A letter for the jerk

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This is a letter which I have wanted to write to a certain somebody for a while now and thought that the only way to get it off my chest was to write it up on here (sorry for spelling mistakes)

Submitted: October 26, 2012

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Submitted: October 26, 2012



Dear Jerk

Over the last year and a half I don't know if you realised or even cared but I have liked you for a long time now, I can't seem to shake your prescene off of me and its really staring to bug me. I don't like not being in control and with you I'll never be in control. 


I remember the first time we met, our maths class where unfortuntaly I was stuck on a table with you and another boy and my best friend, It was fun but I realized I had feelings for you after jsut that one hour. However because my best friend liked you I never said anything, until about 2 years ago, we were talking and we got together, it was perfect, nothing went wrong until my ex started messing around with my head and convinced me that I loved him (it sounds stupid but its true) I never meant to hurt you then and from then on I wished that I could turn back the time and go back to that moment to change my desicion but I guess in the end everything happens for some reason. 


After we went out a few times and yeah everytng we great, exciting and thrilling, new and different. But. Then you suddently stopped wanting to see me, you didn't want our relationship to be anything more than friends which kinda hurt but i understood it after all I was the one to muck everything up in the first place. But I loved you from afar for a while until I built up the courage to tell you last week.


You point blanked refused my feelings.




Screw you, I don't care anymore if you want to be like that because i finally realize that you were trouble from the moment we met and you can go and find someone else to mess with because they won't take it liek I did. I put up with so much just to be next to you, and after all you lead me on!!! It's pathetic and pretty immature, so when i'm happy with someoen else you can sit on your bloody own and miss me.


Cause I won't miss you




The girl whose happier than you'll ever be.

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