her unexpected visitor

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
ok ya'll this is a long-short story. it started with a dream and i let my finger take me to where it ended. its kind of personal. its mainly about a woman in a unhappy marriage that met someone online. her online friend and her get close. she tries to get out of her marriage when things go south.

Submitted: March 24, 2015

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Submitted: March 24, 2015



Are you crazy? She thought to herself. Of course you are, she replied back. She had been unhappy with her life for a few years now. She rushed into a marriage, which yielded two beautiful children, but she wasn’t in love with her husband. Maybe at one point she did love him, but those feelings are gone now. Faith knew he had to feel it too. They were constantly arguing over the smallest things. Plus there was no spark between them. Faith needed to be with someone she has a spark with.

She has a spark with him though. They have never met face-to-face but talked all the time on the computer. Faith felt bad about doing it. She felt like she was cheating, but is it cheating if you aren’t in love with the other person? She had strong feelings for this other guy and knew it had to be crazy. She wanted to meet him.

Faith had only seen one picture of his face. They talked back and forth and got to know each other better every day. She thought something could be wrong with him. He was studying to become a US Marshal, smart, funny, and from the picture very handsome. Why would he be interested in me? She thought. I’m not that pretty, I have two kids, and very self-conscious.

Suddenly she looked up from her son and saw a strange truck pulling into her driveway. Who is this? She said. Faith got up and put her shoes on and put the baby in the pack-and-play because the person in the truck was exiting it. He looked a little familiar.

“Are you lost”?

“No I think I have the right address” He responded.

“You must be mistaken, I don’t know you and I’m not expecting company today”.

“Are you Faith?

“Um yes” she replied, wishing she had let the dog out with her or grabbed the handgun.

“Then I have the right address”.

Then it hit her like a train. It was him.

“What are you doing here”?

“I just had to show you that I could find out where you lived” he said with a devilish smile on his face.

“Want to come in? I left my son in the pack-and-play”.

“If you want me to”.


They walked towards the house and went in. she let her son out to play.  Faith had so many things going through her head. She was thrilled and a little freaked out that he just appeared at her house. She was also scared because if her husband came home he would flip out on them and probably hurt them both.

“Why are you here”? She just blurted out.

“Well like I said outside, I wanted to show you I can find out where you live and I just wanted to see you.”

Omg stalker she thought. But sitting there staring at him, she was glad she could finally take him in. he was 6’1”, tan, blondish hair, brown eyes. He had a very muscular body that she just wanted to lick all over. Suddenly she was snapped out of her thoughts by him talking.

“I’m sorry Sean, what did you say”?

“Are you happy that I came”?

“A little to be honest. I wasn’t expecting it and I don’t want my husband to come home. Even though he prob won’t get off work until 5”

“I understand. I just had to finally set my eyes on you”.

“I understand that. I’ve been wanting to see you since we first talked.”

It was true. She wanted to physically see him because you never know who you are talking to on the internet. She heard a horn blow outside. It was her mom pulling in to pick up her son. She arranged for her mom to come today and get him so she could do some school work. She scooped the baby up.

“Excuse me for a few.”

“Ok” he replied.

She took the baby out to her mom and placed his car seat in the car.

“Who’s here Faith”?

“Nobody mom”


“Ok, ok. It’s a friend from down the road mom. He came over to ask about hunting with CT”.


“Fine. You remember that guy I told you about”?

“The one from the dumb game”?


“Faith Anna Smith! What is he doing here?! CT is going to hurt ya’ll if he comes home”.

“I know mom. Look it’s not even 10 a.m. and CT said they had a big job today and will prob be home late”

“I hope so Faith. Want me to stay here and watch Ford for you”?

“No mom. I will be fine. Ruger is here and I trust myself not to put myself in that position”. Which was kinda the truth.

“Ok honey, call me if you need me”.

“I will. You too. Call me if Ford gets too much to handle”.

Faith kissed her sweet baby on the forehead and buckled him in the car seat. She stood there and watched her mom leave with her baby, which meant she was alone with him now. She hadn’t realized that she had stood there a few minutes in her own mind because when she turned around to go back in the house she bumped into him.

She found herself suddenly in Sean’s arms. He smelled so delicious. They looked into each other’s eyes for what seemed to be the longest minute. Out of the blue, well not really, he was kissing her. And boy was it a kiss. Faith could feel her knees getting weak, and evidently Sean could too because he pulled her closer to him. His lips were soft as fur and so moist. His tongue then slowly entered her mouth. Oh my gosh he tastes as good as he smells she thought to herself.  A car rode by and the kiss stopped.

“What was that for”? Faith asked out of breath.

“I wanted to do that since I saw you walk out your door Faith”.

What was it about this man? Faith would never cheat, even if she was in a bad relationship. Sure she thought about it happening, but she wouldn’t act on it. Would she?

“I did too, but Sean I’m married”

“Faith I can’t deny the attraction. I felt it when we talked on the computer and I feel it now. I don’t want to deny it. I’ve waited for a while to find a woman like you and I don’t want to lose it”.

“Let’s go back inside and keep talking. We can talk until my daughter gets home from school”.

“If that’s what you want babe”.

They go back in and sit on opposite ends of the couch. Is this what I want? To just talk to this man? They start talking just asking each other the basics again. Faith thought it was so nice to get to know Sean in person, where she could read his body language (his gorgeous body she thought). She found herself more and more intrigued by him. And she couldn’t tell herself there was no spark there because she could feel it. The spark between them could provide the whole town with electricity. 

“Would you like a drink”?

“Sure. Water”?

She gets up and grabs two bottles of water from the fridge. As she hands him a bottle their fingers touch. Screw it! She drops hers then pulls him up off the couch and kisses him again. She puts her arms around his neck while she stand on her tiptoes. Sean’s grabbing her ass kissing her hard. Faith is just melting with each second of the kiss. She has never had been kissed like this. Matter of a fact the only kisses she gets lately are from her kids.

All of a sudden she is spun around and slowly placed on the couch. Sean climbs on top of her. Both are panting between kissing. She takes off his shirt. He looks down at her. While looking in her eyes he says

“Baby are you sure you want to do this”?

“Yes Sean” she says in a pant.

Sean then proceeds to look in her eyes and slowly take off Faith’s shirt. Faith is breathing hard. Wondering why a man like him would be this attracted to her. She is only 5’1”, nice dark tan, short brown hair, and glasses. She doesn’t see herself as sexy, but this man in front of her is looking at her like she is a goddess.

After taking off her shirt, Sean goes back to kissing her. Deep, passionate, long kisses. He slowly kisses down her neck, taking his time at her breast. He took each nipple in his mouth, swirling his tongue over her nipple. He moves further down kissing her stomach. He stops at the top of her pants, looks up with a look of hunger in his eyes.

I can’t believe I’m doing this! Faith thought to herself. But it feels so right. She pulls him back up to her mouth and they begin kissing again. While kissing, Faith starts to unbutton his shirt. He has such a nice body. Faith takes his shirt off. She then moves so she is positioned on top of Sean. It’s her turn to explore his body with her mouth. She starts by kissing down his neck, gently biting down on it. Works her way down to his chiseled chest and rock hard abs. she gets to his pants and undoes them. Pulling them down his large erection springs free. Omg he doesn’t wear boxers?

She looks at his erection and thinks He is so big! Once his pants are off she goes back to kissing his stomach. When she gets to his erection she slowly takes him in her mouth. She hears Sean breath in. slowly she moves her tongue around the head of his penis and goes back down his shaft, taking it all in until it hits the back of her throat. Faith works her way slowly up and down when all of a sudden he stops her.

“Baby I have waited for this for months. I don’t want to go like this.”

He then puts himself back on top of her.

“Are you still sure about this”? He asks. Faith nods at him. “Well then let’s get you naked too”.

He slowly tugs her pajama bottoms and underwear down. And comes back up and cover her mouth with his. Faith can feel his erection in her stomach and her body wants it so bad. Sean slowly moves his hand down her body.  His hands feels amazing. When his hand reaches her wet pussy, he looks at her surprised.

“Baby you are so wet and tight”.

“Oh Sean, I’ve wanted you for a while now. My body has ached for you”.

“You will have me baby. I want to make you completely mine”.

Sean slowly moves Faith to the floor. He begins kissing her again. He grabs her hands and puts them over her head. They interlace their fingers. Faith moves her hips to meet Sean’s erection. It slowly enters her tight wet pussy. They both gasp. He feels so good inside her to Faith. They start moving slowly together. Sean moving in and out and pushing deep inside her. Faith moaning with each stroke.  This feels so amazing and so right she thinks to herself. They start to speed up breathing faster and not being able to get enough of each other.

“Oh god Faith you feel so good, I’m getting close”. Sean says looking into her eyes.

 Then they both cum. She has never came like this before. She has always had to fake it or do it herself. She could feel him filling her.

They laid there for a while cuddled up.

“I can’t believe I did this” Faith says.

“Why is that? You said you wanted it.”

“It’s because I’m married. I’m not the cheating type. I’ve been cheated on before and I don’t want to do it to anybody. Plus I don’t want you to think badly of me for doing this”.

“Faith I could never think badly of you. And you said you and your husband were unhappy. Why not just take the kids and leave”?

“It’s not that easy”.

“Why isn’t it”?

“Because he’s crazy. I’ve tried to leave before I had kids. He got very violent. I don’t want the kids to go through any of it. It’s bad enough they see him talk down to me. I don’t want them to see him hurt their mama or worse hurt them to get to me”.

“He wouldn’t do that. Just call the cops. They will help you gather everything and leave. Or leave while he is at work”.

“I can’t. He will find me”.

“He couldn’t find you if you left the state”.

“Yes he would. He is crazy like that. He has even told me if I left he would hunt me down and kill me”.

“There has got to be a way for you to leave”.

“I have thought of every possible way. The only thing that would work is if he left me on his own terms or his ex wanted him back”.

“Well talk to his ex”.

“She don’t want him. She has moved on. And he won’t leave on his own. No other girl is going to put up with half the crap vie put up with” she said disappointedly.

“I’m a Marshal, I can use some resources to help hide you” Sean says suggestion.

“No, I wouldn’t want you to get in trouble with work. Nice idea though”

“I have some buddies that owe me a favor. I can have him taken care of”

“Are you serious? That’s crazy. I want to leave him but not get him killed”

“We will think of something baby”. Sean said.

“I hope so”.

They got up from their bliss and got dressed. Faith had a lot going through her head. I have to leave CT. Could this man be the one? What if CT finds out about Sean? She shook her head to clear the million questions running around in her head. But one final thought did stick I will tell CT tonight no matter what.

“Well I will get going, don’t want to chance him coming home early”.

“That’s fine. Hey are you staying in town”?

“Yea, why”?

“Just curious”.

“Ok”. Sean leans down and gives her a quick kiss.

“Hey if you get a call from me and me hang up or a text, get your sexy ass here ok”?


“I just want to know someone will come in case of an emergency”.

“Faith please don’t do anything stupid”

“I’m not planning on anything stupid just like to have a backup plan in place”.

“Ok baby.” He said suspiciously.

Faith watched him get in his truck and leave. It was good timing because her daughter’s bus was passing by to go to the end of the road to turn around and come back and drop her off.

Faith spent the rest of the day in her daily routine. Got Kyleigh off the bus, did some dishes, Ford was dropped back off. She prepared dinner for all of them. CT came home and walked in the door and did his usual. Ignored Faith, barely said hello to the kids and went to the living room to watch TV.

They sat and ate dinner in complete silence. CT making small conversation with Faith and the kids. She gave the kids their bath. And while rocking Ford to sleep she thought of the last time she left CT.

Faith had packed all her things and Kyleigh’s things and left while CT was at work. She really didn’t have anywhere to go so she went to her parents. He knew why she was leaving. It wasn’t the first time she decided she had enough of his crap. Faith hated how CT always talked down to her. He constantly called her a stupid bitch and said how she was worthless. And not to mention how he barely helped with Kyleigh. Well that night CT showed up at her parents crying and begging her to please come home with him. He would change and be more involved with Kyleigh. And would go to a therapist to help with his anger issue. After much debate she did decide to go home with him. When they arrived back home she put Kyleigh in her bed, and no sooner did she do that he had her by the back of her hair. Dragging her to the living room. He punched her in the stomach. Faith managed to get away and run to the bathroom, but he was quick and caught up with her. She remember him yelling “you will never leave me again you dumb bitch!” followed by “I will kill you before you leave me again” with his hand around her neck. Just when she was about to pass out she heard Kyleigh’s screams “no daddy! My mommy!” CT quickly let go of her. “go get the brat bitch”. Ever since then Faith kept everything to herself. She didn’t want Kyleigh seeing that or worse again. She forced herself to have sex with CT and did everything he want and his way.

Let’s hope it doesn’t happen this time. She thought to herself.

She got up and placed Ford in his crib. Walking back to start the dreaded conversation with CT she got her phone out and got the message “help” ready to send to Sean and her mom; all she had to do was press send.

“CT we need to talk” faith said.

“What now?” he asked.

“I know you have felt it but we have drifted apart and I feel we are done in this relationship. Don’t you?”

“Yes I do. But you aren’t going anywhere. We had this discussion once before.”

“I know CT, but we deserve to be happy not unhappy. Plus I’m not asking you for anything. I don’t want child support or alimony. Hell you don’t even have to see the kids unless you want to”

“Yea right. You say that now until you figure out you can’t make it”

“No CT. I mean it. I will never ask anything from you. I just want to pack mine and the kids belongings in the morning without causing a scene in front of them.”

“Fine. You will come crawling back to me. I’m the best thing you ever had”

“Ill sleep on the couch tonight. Goodnight.”

“Whatever” he stormed off to the bedroom.

Omg I can’t believe it went that easy. Faith thought. She checked on the kids once more before settling in on the couch for the night. She put her phone on the table beside the couch and started drifting to sleep. I’m so glad he took it like a grown man, was the last though before she was yanked off the couch. She was a little dazed because she was almost asleep. She could feel him kicking her. He dragged her to the middle of the living room floor and started pounding on her. She did manage to knee him in his groin and get to her phone.

CT tried to get it from her but she ran to the kitchen and manage to press send on the text message. She also had time to get her mom’s number dialed. It was ringing when he got to her and snatched the phone from her.

“No none is going to get able to help you, you dumb fucking bitch” he yelled at her.

He pushed her into the wall. Faith was in so much pain. He grabbed her and dragged her back to what used to be their bedroom. She saw the plastic on the bed.

“What are you going to do?”

“Don’t worry about that, but when I’m done with you you will either be dead or changed your mind about leaving”

“Don’t think about it. I will yell and wake the kids up. You don’t want them to see this do you?”

“What do you think the tape is for?”

Before she could scream he had a piece of duct tape across her mouth. Faith knew she had to try and stay calm because the more she fought the more he would enjoy it. She also knew she had to get away from him before he could do whatever he planned.

He threw her on the bed and grabbed her wrist before she could move. He tied her arms above her head, then preceded to tie each leg to a post at the foot of the bed. She lay there in her t-shirt and pj shorts with both arms above her head and legs spread apart. She felt so exposed and vulnerable. He grabbed the marine K-bar that she kept beside the bed and cut her shorts, panties and t-shirt.

“’I’ve told you before that you will never leave me again. And I will make sure when I’m done you won’t even consider that thought again” as he said this he moved the k-bar across her inner thigh, it had enough pressure that it cut her.

He cut her a few more times. Just on the inside of her thigh where the scars would be covered. Faith tried closing her eyes and think of being somewhere else and to pray someone got that text message. He backslapped her to get her attention back to him.

He stood there a few minutes then started to pull his boxers down.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard you will not be able to sit down. This time you can’t say no. and I will have sex with you the way I’ve wanted to”

God no!!! Please somebody help me faith’s inner voice screamed. He climbed on top of her. He had the look of a crazed maniac in his eyes. He started to kiss her and squeeze her breasts. Faith’s body shivered with disgust. She was crying so hard she couldn’t see through the tears.

He then shoved himself into her. She tried to scream, it hurt so bad. The cuts were burning and it felt like he was trying to push himself into her stomach. He pounded inside her harder and harder each time. She could tell she was bleeding some more, not just from the cuts either.

She heard a noise and hope maybe somebody was coming to save her. Faith didn’t know how much more she could take. Her lower body was killing her. She felt CT shift his weight. She gave him at “what more” look through the tears.

“Now I’m going to do something you have never let me do”

Oh God, No! She tried to squirm free. She did not want him doing what he has planned. At that moment the door burst open and there was Sean. He had a Smith and Wesson .40 aimed right at CT.

“Who the fuck are you?’ CT asked.

“I’m a United States Marshal, now please step away from the lady”, Sean said trying to sound professional but sounded more pissed off.

“I don’t care who you are this is my wife and this is what we like to do in the bedroom” CT said.

“Get off of her NOW!” Sean yelled.

“Or what”

“I will shoot you.”

“Like I said you must have the wrong house. This is my wife and what we are doing is consensual”

“That is where you are wrong. She might be your wife, but she does not want to be doing this with you.”

“And how would you know?”

“Because I received a text from her saying help. Now please step away from her.”

“So you are the swinging dick that she’s been screwing behind my back?”

“That is where you are wrong. I’m just a guy she met and became friends with. She informed me she was scared for her life. I came down here to help her leave you.”

“Well you will have to kill me before she leaves me”

“I don’t want to, but I will. Now please step away from her. If you let her leave tonight with no other problems, when the police arrive I will inform them it was just a misunderstanding. You won’t go to jail and you will be free to find someone else.”

“She is mine and nobody else can have her!” CT yelled and stepped closer to Faith.

“Sir I wouldn’t do that. I will not hesitate to shoot you. Try and be a reasonable man and just let her go. Why do you want her to stay against her will? Wouldn’t you want her to stay because she loves you?”

“Love don’t mean shit. She’s just a whore. But she is my whore. “

“But why her? You’ve told her you can find someone to replace her. You’ve done enough damage to her she won’t forget you, so move on.”

“She is mine. Now leave Mr. Marshal before I use this knife on you. You might have a gun but trust I’m quicker than that bullet.”

Faith was praying CT would just let her go and leave but she knew him well enough that he was going to fight for what he thought was his.

“Sir, please just step away. You have done enough damage to her. I don’t want to shoot, but I will. This I the last warning you will receive from me.”

“Fine take the stupid little bitch. She’s worthless and will come crawling back when she realizes there is no one better than me out there.” CT then proceeded to back away from Faith.

Sean ran up to the bed, place the gun beside Faith and started to untie her when CT rushed behind him and tackled him. Faith struggled to finish getting free. She grabbed Sean’s gun and aimed. It was hard to tell who she was aiming at. Just at the right moment CT looked like he had Sean. Raised the knife when Faith took the shot. Got him right in the shoulder. CT fell off Sean and grabbed his shoulder.

“You fucking bitch you shot me!” CT said in disbelief.

After Sean cuffed CT and place him against the wall, Faith tried to stand. She had lost a lot of blood and was sore but wanted to put some clothes on and get away from this monster she once loved and check on her children.

“Hey Faith just sit there until the paramedics come. Them and the cops aren’t that far away.” Sean said.

“No I want to get dressed and check on my kids.”

“They are fine. I moved them to my truck. As bad as I wanted to get to you, I got them out of the way first.”

“Thanks. I still want to get away from him”

“Let me move him, you stay and rest and try to add pressure to those cuts.”

“No I want to get out of here. Just please help me up and put some pants on”.

“Ok” Sean said reluctantly.

She got up and leaned on Sean. She pointed to a drawer where she kept her underwear and pjs. He helped put fresh underwear and shorts on. As they were walking out she looked down at CT on the floor.

“Bet you wish I didn’t show interest in learning to shoot now. Goodbye CT.” Faith said.

As they walked down the hallway Ct shouted:

“I will find you bitch and finish what I started!”

Faith felt Sean try to pull away and turn back but she held on to him tighter. They kept walking until they met the cops at the door.

“He’s cuffed guys. Throw the book at him. I don’t ever want to hear he’s getting out” Sean said as he pushed him and Faith out the door.

Few months later……

“Just heard from the DA and CT is in for life, no parole.”

“good.” Was all Faith said?

She hated that this happened the way it did. She hated him for having to explain why daddy wouldn’t be around anymore. She hated that man for scarring her like he did, physically and emotionally. But she was happy he would be behind bars and she could start a new life for her and her kids.

She leaned more into Sean’s embrace. Faith had never felt more safe and secure than in his arms. Not just because he saved her, but because she thought she loved him. She was ready to see where the future would take her and hoped he would be there.


Bitch actually shot me. I can’t believe she did that. And that lying sac of shit Marshal. He was screwing her. Look at them. I will fuck their whole world up. They just don’t know it yet. I’ll let them think they are safe, for now. Ct thought while in the wood across from Sean and Faith.

© Copyright 2020 hopeless200669. All rights reserved.

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