The girl who swore she would never fall in love

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Ever imagined finding someone who is so right for you but then getting so scared that they'll hurt you that you can't bring yourself to tell them how much they truly mean to you? Well I know the feeling all too well...

Submitted: August 22, 2012

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Submitted: August 22, 2012



My heart was beating louder than ever before, I span around to see that no one was there, Why would there be anyone there? I opened the door keeping my head down while my thoughts comsumed me, What should I do? The moon was high in the sky beaming down on me like a spotlight, my life like a movie on the big screen, A desperate romance where the girl finds out she's finally fallen in love. The girl who swore she never would. 

"Chloe!" A voice called out from the shadows, I picked up my head and was greeted with James running towards me. My heart stopped. I felt the cool shivers down my spine, sweat forming on my skin as his precence seemed to take control of me. "Why didn't you call?" I shurgged not knowing what to say, Not wanting to say what was burning inside of me. 

"I've been busy I guess" I lied. 

"Theres something I have to say to you Chloe, it could be the most stupidist thing I've ever admitted to anyone.... But it needs to be said" Thoughts rushed into my head clouding my vision and creating a shooting pain which made me gently run my temples. What was he on about? Please let it not be what I think it is. "Chloe Rebecca Hill, I love you" That was it, I fell to the ground and my head hit the pavement.

I touched my head where it had made contact with the ground and was releaved to find that I hadn't giving myself concussion and that no blood was on my fingertips. I looked up and saw that James had dropped to his knees and one of his hands gently rested on my arm. "James..." My eyes lost focus but I steadyed myself, This needed to be said. "I love you" The words seemed to lift me up, I sat up and pressed my chest against his feeling the sparks between us. "I loved you from the very first day, I didn't want to say because... because I swore that I would never fall in love with ANYONE" My eyes fluttered close after my speech, I sighed and before I could take in another breath his lips were on mine, I pulled back to take in air and looked at him with wild eyes. He leaned close and gently brushed his lips against mine yet again. I could feel my body reacting to his touch. It felt so good to kiss him, to express all the feelings building up inside me with actions, with something that could measure up to how much I loved him. 

I felt his hands at my waist, I place mine on his chest breaking away from the kiss and moaning gently as he kissed my neck, I could feel his lips grace my skin and slowly they moved down until they settled on my chest at the edge of my top. His hands went straight to my buttons and undid them fast. His hands brushed against my skin and goosebumps were left in a trail along my chilled skin. His kisses felt hot as he kissed the skin between my bra, I couldn't control myself so moaned quietly, I stood up and pulled him into the house tripping and tumbling on top of him as I closed the door. We landed on the ground me on top of him my legs either side. I smiled and pushed my hands inside of his top feeling his skin, his mucels tightened as I ran my hands over his stomach and chest. 

"I love you" His voice was hushed.

"I love you too" I whispered placing my lips to his feeling the fireworks explode inside of me.


The girl who swore she would never fall in love. 

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