Masquerade behind the pages

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Two celebrities, two girls.
Each is dancing with a girl, knowing soon she'd know who he is.
(one isn't a Jonas Brother),

Submitted: February 21, 2011

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Submitted: February 21, 2011



She spun, knowing she couldn't see his eyes but she knew they were beautiful.

As the music played, Whatever It Takes started playing. She loved that song, and felt a smile creep on her face. She knew this was her perfect moment. Maybe this guy would be someone she never expected. She just expected a regular guy- its not like anyone famous was at the local masquerade.

He looked at her, his eyes studying her movements with him as the slow dance stopped, knowing he'd have to reveal who he was sooner or later.

Another girl looked at her partner, noticing he had silky black hair with some sort of color in it, but she just thought it was just some thing with the lights. He looked at her, knowing he'd have to reveal to her who he truly was.

The announcer spoke, taking the mic in hand. "So,  now that this dance is almost complete, we'd like you guys to do the last and final slow dance of the evening after unmasking."

Everyone took off their mask around them,  some revealed to be just normal everyday people.

But the two males mentioned in the story looked to their respective girl.

She took off her mask, revealing a set of azure blue eyes, and long black hair. "Alexandria."

The other girl took off her mask, revealing a set of green eyes, and long blonde hair, "Emille."

He took off his mask and revealed his face. He pushed down his hair, revealing longer, more not straight-edged cut bangs, with no color in them. "Nick"

The older male took off his blue mask, revealing a set of baby blue eyes , knowing whatever happened could make or break this situation. He pushed down his bangs, smiling lightly. "Josh".

They just continued dancing, the girls not caring who the guys were

The song was ironic though, considering it was Beside You. Josh smiled at Alexandria, knowing that he'd fallen so hard for her, yet he knew nothing about her.

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