-Another Night

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Submitted: July 10, 2012

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Submitted: July 10, 2012



I try to think of nothing, but only my thoughts that dwell within me.
Sometimes I close my eyes and pretend I am not here, or trying to recollect everything from within?

So here I am sitting and looking at myself again, trying to find something hidden from within.
What do you know, tell me what you know?

I see something in your eyes, oh they look at me for answers but really all I have is nothing.
I hear sounds at night, sometimes the feeling is so unreal...but the way everything is still I tend to how I feel from within.

It was just another night of disappointments but what can I do?
Everything is a little blur, some nights I can’t barely think .
Oh just another day gone, just like everything else going down the hole.

Another night of the same old shit.
Am I in the loop for another session of life, can I go through this alone?

So would anybody listen to me, maybe hear what I say?
Another lonely night as I take a look into myself.

I stare into you but what do I see? There is nothing, but what I know is what I got.
I’ve got so many tears that I could cry, but all do in time I will release my tears.

Another night just only me, if I could fly I would.
Take me to somewhere that I can have some meaning to my life.
Giving in time I will someday see your smile again.
Until then I’ll do the best I can and stay true to myself.

June 28th

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