An Anonymous Memoir: Author Irrelevant

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My name is irrelevant yet my story is important.


I have struggled for a good chunk of my young life contemplating and thinking is there anyone in the same boat, the same situation as me? How could I find out? And instead of going to google, or social media which is the new google for me, I decided to be the person I am looking for.


I already feel a sense of detachment to the person I “am” so may as well put that to some use and act as a stranger to myself. So here at this moment I am trusting a complete stranger with my story and expecting them to document it well. Would that still make this a memoir? Or would it have previously been an autobiography? Blase Blase anyways before we dive into the trauma, I have a few disclaimers I would like to make.


First of all I am an undiagnosed young adult who, yes, has had an inkling of some mental health issues, and probably should have sought therapy before deciding to write this book, but 1. No Moolah and 2. …. Anyways please do not expect any diagnoses in this memoir and please do not try to diagnose me, I have tried that enough and it leads to nothing but anxiety.


Also if you or some one you know has faced abuse whether physical, sexual, or verbal, PLEASE take caution to reading this story. As hard as it is for me to tell you, I personally know how troubling it can be to read/see an experience so similar to your own as the reality of someone else. Okay! Enough of that, um, let’s dive in? This is going to probably be the most disorganized jumbled piece of mess you have ever read, but you know, it’s probably because I am writing this as I think and also because I am not trying to gloss over a story. I am trying to tell you of my life.  


Submitted: August 15, 2022

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