-Never Again

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Submitted: October 21, 2011

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Submitted: October 21, 2011



Never again will I ever be the same, still I look in your eyes and they always tell me something?

Not really sure how well this will go, just know that I am always in your heart and in memory.

Keep me in your frames, of life. I know we had our moments in the sun, still you looked at me with those haunting eyes...still I remember your smile.

I walked away, did not even thought it would break your heart...but am sorry of what I'd done to you.

In life after you, all that matters is what we had...still I love you in so many ways. Somehow just can't explain it.

Never again will I look in your eyes, I know that I had my reasons of letting go of you.

Still I remember your laughter, your smile just made my day everyday.

Just remember that our love was like a flame, then the wind came along and blew it out.

I am sorry that I walked away, I would give anything to be with you again.

I know there is a light, that light will guide me to you.

If I had turned around, you would have been alive...all that matters now is that I love you.

Never again will I be the same, oh I remember what I did.

I walked away didn’t know that it would break your heart, but I just went my way.

I wished that I had said goodbye, oh I remember what we had…still I went my way.


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