You Need To Go

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( I know these are words you want to talk with me, Daddy)

Submitted: May 08, 2013

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Submitted: May 08, 2013




You Need To Go

 ( I know these are words you want to talk with me, Daddy)

Someone asked me, “What is your wife’s favourite jewelry ”

I answered “ My daughter’s eyes are more precious than diamond”.

Someone  asked me “What is your happiness? Money or beautiful wife?”

I relied “ My daughter’s smile”.

When I met your mother,

The world was whirling  under my foot

I stopped driving  alone on the unexpected journey

Beginning to sing the happy together song

Sunrise and sunset

Rainy and sunny

We walked together,

Then one day, you came into my life

My princess, though I was not the king

You were little angel in my hand

Looking at me with your twinkling eyes

I had a treasure of diamond from here

When you smiled,

You brought me to your daffodils land

When you sang,

You invited flock of birds stand on my shoulders

When you cried,

Wave on ocean danced to touch my hands

I want to keep you as my little angel forever,

I close my eyes to lock you in my paradise

But you run away so that  I have to  reach your hand

When I open my eyes,

A pretty girl appears in front of my eyes

She has my eyes

She has my wife’s smile

I sight and look at the end of the road

It’s time for you

Like the way I did long time ago,

It’s time I need to say

Like the way your grandfather talked to me

“It’s time you need to go”.


You need to go ...Because someone is waiting for you in the middle of no where.

(I went on that road and I met your  mother.)

You need to go...Because world is very big and you is just a little girl.

( I was a young man and world turn me into an old man)


You need to go….Because you never walk to the end of the world

( I wish I could walk with you to everywhere you want)


You need to go…Because you will fall down or get up

( I stand by you to dry your teardrop and to raise you up)

You need to go... Because the more you learn, the more you will know that you don’t know any thing.

( I can’t  answer all your question like the time little girl asked me in childhood anymore

You need to go to seach for your anwers  and get right from wrong )


You need to go…Because I am not a strong and young man any more

( I can’t protect you like the way I did for my baby)

You need to go...Because you can live as the way you want.

( I don’t want you live under pressure of life)

You need to go...Because you have a dream

( Someone wander in their life like a boat on the ocean without destination, but my sweetie, you  need to reach it because you have a dream)

You need to go...Because you are my future

( What I did, What I am doing, What I am going to do, I do it for you)

You need to go...Because of your children in the future.

(Don’t let them ask you the question “ Ma’am , Why don’t  you go?”

You need to go....Because you are a human beings.

( Your pet can’t fly but he watches flying birds on the sky

You don’t have wings but noone can stole your flight in your dream and real life)

All I want to say with you that ....

You need to go…because you are my daughter.

© Copyright 2017 Honeysuckle1310. All rights reserved.

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