Love Is Right

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I composed this poem after watching the China film "The sorcerer and white snake 2011" with the attendance of famous actor Jet Li. Love is the most special emotion when human and beast can fall in love with each other. When a girl loves, how strong she is to protect her lover ...even she accepts to die... Love is a fate...because love is always right.

Submitted: October 16, 2011

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Submitted: October 16, 2011



I wander in the fairy world

Wondering is this wonderful place ?

I count falling stars

Then let my life flow far and far

What is love?

I wonder myself

What is love?

This question grows up in my mind

I broke fairy’s rule

Just satisfy my curiosity

I want to know

What is true love!

I love you at first sight

Your silly makes me smile

First kiss in a deep stream

I wonder is it a dream ?

I don’t know why

I don’t know why

My heart is beating

My eyes is sparking

When I think about you

Where is my smile, darling

Where is a half of my soul

I lost them when we kissed

Now I know what is love

Thousands years I live without meaning

Wandering from winter to spring

Just to see falling snow

And feel my heart become cold!

Thousands years are not as precious as a moment besides you

Shining from sky is not bright as stars in your eyes

Give me more kisses and let me know what is love

I need your warm embrace

I need to put my kiss on your face

I only live until I breathe by your love.

Love is right!

Yes, I know my love for you is right

I don’t live for my life

I live for you

Love is right!

Every moment you go away

So lonely here, I don’t want to stay

There is a lump in my throat

There is a stone in my heart

Come back with me and hold me in your arms

I can’t stand this sorrow

‘Cause I do love you

I give you all my life

Love is right! Love is right!

How bitter when God separates our love

But I promise with you, my darling

This life…next life … everlasting

My heart…my soul …my breath is yours.

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