Alternative ending for Pygmalion and Galatea

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Pygmalion was a gifted sculptor of Cyprus who hates women. However, he worked and perfected a statue of the most beautiful and perfect woman. After his work was finished, he fell in love with it. He knelt at the temple of Venus and Venus answered his wish. The statue he loves became alive and he named her Galatea, they had a son and they lived happily ever after.

This is another ending for that story.

Submitted: April 09, 2013

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Submitted: April 09, 2013




After Pygmalion went to the temple of Venus, he went home and kissed his beloved statue Galatea. As his lips touched her cheeks, warmth enveloped them as color coated her face spreading to the rest of her body. He cannot contain himself and kissed her on the lips and embraced her. Tears came pouring from his eyes for he can feel his beloved breathing and slowly moving beneath his embrace. Then, a hand slapped his face.

Galatea was confused. She could see that she was in an artist studio and is standing on a marble pedestal meant for statues. Her legs felt numb and she couldn’t move them as if they were stuck to the pedestal. Then she felt warm lips touch her, she was so shocked that she didn’t react. The second time it happened she saw the culprit, and it was an artist type who is just persistently kissing her and embracing her. She was so scandalized by the actions of this stranger that she slapped him on the face and fled.


Pygmalion chased after Galatea throughout the whole city of Cyprus.

“Leave me alone!”

“I can’t believe this!  You my love, you are with me now”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. Please just leave me alone”

“Your face, just what I imagined it. Your eyes like emeralds and skin soft as silk. It is you. My beloved, my perfect beauty”

“Who are you?”

“My perfect muse, you are just what I imagined you would be”

“You are insane, I don’t even know who you are! Please go away!”

“I am your love as you are the same to me. Now, enough with this nonsense and lets go home.”

“Home? With you? Please I really don’t know you. I haven’t ever laid eyes on you before. Just go away please leave me alone.”

"It happened so fast but nothing is important now. You can finally be mine.”

He reached for her hand but she abruptly pulled it away.

“You are the one who is confused. My name is Galatea. I am not your love. You need to get lost!”

Getting impatient Pygmalion lost his temper.

"You owe me your life! You owe me your beauty. Without me you are nothing but a lump of stone. You are brought to life to please me!"

He grabbed her by the waist and proceeded to lift her home.

She slapped his face.

“I don’t know who you are! I am not your lover, I am certainly not from stone and I don't owe you anything! What do you take me for? Get lost!"

With, that she left leaving Pygmalion alone.

He didn’t attempt to call her back, to explain what happened. He just stared at her retreating back. With one last look, he ran. He ran back to his studio. He locked himself in hiding from accusing looks and insults branding him as a hypocrite. A woman-hater who loved a woman.

“I created her with my own hands, even begged for her to have life but she is gone now, gone with her is my heart”

Heartbroken and in despair, he destroyed all his sculpting tools. He even torched his studio. He vowed that he will never create such a monster again.


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