “easy come, easy go”. For a Orient girl like me, lover for one night is a terrible word! Pls don’t whisper your wonderful English or French sound and play guitar with some romantic songs for me. You know you can take my heart away by this way then let me down without turning back to see me falling down in the rain. Have you ever read this story “SHMILU”? This story made me admire a romantic western love! Only true love like this can let them go on the same road forever.

If my future lover is an alien? Yes, I am willing to go with you to outerspace if you are the man I am searching for all my life.

When you read this letter…. Will you see a door is opened? Will you see a girl is waiting for you at the end of that long road?


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