The Space Chronicle Zombies

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It would have begun on the day of the Theadrix Celebration parade, generally
things happened on important events. This was a big one though, a happening of
apocalyptic proportions, the end of days in the very least.

The planet Theadrix has been hit with a zombie virus when the Immortal crashes, now Keith, Dave and the rest of the Space chronicle heroes must survive

Submitted: July 09, 2009

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Submitted: July 09, 2009



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The Space Chronicle Zombies
Chapter One - The Cursed Immortal

Of course it would have begun on the day of the Theadrix Celebration parade, generally things happened on important events. This was a big one though, a happening of apocalyptic proportions, the end of days in the very least.

In the midst of a rather large crowd appeared a man dressed in a white shirt with a rapier by his side, his short brown hair being blown side to side. The man’s name was Keith Starr and he was fairly popular throughout this part of the universe, one of the more popular of the Earth humans.

“What a lovely day for a celebration,” Keith exclaimed looking over the crowd to the several marching bands walking across.

“It is quite a nice day, even though I’d rather be on Earth,” replied a woman appearing behind him with short blonde hair and wearing a blue scarf, her name was Jane Worth.

“Earth would be a terrible place for a celebration,” replied Keith still looking over the parade, “Even though I descend from Earth it doesn’t quite excuse the smell.”

Music began to place in the parade and many Theadrians began to move their arms backwards and forwards. Naturally Theadrians had blue skin and it was more common to find them with orange hair.

“What do we do now?” asked Jane seemingly uninterested in the parade. Keith looked back at her and gave her a look as if to say that she should be enjoying herself.

“What more could you want?” asked Keith, “A beautiful day, a parade…”

“I would prefer something more exciting,” replied Jane, “Where is the Immortal?”

“I’m sure it’s on its way,” replied Keith. At this point I should say that the Immortal was a ship, a very large ship called home to thousands of Earth humans and Captained by the famous Dave Walts who was in fact an immortal himself.

Huge floating cartoon characters began to hover over the crowd, it was amazing to see what cartoons appeared like on another world, especially through the eyes of a human.

All of a sudden there was a huge explosion that appeared on the other side of the sky. The people in the parade had stopped to view what had happened, some people even began to panic whilst other considered this part of the celebrations.

Keith looked up in great concern, he had seen this many times in his life and he knew exactly what would precede it. The explosion had been caused from a ship entering the atmosphere too quickly without engaging its outer shielding.

“Something tells me that explosion was caused by the Immortal,” Keith said to himself before running into the panicked crowd of people. Jane shortly followed him beginning to push people aside.

It was true, above the horizon there was a quite large ship with smoke arising from it. The Immortal was crashing, people were beginning to see the ship and run. The Immortal was descending on the large city.

“What’s going on?” Jane exclaimed as she ran up to Keith who stood quite still staring up at the ship and trying to decipher what was going on.

“Your excitements arrived,” replied Keith unmoving, “And it has come with an extra dose of death.”

The Immortal was beginning to travel at top speed now and crashed through building upon building until it began to slide across the city. Nothing seemed to be slowing its velocity, it simply cascaded through everything in its path.

“We’ve got to follow it!” Keith exclaimed beginning to run in its general direction. Jane began to follow but got distracted by a small piece of wreckage from the Immortal and a couple of soldiers lying unconscious underneath it. Jane went over to their aid.

“Are you okay?” she exclaimed kneeling down besides the closest wounded soldier. From the button on the soldiers black uniform you could tell they were from the immortal and had been thrown off as the Immortal had crashed.

Jane began to nudge the soldier, his face was all torn and decaying possibly from the enormous amount of heat he had gone through, even his uniform was torn and it seemed to be made from very durable material.

The soldier’s eyes opened wide. There was something wrong and Jane saw it instantly for the soldiers eyes were completely white with bits of veins coming through clearly.

The other soldiers began to wake up as well all of them staring in Jane’s direction with their mouths widely opened. Jane began to panic as the soldier she was attending grabbed her in a rough manner.

“AAH!” Jane screamed as the soldier began to chew his way into her arm and took a chunk out of it, “Help!”

Unfortunately no help would be coming to Jane’s aid as Keith was out of earshot and rapidly approaching the Immortal which had now come to a complete stop.

Keith smiled as he saw a familiar man jump out from the ship, he had long black hair and a grey Captains uniform out (A very torn Captains uniform I might add) This was Dave Walts and he seemed to be in a panic as he ran out from the wreckage of the ship holding his arm tightly.

“RUN!” he shouted to Keith as some soldiers began to appear from the wreckage.

“What about your men?” enquired Keith as Dave reached him. Things were beginning to get rather concerning.

“It’s a virus!” Dave said as even more men began to clamber out of the Wreckage, all with the same white eyes that’s Jane had witnessed. Dave looked back at them, “We have to run now!”

“What’s going on?” Keith exclaimed as he and Dave began to run back through the city, it was just then that he noticed Jane was gone, “And where has Jane gone?”

“Their undead,” said Dave as the two of them began to backtrack through where Keith had ran through, “They die and rise back to the living, I think we picked it up the virus from our mission on Degrar.”

“Are you telling me that these things are…” Keith began but stopped as he rounded a corner. Jane was stood there with human soldiers all surrounding her, she had turned into one of them, “…zombies.”

“We found Jane,” said Dave pulling out a gun and shooting Jane through the head, she died in that instance.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” Keith exclaimed as Dave held him from approaching the corpse.

“A shot to the head is the only thing that can kill them. Once you turn there is no going back!” Dave said, “They’re looking for more flesh, we have to get people out of the city and border it off.”

Keith was completely devastated by what had just happened especially after the amount of time he had spent with Jane and particularly what they had been through together. Something bad was happening.

Suddenly thousands of soldiers began to charge at them from the streets they had just come down, all of them had been turned and all of them were hungry. Keith and Dave began to run the other way.

“A Zombie Apocalypse!” Keith exclaimed, a tear running down his cheek, “We’ve got to save the city.”

Chapter Two - Radical Rayne

Hovering above the planet Theadrix was a ship, no larger than a house but was plenty big. Aboard this ship was a team of people calling themselves Radical Rayne who had dedicated their lives to solving conspiracy theories.

The leader of this small group stood at the front of the ship admiring the view, his name was Ben Cozak, with short black hair and looking pretty rough in a green trench coat. Ben was well known for being a Ruffian and starting fights.

“The Theadrian celebrations today,” he remarked looking down at the planet.

“I know,” replied a woman who approached him, she had long black hair and was fairly pale with the name of Phoenix, “Should we go down and take a look?”

“I’m not planning to,” replied Ben, “Seen it once, seen it a thousand times and I don’t want to live it a thousand more!”

“Ben!” came an outcry from the third member of Radical Rayne, he had short black hair also rough in appearance with a red tie wrapped round his head and a bandana hung around his neck, his name was Scott and like most people today seemed to be in a panic.

“What’s up?” asked Ben calmly

“It’s the Immortal! They sent us an urgent message tell us to shoot them down,” replied Scott

“What!?” asked Ben, “Why?”

“I’m not sure,” replied Scott, “But I’m going to get my gun.”

Suddenly the ship rocked violently as The Immortal passed dangerously close to it at an incredible speed.Ben jolted to the window to see the Immortal crash through the atmosphere giving off a large explosion.

“We need to get down there and find out what’s going on!” Ben shouted, “Where’s our pilot.”

Another member soon came through the door and took the wheel. He had long light brown hair with a long black jacket and a three barreled shotgun attached to his back, his name was Ayden.

“I disagree with this plan to follow an exploding ship,” he said in an elegant tone for he was born in an upper-class society and was usually cocky as hell.

“Just do it!” Ben exclaimed and their ship shot off following closely to the Immortal. Landing fairly neatly on a landing platform close to where the Immortal had crashed they all piled out including the last member of their team going by the name of Magressa with short curly blonde hair and blue glowing eyes, she was quite slim and wore a grey shirt which covered her body and attached to her belt were two small daggers.

Ben looked down to see Keith and Dave, two people he recognized instantly running for their lives from a horde of zombie soldiers. Looking around the city he could see the soldiers had gotten everywhere and had begun to eat people alive.

“This celebration just got interesting,” Ayden remarked, Scott soon appeared with a large gun looking quite ready for whatever happened next.

“This is going to be an awesome day!” he said as he cocked his gun. Radical Rayne was quite a fair bit above the ground, Ben approached the side and looked down, zombie soldiers were beginning to amass below.

“We’ve got company,” he said taking his revolver out and beginning to fire upon them, the zombies seemed very dull witted and kept moaning for flesh.

“What do we do now?” asked Scott

“Back into the ship,” replied Ben, “We’ll go and save Keith and Dave first, then we’ll try and come up with a plan.”

Radical Rayne turned around to see a horde of zombies standing between themselves and the ship.

“Get in the ship,” shouted Ben as he began to fire upon the zombie horde. The rest of the team managed to get around the zombies and into the ship seeing as they had all gone for Ben.

“BEN!” screamed Phoenix as the horde began to climb on top of Ben. Ayden started the ship as quickly as possible and was ready to take off when Phoenix suddenly jumped out of the door.

Scott looked out of the door after her only to see the horror of Ben being pulled limb from limb and eaten before his very eyes, “Shit! That’s not so awesome!”

Phoenix was running towards the horde, Scott fired off a few rounds and killed off a couple of them.

The zombies then stopped and began to run into Phoenix, Scott stood there helplessly as he watched them begin to feast upon her. There was nothing anyone could do, Scott closed the door.

“Well we’re pretty damn boned right now,” Ayden said piloting the ship away, “We’ve lost the Captain and the hot girl all in the previous 5 minutes.”

“We’ve got to save Keith and Dave,” Scott exclaimed heading towards the window. Suddenly it smashed and as bullets began to fire upon them, obviously the zombie soldiers had learnt how to use their weapons.

Ayden recoiled as the ship flipped over and paraded straight through a building leaving a huge catastrophic hole in it. Scott wiped the blood off his face as he slowly found his feet

“This day could have gone better,” Ayden said as he too began to get up.

Scott looked around at their surroundings, they were smack bang in the middle of the chaos. The streets were filled with innocent people being slaughtered and it looked like the Zombies had spotted them.

Chapter Three - Amongst the Chaos

A man looked out of a window at the wreckage of the Immortal. This man wore a purple shirt with long black hair and noble brow with a fine crafted sword placed in a sheath on his back. This man’s name was Tom and he was a Crylonian.

Tom had been invited to the celebrations by an old friend of his which just so happened to be Dave Walts. Of course he had not expected this to happen, he had been admiring the view for a couple of minutes before he saw people become feasts to unholy monsters.

Tom gasped, below him was a dog (Husky to be exact) being surrounded by great number of zombies. The infection had spread, there weren’t just Zombie soldiers any more, normal people were becoming infected as well

Tom saw this and dived out of the window created small cracks as he landed on the pavement below. Tom took his sword from his sheath as the dog cowered behind him.

The Zombies do not know fear, they do not know much but they do know they outnumbered Tom. They charged hungry for his flesh, Tom dived into the crowd and one by one began to behead them.

Bits of guts flew everywhere until eventually all that stood was Tom standing within a huge circle of blood. The dog strolled up to him and Tom knelt down, he grabbed hold of the dogs tag and learnt that his name was Pal

From then on Tom ran through the streets killing everything in sight. Tom was in the middle of killing off a couple of zombies he had found when all of a sudden he was shot from behind.

Tom felt his shoulder, blood trickled down. Now he was pissed. Tom’s sword soared through the air and into the head of a Zombie soldier. The wound on Toms shoulder healed almost instantly and he went back to fighting down zombies.

“There’s too many of them,” Tom said kneeling down and forcing his sword into the ground so it stood on its own accord, “I will need help.”

“Tom!” upon hearing his name Tom turned around to see Dave Walts and Keith Starr approaching him. Dave ran up to him and shook his hand, “It’s good to see you again!”

“What’s going on, this all seemed to escalate when your ship crashed,” Tom enquired

“It’s a virus,” Dave began in a more serious tone, “We have to shut off the city and gather up the survivors before its too late.”

“You found Pal!” Keith exclaimed as he gave his dog an admirable stroke, “I’m glad nothing happened to him, I was beginning to get worried.”

“Where’s Jane?” asked Tom and Keith’s face went sour

“She was one of the first to be turned,” replied Dave, “Which is why we have to stop it now!”

Out of nowhere zombies began to fall from the top of the building they were under and attached themselves to Tom. Ripping small chunks out of his arm Tom shoved his sword into them and ripped them into pieces.

Tom looked down at two rather serious looking bite marks on his arms and awaited them to heal. They didn’t, Tom fell to the floor slowly clutching hold of his stomach.

Tom?” Keith asked suspiciously

“He’s turning,” replied Dave grabbing hold of Keith, “FUCK! We are about to have a pissed off Crylonian after us, RUN!”

Keith and Dave ran into an open building, Tom watched them. Hunger began to grow in his stomach but what he craved wasn’t normal food, he craved the taste of flesh. Tom got up and grabbed his sword out of the ground.

“I’m hungry,” Tom said as he walked into the building Keith and Dave had disappeared into, “Real hungry.”

“Great, I haven’t seen a Crylonian turn yet,” said Dave as he and Keith rounded the corner and ducked into an empty room.

“Let’s barricade this door!” replied Keith beginning to move desks and boxes in front of the door.

“That’s not going to stop Tom,” Dave exclaimed taking a seat. Keith turned to look at him, he could see Dave was beginning to lose it.

“It’ll be enough to hold him out for a while,” replied Keith walking over to the window and looking out. It was mayhem out there, people were being eaten alive and all Keith could do was watch. It was a war zone.

“I wonder where the Theadrian police are?” asked Dave as he walked over

“They need to be activated like all robots, maybe no one’s been able to survive long enough to activate them,” replied Keith.

All of a sudden a sword plunged through the wall and began to cut its way through. Tom had found them, Keith looked desperately for a way out of the room.

“A sword through the wall,” Keith said, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

“I’ll hold him off!” Dave suddenly blurted out. Keith took the moment upon himself to give Dave a full on punch to the face.

“If you turn into a zombie than I’m pretty screwed,” said Keith, “You are Immortal! Imagine a zombie that can’t die”

“True,” replied Dave rubbing his face.

“Look!” Keith said pointing out of the window, it was of course Scott and Ayden he was pointing at who had managed to strive off a couple of zombies. Keith leaned out of the window and called out their names. They noticed and turned around to see Keith.

“At least we have a bit of help now,” replied Dave. Tom had begun to kick his way in through the wall, “But they’d better get here quickly!”

Chapter Four - Save Keith and Dave

“We’ve got to get out of here!” Scott yelled firing a couple of shots into the zombie horde.

“Of course I completely agree with you,” replied Ayden pulling out his triple barreled shotgun and beginning to fire randomly into the horde of zombies.

“Where’s Magressa?” asked Scott as he checked over the ship‘s wreckage, “She’s gone!”

“Who cares,” replied Ayden firing a full on shot, close range, to a zombies head, blowing it clean apart.

Scott and Ayden then both began to run, trying to flee from a crowd of over a hundred zombies, all following them. They ducked into a bank and closed the door, hopefully it would hold them off for a while.

“Can the ship still fly?” asked Scott

“We-went-through-a-building!” replied Ayden reloading his shotgun, “Need I say more?”

“What about our cell phones,” replied Scott pulling his phone out of his pocket

“First rule of zombie apocalypse Scott!” Ayden said as Scott looked at his cell with a certain disappointment in his face, “There’s never cell reception.”

“I can’t believe it,” replied Scott smashing his phone on the ground in anger, “We’ve lost Ben, Phoenix and Magressa!”

“And Magressa is a bad ass,” replied Ayden, “Don’t worry the Zombie hordes won’t touch her.”

“How you figure?” asked Scott

“She’s a ship that transformed into a woman, last time I checked zombies wanted flesh,” replied Ayden as the zombie horde began to smash through the windows.

“I have a fucked up life,” replied Scott diving forward, rolling onto his back and shooting through the windows into the zombies.

“Perhaps a back exit is in order,” suggested Ayden getting up and looking over at the huge steel vault door.

“Don’t even think about it,” replied Scott, “It’ll be locked and protected to shit.”

Ayden took out three very flashy looking devices and threw them at the door. There was a huge flash of light before the building seemed to implode on itself, when the flash died down they could see the vault door had been launched through the roof.

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?” Scott bellowed getting up

“I call them Zeus Grenades,” replied Ayden, “They don’t destroy living cells, very flashy though.”

“Great, let’s get a move on,” replied Scott rushing into the vault followed closely by Ayden. The vault didn’t have another door and they couldn’t barricade themselves inside because they had blown the other door off.

“I have an idea,” replied Ayden throwing some Zeus grenades out of the window. There was another big flash and when everything came to all the zombies had disappeared. Ayden opened the door and admired his handy work, “Not living cells.”

“How many you got left?” asked Scott

“Typically none,” replied Ayden, “Rule 2 of a zombie apocalypse, over powered weapons only have one use.”

“Come on, our objective is to rescue Dave and Keith,” replied Scott running out of the door and down the street, “Now they were heading North and we landed just a couple of streets away from their last position.”

“How do you know that?” asked Ayden abruptly

“Because the wreckage of the Immortal is just there,” replied Scott pointing at the wreckage, “It also explains why the zombie level is so high in this area as well.”

“Shut up Scott,” replied Ayden. Scott then turned around a fired off a couple of shots at some zombies that had appeared out of a near building. Ayden then stopped before they continued and appeared to be listening to something.

“What is it?” asked Scott

“Sounds like someone’s trying to get our attention,” replied Ayden looking around

They both turned around and looked up at a building to see Keith and Dave yelling desperately for them out of an open window.

“They’re in trouble,” replied Scott running towards that building, “We’ve got to help them.”

“Got to!?” questioned Ayden beginning to follow, “You make it sounds as if we are obliged to.”

Chapter Five - Farnis

Some people would look out at the destruction on the street and recoil in fear, or try and help the people being literally eaten alive. Farnis however was stood on top of a building looking out and smiling to himself. He wore a long black jacket lined with gold, had short black hair underneath a triangular hat with a red feather sticking out of it. Of course most unusual about Farnis was the fact his right eye was missing and in its place an empty socket

“What a beautiful day,” Farnis quoted holding his arms out wide, “So zombies huh? How very interesting.”

Farnis pulled out a silver rapier from its sheath and pointed it towards the wreckage of the Immortal. A huge creepy grin crept over Farnis’ face, he had a plan. Farnis headed towards the exit of the building and was about to make his way to the Immortals wreckage.

First of all I think an introduction to Farnis is necessary. A couple of years back Keith was wounded and needed medical attention immediately. The Immortal let him aboard and thought he may need a new heart to stay alive, so they created a clone.

It was supposed to be a dummy clone, just organs but miraculously the clone took a proper form retaining all of Keith’s memories and abilities. In scientific terms it was known as a Failure And Rupture Negatively In Science or a FARNIS.

Farnis looked over and saw Keith and Dave screaming from a building and Scott along with Ayden running to their aid. Farnis was just about to run in when he felt a hand on his back, turning swiftly around he saw the decaying corpse of Ben Cozak, missing one arm and half of his face seemingly pulled off.

“Long time, no see Farnis,” he said reaching for his revolver

“Whoa, you’re looking a little dead there Ben,” replied Farnis, “Aren’t you supposed to eat me? You are a zombie!”

“I can eat you after I shoot you,” replied Ben, “This hunger is getting the best of me I need to eat soon.”

“What’s it like? Being a zombie I mean?” asked Farnis leaning forward

“I’m a monster,” replied Ben, “I’ve killed so many innocent people.”

“A monster you say,” replied Farnis with another big creepy grin on his face, “How interesting.”

“Enough I eat right now,” shouted Ben. Farnis jump forward just missing his bullet and spearing through Bens chest knocking him to the floor. In one swift punch Farnis broke his jaw. Ben tried to get back up but Farnis took his rapier and plunged it through his leg into the ground, leaving him unable to get up.

“What I need is someone who has not yet become a zombie,” Farnis said to himself, “And they happen to be in that building.”


Meanwhile Ayden and Scott were charging through the building up the steps. By their calculations Keith and Dave were on the seventh floor.

“We’re almost there, just around the next set of stairs,” shouted Scott who was currently ahead of Ayden

Scott ran up the next set of stairs and out of the door into a hallway, he stopped to see Tom standing there facing him, at most 5 inches away. There was a moment where they just stood and stared at each other, Scott heard Ayden coming up the stairs.

“FUCK A CRYLONIAN!!!” screamed Ayden upon running into the corridor. Wasting no time he shot Tom with his shotgun. Tom flew into the wall behind him, he soon stood back up though bearing a huge gaping hole though his stomach.

“I think we pissed him off,” exclaimed Scott

“What do you mean we?” enquired Ayden as he ran back down the stairs locking the door behind him.

Scott looked over to an elevator and took a chance, he tried to smack Tom but Tom blocked it and threw him across the corridor.

“You’d better run for your life,” Tom said to him in a hoarse voice, “I want the one who blasted a hole in me!”

Tom then proceeded to grab hold of the door and pull it off in one swift move, he then ran into the staircase after Ayden (Who was now running frantically for his own life)

“That was lucky,” Scott said to himself getting up and dusting himself off. Scott ran to the other side of the hallway to see a gaping big hole, “Hello anyone in there?”

Scott?” Keith’s voice came

“I came to rescue you two,” replied Scott as Keith and Dave climbed out of the room.

“Where’s Tom?” asked Dave pulling out his gun

“He’s chasing after Ayden for blasting a hole through him,” replied Scott giving a slight shrug, “We can take the elevator back down.”

“Why didn’t you take the elevator in the first place?” asked Keith

“We didn’t know how many zombies were here, we could open the elevator and get bombarded,” replied Scott as they ran down the hallway towards the elevators, “And then of course we die.”

Keith, Scott and Dave ran into the elevator and pressed the button to go down. They waited patiently in there.

Meanwhile of course Ayden had miraculously reached the ground floor with Tom just behind him. He jumped out of the stairs and into the hallway heading towards the door. He was almost there when Pal appeared.

“Oh shit!” said Ayden as Pal had now become one of the undead with blood covering its fur.

Tom and Pal now had Ayden cornered. Ayden backed up against the wall.

“Sorry Ayden, this hunger…I must eat,” Tom launched himself onto Ayden and began to pull chunks out.

“That‘s not disturbing at all!” said Ayden hitting tom in the head with the base of his shotgun. He tried to run but soon fell to the floor clutching his stomach, “Great now I’m a zombie, that’s brilliant.”

Suddenly the elevator opened revealing Keith, Scott and Dave all inside. The zombies looked at each other, as did everyone in the elevator.

“This is why I didn’t take the elevator the first time,” said Scott franticly pressing the button to go back up.

“Nice, I love food from a can,” exclaimed Ayden. Keith wasted no time and began to fire upon them. Tom and Ayden ducked out of the way then he saw Pal and stopped.

“Not you too!” Keith exclaimed. The elevator doors shut and it began to head upwards. Keith pressed the emergency stop, took out his rapier and cut a hole in the ceiling.

“What are you doing?” asked Dave

“We’re going to get out of the elevator and push the button again so they still think we’re going up,” replied Keith, “That way they go after the elevator and when it reaches the top we’ll be long gone.”

“Good idea,” replied Scott helping Keith out. Once everyone had gotten out they climbed onto a ledge just big enough for the elevator to pass them. Keith took out his rapier and pushed a button for the top floor.

Keith pulled a repel gun out of his pocket and shot it into the wall. Everyone was then lowered to the ground floor where they managed to open the doors to the shaft and escape.

There was no sight of zombies anywhere. They walked out of the building slowly looking around and then ran down the street with no idea where they were going.

Dave was running a little behind him and unknown to him was being watched by Farnis from the shadows. Out of nowhere Farnis grabbed Dave and pulled him into a building. Before Dave could shout for help Farnis shot him through the head.

“I hope your still Immortal Dave,” said Farnis putting his gun back in its holster, “Otherwise this might not work.”

Chapter Six - Zombies

Dave awakened to see Farnis standing over him with a grin on his face. Dave immediately went for him but he was being held. Around his neck and arms was a chain attached to the nearest building.

“Farnis!” said Dave, “What’s going on?”

“I didn’t think you was going to wake up for a second there,” said Farnis going nose to nose with him, “As you can plainly see you are chained up, I have a theory that if you become a zombie and bite someone else they too will become immortal.”

“NO, don’t do it!” shouted Dave trying to free himself.

Farnis then ran up a nearby alley and gave a tremendous shout. A small group of zombies suddenly rounded the corner, no more than five of them and immediately ran up to Dave to begin to eat him alive.

Farnis soon stepped in once he was satisfied with the result and sliced the zombie’s heads with his rapier, off killing them instantly. Dave fell to the floor clutching his stomach. His eyes began to change pure white just like all the other zombies, he stood back up and lunged for Farnis, but Farnis was just inches out of his range.

“Feeling a little dead there Dave?” asked Farnis reaching over and taking a bite out of Dave’s arm. Farnis then proceeded to wipe his mouth, “That wasn’t very tasty.”

Farnis then too fell to the floor and began to change. He stood back up with his eye pure white and a grin upon his face. Dave looked up at him angrily.

“I’d better see if it worked,” said Farnis pulling a gun out and shooting himself in the head. A few seconds later he got back up, but there was a remaining bullet hole through his head, Farnis felt it and shrugged, “Well at least it worked.”


Meanwhile Tom, Ayden and Pal were all standing at the top of a building smashing the hallway to bits in anger that Keith and the others had gotten away.

“We should hunt down some survivors,” said Tom walking into the elevator

“Now there’s a good plan,” replied Ayden cocking his shotgun and entering the elevator with Pal at his heels, “We should see if we can find other Zombies as well, form a kind of group.”

“Agreed,” replied Tom as the elevator began to decline. The upper lip of Toms mouth was beginning to peel off, Tom grabbed it a pulled it off showing off the top layer of his teeth, “I’m still hungry.”

“Where’s Dave?” asked Keith as he looked behind him.

“Shit man,” replied Scott looking back, “I didn’t even realize he was gone.”

“So looking back on people we know, how many of them are dead?” asked Keith sitting on a nearby wall

“Well there’s Ben, Phoenix, Tom, Ayden, Your Dog,” replied Scott, “And now Dave probably.”

“There’s Jane as well,” replied Keith who then looked around. Standing up he listened desperately and a panicked look arisen on his face.

“What’s wrong?” asked Scott standing up

“Listen,” replied Keith, “20 minutes ago there was screaming, people dying and now its complete silence.”

“So?” asked Scott

“I hate to say it but I think we’re the only meat left in the city,” replied Keith, “This infection spread too quickly.”

“I agree,” replied Scott, “Everyone is dead, they’ll be onto us soon.”

“Drat, this is bad,” said Keith turning around, “I need to get to my ship.”

“We can get out of the city that way and survive,” said Scott

“You don’t understand,” replied Keith, “If it spread this quickly soon Theadrix will be consumed by it within days, maybe even hours. I need to destroy the Immortal and all of the ships they can use to get to other planets.”

“What about the space ports,” asked Scott, “there are still ships even without the Immortal.”

“Nope, you have to get out of the city and tell the Crylonian Guard, they’ll issue a lock down which will stop anything getting into space ports,” replied Keith, “it’s a Theadrian safe guard.”

“Shouldn’t I come with you?” asked Scott, “There must be thousands in the city dude, they’ll tear you to pieces.”

“I still have to try,” replied Keith

“Good luck,” said Scott giving him a slight nod. Keith gave him one back before they departed

“I’m gonna need it,” Keith whispered under his breath
Chapter Seven - The Hunt

As Tom, Ayden and Pal walked out of the building they were greeted by Ben Cozak limping on one foot. Tom inquired as to what and happened and they heard all about Farnis.

“Well hello everyone,” said Farnis as he walked up the road followed closely by Dave. Everyone drew a weapon, Farnis waved a finger at them, “Not a very nice greeting.”

“Leave now before we tear you to pieces,” said Tom aggressively

“Listen we are all the same here, we’ve all become monsters,” said Farnis, “Minus the fact I was already one of course. I think we should all work together.”

“And why should we work together?” asked Tom

“Because thanks to Dave we can all become Immortal and thus unstoppable,” replied Farnis, “Imagine being able to eat all you want without anything getting in your way!”

“Dave is this true?” asked Ben

“It is,” replied Dave, “Just inject yourself with some of my blood.”

“I managed to convince Dave to join forces with me,” said Farnis, “Now what about the rest of you?”

“Okay Farnis, we’re listening,” said Tom. Farnis gave a creepy grin

“We need to head to the ships on the Immortal,” he replied in a serious tone, “There’s no food left on this planet, but if we can get to the ships the whole universe is ours.”

“What about Keith Starr and Scott?” asked Ayden

“Scott is either dead or about to die,” replied Farnis, “But as for Keith, I trust he is heading to destroy those ships so we cannot spread this infection.”

“No I’m too hungry,” said Tom clutching his stomach, “We have to stop him.”

“First we take some of Dave’s blood, then we go on the hunt,” replied Farnis and everyone then took it in turns to eat a small bit of Dave’s flesh peeling it off and shoving it down their mouths. All of them turned away in disgust as If they had eaten something completely rotten.

“That was disgusting!” added Ayden scraping his tongue with his hand

“I assume you have a plan now then Farnis?” enquired Ben, Farnis gave a big creepy grin.

“Indeed I do,” he replied

Keith was currently running through the streets trying to get back to the Immortal as fast as possible before the Space Chronicle Zombies figured out what he was going to do. Suddenly he saw a figure emerge on the rooftops of the buildings, Keith stopped in his tracks and reached for his rapier.

The figure jumped down 20 flights and landed without a scratch on the pavement. It was a woman with short blonde hair that curled at the end with fairly pale skin and wearing a long grey shirt with a black belt tied around it, in her hands were two small daggers.

“Magressa?” asked Keith approaching her, she seemed frightened and backed away.

“Are you one of those creatures?” she asked nervously

“No, I’m still alive,” replied Keith, “What about you?”

“I walk past them, they do not even notice me,” replied Magressa, “I am the perfect lookout.”

Lookout? For who?” asked Keith, suddenly another woman appeared out of the shadows in a nearby alley.

“Hi Keith,” it was Phoenix somehow she had survived.

“Scott said you were dead,” said Keith, his face then turned to horror when he noticed the bite mark across her arms and legs. Keith backed away.

“Don’t worry I won’t turn,” said Phoenix, “I’d better explain what’s going on, as far as I know anyway. Follow me inside.”

They all sat down in a small room 3 stories high with a huge view over the city. This was obviously where they had been holding out.

“So what gives?” asked Keith.

“Well to start with I was injected with a cure, all the original members of Radical Rayne were….before they….” replied Phoenix turning her head, “It was an abandoned facility on Degrar, and we burnt it down with a controlled supernova. It should have destroyed the entire virus altogether.”

“So is there a cure?” asked Keith hopefully, Phoenix shook her head.

“We were told to destroy all the evidence,” she replied, “If it ever got out it could destroy an entire planet within a week, a galaxy within a month and the whole universe in the space of a year.”

“We have to get to the Immortal,” said Keith, “We can’t let this thing get out!”

“I agree with you of course,” replied Phoenix getting up. They all left the building only to be greeted by the Space Chronicle Zombies at the other end of the street.

“How did you survive?” shouted Ben towards Phoenix.

“I fought my way through, most of them seemed to be going for you. I’m sorry Ben, I tried to save you,” Phoenix shouted back.

“Wait a minute!” said Keith in a panicked tone, he was looking over at Farnis standing with the Zombies, “What are you doing here!”

“Hello again Keith, we really should stop meeting like this,” replied Farnis.

“How?” asked Keith

“I volunteered for this makeover,” Replied Farnis, “And I can’t wait to get a taste of you.”

“Enough of this!” interrupted Tom pushing his way through, “I’m still starving.”

“You to the Immortal and shut it down,” Magressa then said pulling her daggers off her belt, “I will stop them.”

“We’ll go after them Tom, you can handle Magressa,” replied Ben, then all of the Space Chronicle Zombies left leaving Tom and Magressa staring each other down.

“You think you can take me?” enquired Tom, “I’ve stopped wars, fought against Gods and saved millions.”

“I would prefer not to,” replied Magressa.
“I would,” replied Tom
Chapter Eight - We must hurry

Scott sprinted cautiously into a huge blue building just outside of the city. By looking at this building you could tell it was very old with huge statues of people surrounding the outside on the walls. This building belonged to the Crylonian Order.

Is there anyone here? Exclaimed Scott

The building seemed deserted with not a Crylonian in sight, it appeared to be as if they had evacuated in a hurry.

“You are a survivor?” a man appeared from the shadows, he had short black hair, wore heavy silver armor andhad a huge sword on his back, he was a Crylonian.

“You’re damn right I survived,” replied Scott walking towards him, “Where are all the Crylonians?”

“First of all we shall introduce ourselves,” replied the man, “I am Darzak, leader of the Crylonian Order.”

“I’m Scott, now grab an army and let’s make this more hardcore,” replied Scott

“The Crylonian Order are busy evacuating the rest of Theadrix,” replied Darzak, he turned his head to reveal a horrific scar working its way down his left cheek, “There is little more than twenty of us here now, with Three ships.”

“Shit dude!” Scott replied. Scott then walked over to a wall and leant his back against it, giving himself some room to think.

“I apologize, we will still do our best to aid you as it is our duty,” replied Darzak. Scott’s eyes widened and he turned to Darzak.

“You have an armory?” he asked

“Yes we have, it’s through those doors,” replied Darzak pointing over to a couple of doors just down the hallway.

“AWESOME!”” Scott exclaimed calmly as he walked off towards the doors, “Get those troops together. I’m going to get some seriously heavy weapons.”


Meanwhile Tom and Magressa were caught in the middle of a very heated battle. Tom was fiercely attacking her with his sword whilst Magressa held him off with her daggers.

Magressa kicked Tom in the chest which sent him flying into a nearby car, hitting it with force. Tom seemingly growled before he took the car door off and threw it at Magressa.

Magressa dodged the car door with ease but was too slow to avoid Tom. Who managed to plunge his sword into her chest.

“That won’t kill me!” she said

“This will!” replied Tom swiftly taking out his sword and with one also swift motion chopping her head clean off. Magressa’s body slowly collapsed to the floor as her head rolled away.

“Good riddance,” replied Tom casually putting his sword back into its sheath on his back.

Tom the immediately ran in the general direction of the Immortal. Where the meat was!


Keith and phoenix were trying to hold off the Space Chronicle Zombies. Ayden dived out of the crowd and headed towards Phoenix clutching his shotgun.

“Now you DIE!” he shouted. Phoenix was too quick for him though and shot him in the head with her pistol.

“You were a good pilot,” she said remorsefully

“I still am,” replied Ayden getting back, “Did I forget to mention that I am immortal now?”

“I hope this works,” said Keith pulling out his stun gun and shooting Ayden in the back. Ayden fell to the floor.

“What was that?” asked Phoenix as she and him began to run off.

“He’s paralyzed,” replied Keith, “At least I know the Stun gun still works.”

“We’re almost there” said phoenix joyfully pointing down the road to the Immortal.

“But so are they!” replied Keith looking back at the Space Chronicle Zombies.

Chapter 9 - The Rescue

Three ships flew in formation gloriously across the city. They were fairly large, black and blue in color with huge wings attached. They were heading towards the wreckage of the Immortal.

“Do you have a plan?” enquired Darzak. Scott stepped forward covered in Crylonian armor with guns from head to toe and of course still wearing his red headband and Bandana around his neck.

“We go in there and kick their ass!” replied Scott, “I have enough explosives on this ship to make this a God damn hardcore event!!!”

The ships were closing in on the Immortal, Scott looked out of the window to see Keith and Phoenix running for their lives, he was shocked to see her alive.

“Listen, I am not going to survive this attack,” said Darzak, “I will intentionally fight off what I can and give you a chance. When I die the leadership of the Crylonian Order will fall to you.”

“What?” enquired Scott, “If you die I become leader? But Why?”

“I can gather that you will try and do the right thing,” replied Darzak, “You may be able to save lives and the Crylonian Order has always stood for good in the universe. There may not be many men but they will not argue your leadership.”

“I don’t know what to say?” replied Scott, “Apart from lets save Keith Starr!”

The ship flew low and landed just off the wreckage. Crylonian soldiers all wearing armor and helmets with firm grips on their swords came piling out of the ships. Darzak and Scott were in front leading them towards the Immortal. Everything seemed to be coming together.


Keith and Phoenix meanwhile had reached the Immortal and went inside. It was in rough shape but still walk-able with the lights keeping to dim. Keith and phoenix ran towards the other end of the ship.

“They won’t be held back long,” exclaimed Keith, “We need to short out the power and destroy the ships.”

“How are we going to destroy them?” asked Phoenix, “We’ll need explosives!”

Suddenly a sword flew through the wall and cut out a hole, Keith and Phoenix expected this to be Tom but stood there was Darzak and Scott.

“I have explosives dude,” said Scott and they all began to run down the corridor towards the hanger.

“Nice armor,” complimented Keith
“Thanks, its new,” replied Scott, “And it’s awesome!”

“Where’s the rest of the Order?” asked Keith towards Darzak.

“Most of them have perished under this threat,” replied Darzak, “We have tried to evacuate the planet.”

“What about the hangars all over the planet?” enquired Keith

“DATA will be putting a shield over the planet, stopping anything from getting out,” replied Darzak, “That will be in a couple of hours.”

“Hours?” exclaimed Keith, “They could leave within minutes!”

“That’s why we must stop them,” replied Darzak. Suddenly the Space Chronicle zombies came charging through the hole that had been made. Darzak stayed behind the others, “You get to the hangar and destroy those ships!”

Darzak!” exclaimed Tom charging into him, “The leader of the Crylonian Order.”

Keith and Scott stopped to look back at Darzak being viciously attacked by the Space Chronicle Zombies. They ripped him to pieces eating every part they could manage to get their hands on.

“That’s gonna hurt in the morning,” said Scott

“Shall we run?” enquired Keith, they both then turned back around and caught up with Phoenix. The hangar was now in view, they crossed over a bridge with windows in the sides staring down at it.

“We’re almost there!” said Phoenix, “Have you got the explosives ready yet Scott?”

“Yeah the explosives are ready, just tell me where to put them,” replied Scott.

“The ships probably,” added Keith as they ran down some steps and entered the Hangar. It was huge with at least fifty or so ships standing inside.

“Don’t be cocky,” replied Scott stopping dead in his tracks and looking with a panicked tone at the ships, “Uh-oh, not so awesome.”

Uh-oh!?” asked Phoenix

“I don’t think we have enough explosives dude,” replied Scott

“How many do you actually have?” asked Keith. Scott seemingly counted his fingers

“Three,” he replied, “Yeah we’re pretty fucked now, this is not going to be as hardcore as I had originally thought.”

“So what now?” asked Keith

“Well isn’t there a way that I can hook up the sticks in such a way it would create an awesome explosion that destroys all of them?” enquired Scott, “It would be like a domino action, it would cause the fuel tanks or something to explode.”

“How long were you on the bomb squad again?” asked Phoenix

“Two weeks,” replied Scott, “I blew up my councilor by accident.”

“Quickly lock that door,” said Keith to Phoenix who immediately ran over to the door, “That glass is made from Haluntin, is should be strong enough to hold them back for a while. We need to figure out what we’re going to do!”

Chapter Ten - Tek Nora

RING! RING! RING! All of a sudden Keith’s phone began to rang. Keith took it out and looked suspiciously as the cell reception. It was Tek Nora, Tek was a Ragnor (Lizard Man) this explained why Tek could phone Keith as Ragnorian technology was so advanced they could ring phones no matter of the reception.

“Keith!” Tek Nora bellowed down the phone as Keith answered it

“Is my pizza delivery here?” enquired Scott
“Its Tek Nora,” replied Keith

“Listen I have been sent in defense to ensure that the Immortal is destroyed and all of the ships aboard completely destroyed, to ensure the safety of the entire planet we are blowing up the city,” said Tek Nora, “You have to leave now!”

“What about the survivors?” asked Keith

“If we don’t act, there will be none,” replied Tek.

“Okay we’re leaving,” said Keith

“What’s going on?” asked Phoenix, Keith turned to her with a concerned look

“The Ragnors are blowing up the city,” replied Keith, “We need to get out of here.”

“Right we‘re taking the most awesome ship,” replied Scott heading over to a large ship and entering it. Suddenly the doors began to bang as the Space Chronicle Zombies were trying to get in. They had finished their snack

“Lets leave,” replied Keith entering the ship. The ship flew off out of the Immortal and towards the sky. Before it left Scott opened the door ajar and leaned out.

“HARDCORE!” he screamed as the city went up in a huge bright light, buildings were decimated and once the light had faded the entire city was just a huge crater.

The ship was soon picked up by a much, much larger ship called the ‘Chronus’the Captain of this ship was a man named ‘Rex Valore’ and had always thought of himself as a sworn rival of Keith Starr. He had long blonde hair and always wore a white jacket that went past the knees with a rapier in a sheath by his side.

"What happened?" he asked as Keith approached him. Suddenly they saw another ship leave the atompshere of Theadrix and disappear, it was one of the Crylonian ships Scott had left behind

"Its Farnis!" Keith exclaimed immediatley, "I know where he is heading as well!"


After the zombie horde had finished with Darzak they had began to cahse down Keith, Scott and Phoenix. Farnis suddenly stopped standing perfectly still, wiping blood and flesh from his mouth and began to contemplate their situation.

"Wait a moment!" he shouted to the Space Chronicle Zombie, "We have to leave the Immortal now!"

"Why?" asked Tom

"Because if I think what's going to happen is going to happen than Immortal or not we all die," replied Farnis beginning to head back, "Follow me if you want to live!"

"This is crazy," replied Ben, "Unfortunatley though I agree with you, we still have not seen a retaliation against us."

"But in case I am wrong," replied Farnis opening the doors and allowing hordes of zombie soldiers inside, "They still either die or get turned."

"What about a ship," asked Ayden, "I can fly us out of here, but we need a ship."

"I saw three Crylonian ships fly overhead," replied Farnis, "I think they landed around this area."

"So what's the plan?" asked Dave

"That's simple, we need a food resource on a planet where they do not have ships to run away or technology to save them from us," replied Farnis with a huge creepy grin appearing on his face, "We're heading to Earth boys!"

- END -

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