I am me

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Submitted: July 18, 2015

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Submitted: July 18, 2015



I wish I could be me,
But I am not. I will never be me. And if I think about who I am, I don't know. Who is it you are talking to? Who is it I am, when I'm alone? 
I wish I knew who I am. But I never will.

My head says to be strong and my heart tells me to cry. My heart wants to smile but my head says to be serious.

Who am I? My head or my heart? Happy or sad? strong or weak? I don't know. I listend to my head to often and now I can't stop crying.

I'm sick of smiling and sick of dening who I am. I won#t care if you'll hate me because I'm ratehr alone than lonely. Eversince I got to know you I was lonely even when I was surrounded by people.

I decided on who I am and I am me. You won't change it and I won't let you change it. Ever. 


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