If Only He Loved Me The Way I Loved Him

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Submitted: March 27, 2007

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Submitted: March 27, 2007



If only he loved me

Only if he could see

He makes my heart race at his presence

Loved is what I was

Me just getting in the way of things

The stares I get at for liking him

Way before he found out

I used to look from afar

Loved him from afar

Him and only him

If only he loved me

Only I would be able to tell

He thinks my love is a joke

Cared for is what I am

For I am to blame

Me and myself alone

The way I look at him

Way before I fell in love with him

I thought of him as the best thing

Care giving is my life

For what I want is

Him in my life

I will never forget his smile

Will never forget his limpid blue eyes

Love is what I need

Him is what I want

Forever in my heart to never leave

In my life to never have

My life changing the day I saw him

Heart beating faster at his sight, his body, his eyes

To him love is just a joke but to

Stay away from him is impossible

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