A Ponder On Religion

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I hope to become a news journalist and base my work on political issues such as human rights and animal cruelty. This is by no means a news article but is more of a way to share my opinions on the issues of religion. May views may not be right, but they are my personal opinion and everyone deserves one of those :)

Submitted: March 09, 2011

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Submitted: March 09, 2011



Religion is like school. You all have your little groups and everyone dissaproves of everyone else.

Religion is a set of beliefs to which a certain culture base their lives on. This is how i feel towards the subject anyway and i see no point in it. Religion is just another way to sepreate the world and its occupants from each other.

I fully understand and respect the beliefs of every person i meet and everyone i will never meet. The way we are brought up defines the way we live our lives and that can not be changed, but to have a belief system does not then mean you can not respect the beliefs of others. It also does not mean that other religions are wrong.

I myself hold no religion. Altough cristened at a young age my beleifs are based solely on how i feel and what i personally see as 'right'. My actions are not controlled by a concrete set of rules such as prayer times and womens rights. I Believe in karma and reincarnation but i do not beleive in God. I do however believe in perhaps a spiritual energy that balances life.

I am not greatly travelled and do not pretend to understand everyone and their decisions but in the experience and memories i have i see religion only as a way to keep people from each other.
 I have friends that cannot meet their boyfriends family because although they are nice people, the way they dress and act would offend and disrespect the families. I have seen women beaten under the hands of the husband because in some religions they are seen to hold less authority.
I have had a friend commit suicide at a young age, suspectedly due to the pressure her family put on her to be true to her religion as a Jehovah's Witness.

None of these examples are personally acceptable and none hold space for compromise. This is the point to my ponder. How can the world change and be a universally sound and harmonised unit when so many aspects rip it apart? To compromise and take on each others religion would be to go against ones own and in here lies the problem.

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