My forest friends

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Submitted: November 26, 2014

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Submitted: November 26, 2014



My Forest Friends


When the bell rings at 3 o’clock at the end of every school day, I am eager to start walking home. Why you may ask? Not just because school is out but because I get to visit my friends - not my school friends but my forest friends.  Ok I’ll back up a bit and explain everything to you from the beginning.

My name is Sarah Jones and I am in 6th grade at James High school. I moved here from Nelson as my Dad got transferred here (he is a police officer). So anyway, I couldn’t make any friends so every afternoon I would walk home through this forest.  It was like a magical forest as the trees would rise up towards the sky and there would be birds chirping away and occasionally if you were really quiet you could see one or two bunny rabbits hopping away. The forest was my escape from reality and I thought I was alone until one day I heard a rustling behind me as I was walking through the forest. I spun around on my heels and came face to face with a bunny rabbit.  Now I know what you are thinking - a tiny little bunny that you could pick up and cuddle but this was not one of those. This bunny rabbit was about as tall as me and at first I was very scared so I started backing away very slowly and cautiously.

“Please don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you, I have been watching you for the past week walking through the forest and you seem nice and I am lonely and would like a friend”

I was very hesitant; I mean this was a Bunny not a child - a BUNNY!  Was he or she even real, was I missing my friends back at home so much that I was imagining talking to this Bunny?

“Are you real?” I asked my voice shaking a little bit.

“Of course I am real, my name is Daisy, what is your name?”

I hesitated for a second “My name is Sarah” I said extending my hand as an offer for a hand shake.

We shook hands then the Bunny, I mean Daisy, offered to take me to where she lived.

I agreed to go with her. I was very intrigued to see where she lived and to make some new friends. Whether they were human or not, I needed friends and she needed friends. I didn’t see the harm even if it was a talking rabbit.

So we wandered for a few minutes until we came to what looked like a cave where bears would live.  Luckily we don’t have bears here so we were safe.

“Come in, this is home sweet home for me and you can visit any time you like. I don’t have many visitors, although I am not the only one in the woods.  There is also Jasper - he is a cat and there is also Dave - he is a dog.  They live elsewhere in the forest but we visit regularly, however you are the first human we can talk to and trust” Daisy said sounding excited.

“Do they talk human talk as well?” I asked cautiously.

Daisy nodded happily as we wandered further into the cave. I was amazed it looked like a real home, there were chairs, a bed and TV.  It looked like anyone else’s home, it was very nice, warm and comforting.

I settled into one of the seats. Daisy offered me a drink of milk so we just sat and chatted and I told her about my life, school, my family, what I wanted to be when I grew up and she told me about her life and how she came to be in the forest.

“Would you like to meet Dave and Jasper, that way you can have more than just one friend”?  Daisy said.  I eagerly agreed as I was excited to meet her other friends so we could all become friends and I would have a place to hang out on the weekends and after school.

“Before you meet them you cannot tell any other human about us, ok? It has to be our secret as we don’t want to end up being taken away from here if people find out we talk and walk like humans do” Daisy said anxiously.

I agreed to keep their secret as I didn’t want my new friends to be taken from me.I was just getting to know them and I needed friends as I hadn’t made any friends at school and it didn’t look like I would make any for a long time.

Daisy and I walked for a few minutes before we reached a clearing in the forest then we stopped and Daisy called out for Dave and Jasper and told them she had found a nice human friend and they should come and meet her.

Slowly out of the clearing came a dog and a cat, the cat was beautiful - all black, slick and big yellow eyes; the dog stood tall and was a beautiful golden colour. When the dog and cat talked they both had deep voices.

Jasper eyed me off, came up and sniffed my hands then rolled around on the ground on his back which Daisy told me was a sign of affection.

“Welcome to our home” Dave said in a deep voice.

“We hope we can all be friends, as we don’t have many friends here, would you like to be friends with us? Jasper asked excitedly.

I nodded my head and agreed excitedly. I also agreed not to tell anyone about our little secret as it was going to be between the four of us.

We spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out and chilling, talking about our life and our family.  Dave, Jasper and Daisy all explained that they had escaped from a mad scientist that had turned them from household pets into animals that walk and talk like Humans and the scientist was going to use them to take over the world. So they hatched a plan to escape and they ended up in the woods as it was isolated about 10 minutes from any housing estate and for the past 3 years they had been living here without seeing any Humans until I moved there and started walking through the forest to go to and from school.

As we were talking I heard a beeping sound and it was loud and getting louder.  All of a sudden my new friends started to fade and they kept fading and getting further away.

“No, come back” I called to them but they were slowing fading into the background and I could still hear the beeping.  I looked around and couldn’t see anything.

Then I woke up and I realised it was all a dream.

Just a dream

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