My Dust Covered Angel

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It's two young men who fell in love and one of them losing their lives to constant drug abuse.

Submitted: October 12, 2013

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Submitted: October 12, 2013



I wake up, still feeling the effects of the THC and look over to him. Our mornings normally consisted of these kind of things and to be honest; a doped up addict would have had more fun than me. I hated feeling like this, always confused and happy without there being a real reason to be. But he loved it. My boyfriend, still sleeping, loved waking up in a daze and even when he was out cold he'd still smile. My initial thought was that it was natural for people our age. Being young and experiencing all these new and interesting ways to pass the time, and I mean REALLY pass the time. Hours would go by and still there was something innovative and new to try after our trips. Is it wrong to say I am tired of it?

Djose always thought everything would be more fun in HD and I imagine that was how he felt every time he took a hit of that joint or a line of coke. My boy would take in a deep breath; look to me and always smile his famous crooked smile. It was that exact smile that kept me following him around and attending to his needs. Truth be told he was far more conservative when we began dating three years back, but I can never fully understand what happened in the time between. 

"Babe," I say. "It's time to get up, you're going to be late for work and you know your boss is already iffy with you."

But no response. It normally took me a couple of attempts to get his lazy butt up, I would even shake him frantically and tell him the house was on fire or something! Not this time. He layed there still wearing that smile. I snuggled up close to him and tugged at his hair and tickled him. Nothing. 

I sat up. "C'mon Jojo, wake up." I say stroking his forehead. To no avail, and my lack of patience. I was forced to get out of bed and put some coffee on instead. My joints ached and I could barely stand without unconsciously wobbling. Still though responsibilities had to be attended! After showering and a nice cup of coffee I went about my duties: cleaning, organizing laundry, checking the mail, and even walking our dog. By the time I had come back into the apartment the streets were bustling with people who all seemed to be in a rush to get their jobs or go where ever it was they needed to be. And guess who was still in bed? I jumped on him this time, hoping he would get cranky or even be a bit upset with me but he only layed there. 

"See? I told you it was a bad idea to do this when you had work in the morning," I said. "But no one ever listen to the reliable guy."

I leaned my head against his chest and listened closely. Tears rapidly built up and my body broke into a cold sweat. I removed the covers off of him and propped him up against the head board, breaking into sporadic sobs as I did. The air in the room was suddenly heavy and it was hard to speak or even make efforts to sound things out. 

"Djo - please tell me you're just fucking with me," I cried. "Please tell me this isn't happening!"

My baby boy, my dust covered angel cradled in my arms still smiling and never waking. 




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