Diary In Picture

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Diary In Picture ( Coming Back From Another World) is a diary of a Vietnamese soldier in Viet Nam – American war. His name is Le Duc Tuan, an artistic student, who devoted his youth for freedom of Viet Nam. He drew pictures instead of writing them in letters. From his diary, new generation of Vietnamese has precious lessons about their ancestor’s aspiration and energy in fierce time of history.
But this diary has another value because Robert Simpson, a soldier, got that diary in a battle then he gave to General William Peers and he kept it carefully around forty years. After Mr Peer’s death, that diary was given back to Viet Nam.The itinerary to find the owner of Diary In Picture was a long story... As Viet Nam President told about that American’s action “ This is a lofty story about people who know what is true value of humanity.”

Submitted: December 20, 2011

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Submitted: December 20, 2011



When Fatherland called

He volunteered to front line

That young student from North

Said good bye university and family

He left  his artistic dream in a secret box

Gone with  the call of peace

What he brought in his backpack

A notebook was given by his close friend

And collection of poems of Puskin


Under night stars

On harsh path of Truong Son jungle

His squad operated silently

Only wind was blowing

The rumble of chopper above sky

That monster was searching for its prey

But that soldier just smiled

Nothing could stop his feet

Enemy was dispersing Agent Orange

Burning grasses and trees

Killing innocent people

But they couldn’t kill his smile

And a flower garden in his heart

These verses of that SOVIET poet

Giving hope and belief for him

Nothing was impossible

Peace  was just a matter of time


In  precious relax time

He draw his comrades

Who were injured by enemy’s army

Who  were singing those love songs

Dreaming about happy family

With their lover in the rear

These song were dancing in the air

Dispelling severe attack of war

Those innocent Vietnamese

With their warmly smile

War was destroying this country

But he still saw…

Smile in patriotic people’s eyes

Peaceful villages with cocks were crowning

Those fresh streams with perfume of wild flowers

“Oh Viet Nam! How beautiful you are!”

He called his fatherland everyday

While fighting with enemy

And in his dream…


Nine hundred nine  pictures in diary  of a Vietnamese soldier

Were more beautiful than any poems

But one day

No more drawing on the white paper

In a  fierce battle

An American soldier got it

He kept that diary in picture

An unforgotten memory of his war in Viet Nam


Then one day

That  souvenir came back Viet Nam

They cried …

Vietnamese soldier found his diary

American soldier found his soul

They hugged each others

From another world

There were still people who created touching story

His comrades gathered in a small wooden house

They cried while looking his pictures

War were coming back at that moment

Who lost their youth in jungle

Who lost a part of their body

In a nonsensical war….


Birds were singing peace songs

Flowers were blossoming




They were lighted in the harshest moment…

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