Dove Of Peace Above Viet Nam 's Sky

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Peace! Freedom! These precious rights were paid by Vietnamese's red blood in over one thousand year. Nowadays, Dove of Peace is soaring his wings above this country's sky.
Pls keep this world in peace, my friend ^_^

Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011



Viet Nam! Viet Nam !

I call my country’s name in strongest voice

Placing my right hand on my heart

I call Viet Nam in sweetest voice

Under Viet Nam nation flag

The National Anthem is sung by eighty six Vietnamese’s heart

I feel my red blood is burning

Golden skin is sparkling together with Vietnamese history

When Dragon Lord fell in love with Fairy

100 eggs were born in a bright day

50 sons went to East Ocean with Dragon King

50 sons went to highland with Fairy Mother

The eldest son was the ancestor on this land

Hung Vuong King established the first Van Lang kingdom

Beginning the wet rice civilization

Through the long history of falling red blood

Chinese conquered this friendly land in one thousand year

But they couldn’t control Vietnamese’s soul

When Mongol’s horse invaded Europe

They wanted to become the King of this world

But Tran King defeated them in three triumphal battles

Invasion dream of Mongol was broken under this land

Bach Dang river became the live witness of Chinese Qing and Han dynasties’ failure

History of human beings had a new great hero

The supreme Commander Tran Hung Dao of Dai Viet dynasty

One of the most accomplished military tacticians of the world

Time goes by

Millions people stood to fight for freedom

Nguyen Dynasty opened new page history

Perfume river protected peace for Viet Namese

Then one day…

Cannon was as loud as thunder

French followed China to make Vietnamese blood falling

August Revolution erupted as waterfall…

French ran away on street in Ha Noi

Japanese surrendered the Allies

Nguyen King abdicated his throne

Autumn Sep 1945, Ho Chi Minh declared Declaration of Independence

A new golden page of Vietnam history was turned…

Dien Bien Phu, the Indochinese unattackable fortress

French was proud of their great military work

After 56 days and nights , their prise was turned into ash

Geneve Agreement in 1954 was paid by Vietnamese’s blood and bone

French went back their country and left their architect in that gutsy country

Peace was just a precious moment

American empire came with crack army

They wanted to see teardrops in this poor country

Nixon, Kennedy and Carter had to give up their aspiration

American soldiers lost their youth in nonsensical war

The call of peace were arousing around the world

Where was freedom?

Was your Declaration of Independence a lie ?

Blood of millions Vietnamese were dropping

“We want peace! We are not your slave”

54 ethnical Vietnamese united

Truong Son mountain protected his children under enemy’s lethal weapon

Agent Orange ! They even killed the grasses and forests

But nothing could kill patriotic Vietnamese

30th-April- 1975, Saigon was full of flowers

Flags of CV were raising on the Independence Palace

Freedom! Freedom!

They cried happily

This moment was paid by blood and tears

Finally, Uncle Ho ‘s dream came true

Doves were flying above Viet Nam sky

Teardrops were replaced by laugh

Falling bloods were replaced by fresh water

An Oriental Dragon appears on the East Sea

Viet Nam shakes hands with every nation

Wounded war was cured for broken soul and body

Come here with this peaceful land

We hug you with friendly smile

Human beings is building history for new century

Black, White or Yellow, those precious colors are the same

God, Allah, Buddha… we welcome to Viet Nam!

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