Do better

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got bored again.

Submitted: January 25, 2013

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Submitted: January 25, 2013



do better do strong

never let the bad thoughts ponder

you're worth more than the sorrow

things will be better tomorrow

don't listen to the words of poison

they only build up to weigh a ton

the weight is hard and brings the sorrow

bury it in a careless burrow

they speak acid and foolish things

wanting for it to burn and sting

sing your song strong and loud

show them you're not afraid to be proud

looks are superficial and made up worth

there were no rules for this made up earth

suicide seems like a bloody good waste

just a way out for a cowards face

gender, beliefs, race and sexuality

something everyone sees differently

accept the fact that they're not you

learn to tolerate the old and the new

worth is not made from what others say

worth is made from your hearts own play

focus on what you have in life

not what tries to rear a sharp knife

don't let it penetrate your flesh

don't be made of soft mesh

whats fair when the world is not

why complain about a gun already shot

take a note to do better and stronger

let the pain starve with hunger

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