Poems by a certain fat kid

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A mixture of poems by me, a certain fat kid, but you can call me hope, hah!

Submitted: February 01, 2012

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Submitted: February 01, 2012



Fairytale dreams...

If life were a fairytale, We'd have a happily ever after, But even life has unhappy endings, The kind of ones that don't end, The ones that make you suffer,

Like when you told me, That I was pretty, And funny too, I thought you liked me, As I liked you,

Then you left, I didn't see you much anymore, You were with her, Its plain to see,

That you, the only person dear to me, Left me to be with her, Yet another person I should care about, But I don't,

The jealousy is too much, Whenever I do see you, You catch me staring, And I quickly look away,

The pain torments me, As does your face, You seem unaffected, But you should be hurting inside,

The fact that I can't bear you, The sparkle in your eye, You still smile at me, But its more of a smirk,

The fact that you like her, Is what hurts


I walk the street alone, Wishing I was with you, You kept me warm, sheltered, at home,

If I could see your smile, Just once more, That might be enough, For me to endure,

Your face quickly changes, From happy to pained, The sight of seeing you hurting,

Then your image fades, I sigh with relief, But then I'm alone again, Wishing you were here,

What a decision to make, To see your strained grimace, To hear your groans,

Or to suffer in silence, alone.

Not enough time...

Here's me, Wishing time could be borrowed, That I could spend just one more moment with you,

But you're gone, With no goodbyes,

The loss of you, Makes me crumble inside,

Then I remember, Your eyes, your face, The way that you looked, When she kissed you, That look of bliss, enjoyment too, The look that you give, When you love her too,

I stood and watched, My best friend kiss you, When she knew my heart was set, On keeping you,

Rage seeps through me, A wave of tears, come from my eyes.

Rejection hurts...

My arms wrap around you, But I'm shoved away,

I try to explain, \"its national hug day!\" But that wasn't a hug,

You shrug it off, and say \"in that case, I just got raped.\"

Tears spill down my cheeks, And you hug me anyway, After all, it is hug day,

The pain of rejection hurts, But my best friend is always there, But what happens, When they're the one, That's causing the pain?

I have to see you, every day, Your short brown hair, Dazzling hazel eyes, And athletic body,

Then there's me, This fat lump of a girl, Plain face, chubby cheeks, The kind of girl who likes to read,

Why would someone, As handsome as you, Like me anyway..?

You smile, and declare the next day, That you love someone else, A different person from yesterday,

My hopes soar, But then I realise.. You're looking over my shoulder, At some other girl..

Admire from afar, until you get closer..

I sit in class, Staring at you, You look back at me, One eyebrow raised,

I pull a funny face, You laugh and turn away, Going to get paper, From the front of the class, Deliberately walking in your path,

Just so I could talk to you, Hear your voice, and see your face, I stop in front of your chair,

Then realise, its not you sitting there, The chair in which you were once placed, Is empty, not even a ghost remains,

If only you would come back, From the land from which no one has ever returned,

I feel my eyes prickle, With the unspilt tears, I turn, to run, But strong hands grip me, holding me still,

I look up, into your face, Those dark brown eyes, still in place, You smile,

I hug you tight, Maybe my imagination ran away, After all, I'm still a child.

Think before you act...

I sent letters, Postcards too, Once your time, in my world was through,

You didn't reply, I grew worried too, Maybe I just couldn't accept, That you were gone,

I haven't seen you in years, But the image of you, Still remains,

Your light brown hair, Chocolate eyes, That perfect smile,

You said you'd be back, I've never doubted you, But the time has come, That I came to you,

I stepped forwards, Off from the ground, Floating through the air, Before smashing down,

I hit the rocks below, as you scream my name, In my dying moment, I see you there, At the top of the cliff, Crying in vain.

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