Lost In Past

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I composed this poem after reading newspapers and stories about American vets came back Viet Nam to find their lost soul. Soldier’s Heart , an organization held by Edward Tick, helped these soldiers who bear Post traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD to feel peaceful soul in their twilight. That hard war killed millions innocent Vietnamese and around sixty thousand American soldiers. That war destroyed my country and Vietnamese but nothing could defeat our will and our love for peace and freedom. Nowadays, that war is a past. We, new generation Vietnamese, don’t hate American vets…just hope that you can find your lost soul in your country and in Viet Nam. “Welcome back to Viet Nam, a journey to find your lost soul”.

Some interesting books were written by American vets and a young Vietnamese – these live witness of this war.
“Bare Feet, Iron Will” - James G. Zumwalt
“Angel in Viet Nam” , “ Not Welcome Home” - John Wesley Fisher
“Wandering souls” - Wayne Karlin
“Last night I dream about peace”, diary of Dang Thuy Tram, an army medial Vietnamese.

No pen can express enough pain in physical and soul of innocent people and even soldiers who kill them.
War is happening now ..outside…in other countries..
Freedom! Peace! Not only in Agreement but also in Soul! Please! Do something for this if you are a leader..if power is in your hand!

Submitted: December 09, 2011

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Submitted: December 09, 2011



Taking off the ground in rush

The army airplane brought soldiers to the grey sky

The young captain turned back to see that strange country for the last time

Only fire and sword

Remnant armament

Dead bodies

The flow of evacuee like a flood

In a strange country

He sat in mute

Some young soldiers lowered their heads

Some comrades were in silence

What I could see from their eyes

An empty world


Drag injurious leg

On the noisy street

Fall in Michigan

It is not as beautiful as autumn three years ago

When he left college

With an aspiration about bright future

Standing on the Love bridge on a falling leaves day

He kissed Anna passionately

Saying goodbye his lover

Waiting for me, my honey

That memory comes back likes a scar in his broken heart

Now…She has two children with his close friend

He smiles and prays for her

She can be an unlucky woman If she marries a victim of Agent Orange


Blood is dropping

“Help! Help! Please don’t kill me”

Silent dreadfuly !

He is shooting an innocent Vietnamese child

Screaming at night

He wakes up

Leaning against the wall

He holds “In another country” of Hemingway on both hands

Looking at the mirror

He sees another man

With blood seepage

In broken heart

Broken soul

Ambition! His youth dream slips out into a dark hollow hole

What he strived for in that strange country

A pus can’t be cured

No one open their eyes

To save a despairing soul

No one stretch their arms to hug an Agent Orange vet

The captain ‘s youth

Slowly floating in the hopeless ocean

Until he looks at a crooked face reflected under water

The Love bridge witnesses a middle-aged man

Weeping silently

But his teardrops

Never make that lake exhausted


A plane lands in Tan Son Nhat airport

Where he ran away forty years ago

This country has been changed miraculously

Making a journey to find his lost soul

He cries in front of Dang Thuy Tram’s grave

That little nurse with “Last night I dreamt about peace”

Who lost her youth under his comrade’s bullet

He sees a warm smile

A naive child touches his creasy hand

He sees a lotus lake on Viet Nam land

But! I can see….

The apple blossom in his heart


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