only one best friend

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this is for my best friend in the whole world he never judges me he lets me chose who i am and want to be :)

Submitted: May 22, 2011

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Submitted: May 22, 2011



Gary rhymes with sari, almost as if it were strawberries, so sweet and nice, your my prize, the happiness in my life, you make me smile, when i am sad, you make my day great, when it was bad, you make me exited, if i were mad, your just so happy instead, i so chose you, to do what you do, never change you, dont listen to what others say, they'll just ruin your day, cause thats what you used to say, to me your best friend and always, if you ever need me, im just a call away, just dial me and it'll be okay, cause im already on my way, just seconds to wait, im here its okay your safe, trust me with your life, ill protect you with mine, you brought me from my own darkest pits of hell, to this beautiful living cell, i admire you to my death, you have inspired me to walk in steps, calmly and slowly leaving my pain, you helped me everyday, thats why ill never yell at you in pain, you have taken it all away, thank you for listening to me in my suffering, even though i felt like cursing, you seemed to calm me down, your words are the beautiful sound, i trust you with my life, never will i say goodbye, im sorry to weird you out, but i had to get it out, you mean a lot to me, you have inspired me, to be the happiest i can be :)

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