A four lettered word that means so much

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Hope. A four lettered word that means so much to anyone that reads it. This essay aims to elaborate on this word using stories that may be familiar to you. Enjoy and please comment and tell me what you think. I will really appreciate it:)

Submitted: March 31, 2013

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Submitted: March 31, 2013




What is the real meaning of hope? What is so special about this four letter word? We always encounter and use this word but are not really sure what it means. It is always associated with such phrases like the light beyond the tunnel or the shoulder that you can lean on but these phrases just makes it cryptic. Maybe stories can make it clearer.

A baby boy with a curious scar was left on the porch of a modest looking house. He is alone and with him is a letter and the chance that he will be loved but then he was awakened by a scream. That same boy now eleven years old has received a letter for the very first time and it changes everything. He was given a new life and friends that actually loves him taking him away from that old miserable life he once knew. After seven years that same boy is now walking in the woods all alone, spinning a ring around his finger facing certain death to save those he love.

A battalion of soldiers headed by a king without a crown, an old white wizard, an elf, a dwarf and a halfling faces a black gate. They have one purpose in mind, to draw every foul thing away from their two friends beyond the black gates. A parley was in progress as they talk with the horrendous spokesperson of the enemy. Their hearts stopped as they were presented a mithril chainmail. Everything is lost. The black gates open as thousands upon thousands of enemy forces races toward them. On the other side of the black gates, their friends trudge on toward an uncertain end where everything hangs in the balance.

A group of friends living in a bohemian village in New York City are having problems paying their rent. Most of them have HIV so each step they took bring them closer to their death sentence. A death sentence that hangs like a thunder cloud above their heads waiting, just waiting anytime to strike. As they suck the marrow out of life, the thunder cloud blackens.

The expectation for a better life and friendship despite unfortunate circumstance is hope. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and of course Rent are just some of the stories that give different examples of this word. It is an expectation a desire maybe for a family, love, to find the true meaning of life or maybe to prove that good always win but it all boils down to that one word; hope. It is that optimism, that push that propels you forward after falling down and that something that gives promise for the future. It gives people a chance to live, enjoy and appreciate their lives despite struggles that are constant in reality. That what makes it special. That is hope.

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