The trick

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This is a motivational piece of truth that I have discovered throughout periods of my life. Something that we all have to deal with. and no matter who you are there is no escape.

Submitted: June 18, 2013

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Submitted: June 18, 2013



There is no trick to reach the top.

And there is no easy way to do battle.

My friends, you will have to bleed and you will have to hurt.

And in this life you will feel pain

But that’s ok..

Because if it didn’t hurt that much, how would you say that you have become?

How would you say you rose above everything that you thought you could be?

How can you say you fought and you overcame, odds, limitations and yourself?

So don’t believe the hype. Don’t believe the ten steps to victory stories they try to sell you

If you want it, it will cost you.

But that’s ok.. 

Because nothing shows you more what something is worth.. Then the price that you paid for it.

Nothing will make you want it more then the memories of the beatings that you took to get that inch further.

There are no shortcuts. If the're were they would have found it already. Because that is what people do. They look for the easy way out.

But not you.

Because when everything in your body will scream for you to quit. And others give up and lay down defeated. You will continue.

Because you already know, that somethings just are what they are.

There is no trick to reach the top…

And if you accept this, then you will understand, that that's the trick. 

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