Eat Your Children

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Eat Your Children is an abstract and more open to interpretation of a writer's struggle told in an absurd way. The poem’s title references dynamic between the man and his son, though it is a
reference to A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift.

Submitted: January 06, 2018

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Submitted: January 06, 2018



When she was but a child

The mother of sorrows took art from man

And gave him paper

Dull, unforming, unmoving paper

And from that paper, he created the world

And for his children, he took from them ideas

And gave them paper

So from that paper they planted trees

To make more paper


From paper,

Man  made might

And from paper,

His children read

For a man to his child,

There is no greater blessing than paper


The child must take the pen

Let ink flow to the land where worlds live

Let letters form the roots of great trees

But the paper remains white

Dull, unforming, unmoving paper


The river black ink runs dry

Ideas abode figments of lost minds

Crumpled and worn, they flutter away into the night

Where hands are out to catch

With hearts low and tired

And minds without time


Blank paper remains blank

The mother of sorrows laughs






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