To women

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There is only one way to enter into this world and that is through a womb build and suited for a 9 month journey. Yet the one that is supposed to be our castle and vessel during our most vulnerable time is still discarded and mistreated. How sad... How unrighteous.

Submitted: June 18, 2013

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Submitted: June 18, 2013




I apologies for what men did in my name woman.

Because for how long have they made you out to be what you are not? Woman..

You have been traded, sold as currency woman..

You have been bred like cattle for slavery woman.

Great men who you gave birth to oppressed you woman

Some neglect you torment you and leave you for dead woman

They forget how God has blessed you woman.

How He has appointed you to carry a miracle woman.

For nine months you are an anker, a haven for fruit woman.

You form a portal an entrance to this earth woman.

So don’t be deceived to listen to what they say anymore

Don’t believe that clothes and shoes are what you are anymore

Don’t believe that acceptance and love is attention from men anymore

And please don’t hide yourself behind the make-up anymore

Show yourself for whom you are, don’t be sad anymore

God has created you soft, don’t be angry anymore

God has made you radiant, so don’t hide anymore

My partner, my confident, my mate my rose.

Show the true womanhood that is inside.

I am sorry if I am not pleased by tank-tops and short skirts

I am sorry if I am only interested in how your heart works.

Because you are what you are woman

You cannot be overlooked  woman.

You have always had beauty beyond comparison woman

And if they desire that you add to what you have been given

He is not worthy of you…you alone my woman.

A man

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