The Mystery Guest

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My version of the albino picture (collaboration with Unmasked Delusions and Robert Kasch)

Submitted: April 14, 2016

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Submitted: April 14, 2016



A poem based on this picture, a collaboration with Unmasked Delusions and Robert Kasch, we all wrote our own interpretation. 

My poem: The Mystery Guest

Could I be an earthly human, just from another time or place?

Or am I an alien, that came from somewhere out in space?

Maybe I’m from an under- world, just not walking on the land?

Taking part in only what I want, but choosing when I can?

Am I feared or rejected by all who look upon my face?

Or do they pity me disgusted by my abnormal ties to fate?

Are my looks confusing, do I look sick, strong, or weak?

I might read your thoughts that I’m some kind of circus freak.

You can judge me by my looks, or try to judge my soul.

But you can’t keep me out of heaven, only one has that control.

I had no part in my creation, I wasn’t asked about the plan.

Do you have a premonition of knowing who or what I am?

There have been so many souls, that you have led astray.

Down the Damnable Path of evil, turning God and Son away.

Beware my name is Death, whether from heaven or from Hell.

Before the Lord permits me, turn around & listen well.

Their blood shed is now on your hands requiring you to pay  

So It doesn’t matter who I am. I’ve come take your life today!

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