Internal Monologue

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An internal monologue of a man journey on a train! part of a university project

Submitted: October 13, 2012

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Submitted: October 13, 2012



Couldn’t possibly be taking any longer. Half eight. Going to need to start downing some coke pretty soon to keep myself awake! Ah damn is that the queue for the toilet? Who puts their bags in the aisle anyway! Sod it I’ll just have a bit. Have a check of the Facebook. Nothing new. Game of snake then. Well that was boring. Kevin’s going to have my head if I’m late. I can’t be late. If I miss this meeting!

 Where the hell am I? Surely we have almost got to be there. Oh god no please don’t sit next to me. Even from here I can see you don’t wash. Oh god Oh god. Oh thank GOD! Jeez did she eat her luggage?! Oh god.

Little bit of a tight squeeze here! At least if I do fancy a snooze there’s enough padding! I wonder how far it would be to walk if I got off a stop early. Twenty to nine. Be cutting it a bit close. Can’t really be late. Who’s eating tuna? I should have had breakfast. Breakfast after meeting. But what if my stomach starts to rumble? What if they notice?!

Not looking forward to this. They’re going to eat me alive. Oh god where is my bag! Oh it’s okay it’s here. No I don’t want a bit of your Twix. Really need a wee now. 5 minutes left!!

How the hell am I going to get past her? Any normal sized person would get up but you just sit there you fat bitch. Sorry did I tread on your foot? Couldn’t really avoid standing on some of you now could i. Oh bless she remembered I forgot my bag. Now breathe! It will be over by lunch. Let’s just hope they don’t mention the cheque!

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