What will it be like beyond tomorrow

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This is a poem i thought up while at school and its kinda the theme of my life recently as I'm discovering that when I try and do something theres always that person who wants to knock you back even if they don't mean it you still believe them. It's hard to understand if you've never really tried to achieve what seems impossible but if you do that you'll understand what i mean.

Submitted: November 06, 2012

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Submitted: November 06, 2012



"Smile for me" he says, the words cling to the air,

There no space to breathe when he enters the room, his ego taking each hidden opening.

"Spend time with me" he says, His voice having a unique flare,

I wish to be taken away from this pain and the endless gloom, to somewhere which would aid my focusing.

"I will change the world" I say, trying to be the change within a world ridgid with tradition,

"Lower your targets" He says to me, The world hasn't changed for thousands of years,

However I think what I don't say, I smile and forget that he's even there, in my own world on a sort of secret mission.

Why would the world change for me I still question, But even now I hid my ideas from prying ears.

"Your personality is dark and horrid" He says walking away, It's just my honesty,

I could sit and stare, and wonder where, and look back and fourth, blaming the world, screaming this isn't fair.

But I knew there'd be trouble, "Stand up and face the light" He say's to me, as I smile at him modestly.

Cared, Bared and scared, I realizemy dream, and stand up tall to a world so unfair.

"You'll never beat me down I swear"

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