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Just random thoughts after philosophy class.

This is my first post.
I will greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions on how I can improve:)

Submitted: February 11, 2013

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Submitted: February 11, 2013




What is existence?

Is there such thing as omnipotence?

Is this world real?

Or is it a dream ongoing for centuries?

Is it like the matrix?

A make believe world

Made up of neural signals

Suggesting that people are delusional

Being chased by black clad men

Using humans as batteries to power lies

Controlled by a master manipulator

Hidden somewhere in the skies

Or another theory entirely

Like an alien in front of a computer monitor

Playing sims and acts like a dictator

The All-knowing Gamer of Life

Hidden in his mom's basement plotting strife

Or is it like a big production

Directed by a Mr. Deity type of person

Where there is a script and auditions

Playing for a jam packed theater

The audience mindless drones 

Programmed to eat, drink and clap

As they watch a continuous show

Watching how events unfold

Actors delivering their lines

Each side parrying and delivering staged blows

Trapped inside their minds

Thinking will this ever end

Longing for something to fill that void

Knowing full well that the remote is not in their hands

The question nagging on the back of their minds

"Can't we just manually push the button of our lives?"

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