Master of the Skies

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

youll have to read it to find out (=

Table of Contents

Master of the Skies

youll have to read it to find out (= Read Chapter

Chapter two –revenge- Rei stood in the doorway watching Ciel climb out the window, and then watched as she ran as fast as she could... Read Chapter

Chapter three Vain and dark sat looking at the stars thinking of the past month. “Its unhealthy to think of others in our line ... Read Chapter

Chapter four Vain looked at the letter in his hand, then back at the emperor. Closing his eyes he took a deep breath and saw a vision... Read Chapter

Chapter 5 Southern empire of Galabris- Ciel and Jeil flew towards a small village, they had long since crossed the boarder of Des... Read Chapter

Chapter six Ciel woke in a familiar room. “Transton?” she thought but it took a minute for it sink in. she sat up, “I’m in Tr... Read Chapter

Chapter seven One month later -sorrow city- “lets go check out the battle grounds of the great dragons!” Jeil suggested excit... Read Chapter

Chapter 8 The four left without giving notice. They rode in a silence for a few hours before Jeil spoke up. “where are we going?”... Read Chapter

Chapter 9 Ciel woke the next morning to find herself alone. She pulled her battle suit under the blankets and carefully got dressed. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 10 Fires glowed through the darkness, they had been on the road one week already. Ciel knew all the captains names and respec... Read Chapter

Chapter 11 –blood spilled, and then there’s the brother- City of aurosia- air temple Ciel and her team watched the aerial bat... Read Chapter

Chapter 12 Ciel’s eyes fluttered open. Above her was a mural of an eagle. She tried to push herself up into sitting position. She c... Read Chapter

Chapter 13 Ciel’s temporary home Ciel landed ever couple of hours to rest. In the air windy helped to guide the eagle and on the gr... Read Chapter