Fear To Me

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This is what fear is to me.

Submitted: December 22, 2012

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Submitted: December 22, 2012




Fear. You have felt it since you were young, losing your mom in the grocery store feeling like you’re alone in this big world. Eventually the fear is dispersed and you forget the feeling you felt before. But do you ever actually forget? Remembering the times you have been afraid is easy, but remembering what it felt like is harder. When you are little fear is something you don’t handle often, the fear of the doctor with the big needle, or the fear of the older kids coming over to you. As you get older you feel fear more often almost regularly. When a friend is mad at you, a title wave of fear washes over you as you run all the possibilities of what could happen through your mind. Will they not want to be friends with me anymore? Will they talk behind my back? These are valuable questions to the average teen. On a daily basis you will feel fear, worrying about what people think of you, who is talking about you, does that boy or girl like me? Through your teen years fear is almost always your go to emotion when things in your life don’t go as planned. But is fear always bad? No. It can be a motivation, to be better, to be more out-going. Learning to use fear for a good reason is one of the hardest things to obtain in your life. When you get a bad grade on a test, fear is creeping into your body, don’t let it control you. Use that fear to do better on the next test or anything in life. Fear is an emotion that tries to control you, but you can control it. So can you remember what fear felt like now? 

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