Clues of Destiny (ON HOLD)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Four noble houses have been known throughout the entirety of the kingdom of Silverton for quite a long time, but the fourth house has recently vanished, and its disappearance is still a mystery. A musician named Vaughan and his sister, Ariana took refuge at the mansion of one of the kingdom's noble families after being left with no other options, getting more than they could ever imagine in return. With a gang, paid assassins, family issues, dangerous magic, and, most importantly, the growing hatred between the houses on their trail, Vaughan and his sister will desperately look for a way to get out of this alive.

Table of Contents


To the Youtuber called boeuf3000. I would never have written this story without them. ... Read Chapter


Below a night sky that was completely pitch black, except for the stars that were twinkling faintly, Vaughan and Ariana were walking hand... Read Chapter

Chapter 1 - Salvaged

None of them replied to the question of the man that wanted to shoot them. Both of them were paralyzed by fear, and thus couldn't move ev... Read Chapter

Chapter 2 - In the house

Vaughan and his sister were staring at the sight in front of them in awe for quite a while. They could not believe that they had arrived ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3 - Unpleasant introductions

One opening. One opening of a door was the start of a new chapter in Vaughan and Ariana's lives. It was quite something that they would r... Read Chapter

Chapter 4 - Basement

Adelaide led Vaughan to the basement in no time. It was a place full of omnipotent silence and darkness, and so it was the perfect spot f... Read Chapter

Chapter 5 - No Platter

*** "The fourth house..." It was an old lady in a luxurious green dress who said these words. Her long hair, coloured in black dye,... Read Chapter

Chapter 6 - Behold

The next day, the fair was in full bloom. Gathered together, a bunch of people were exploring it, as merry as they could be. It was so di... Read Chapter

Chapter 7 - Escape

As the noble families of Silverton ran along with Vaughan and Ariana, they forgot about the rest of the world, excluding the criminals wh... Read Chapter

Chapter 8 - The King's Palace

The guests of the noble families stood in front of the palace in awe. Both of them knew exactly why they were there, yet they were still ... Read Chapter