-Oh, Yesterday

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Submitted: October 21, 2011

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Submitted: October 21, 2011



Oh yesterday, where were you...seems like your always behind me.

Sometimes the sun shines in my direction, some other times it shines somewhere else.

I put you in my thoughts, every time I look at you it gets to me.

So where did you go yesterday, thought you were somehwere else.

Make that sun shine in my direction, or shine somewhere else.

Make every moment count, take a look whats in front of you.

You seem to be lost, looking around for someone... so this rain cloud is above me.

Oh yesterday where were you, would you bring the sun to shine...or would you just like to follow me everywhere. The feeling I got from you is a good feeling, oh yesterday where did you go?

Did you even shine your way through life with your light, I had to find my way with no light.

Here I went, through life with an incline...either way it goes up or down.

So yesterday, where did you go I thought you were going to shine your light on me.

Here I stand out here waiting for you to shine.

So come on, just shine up my life for me. This smile is all I have, so shine your light on me.

Oh yesterday, where did you go? Did you even find where I am, or did you go back in your hiding spot.

Oh yesterday did you shine your way through life with a light.

I had to find my way with no light, just had to guide myself to your light.

I find myself, looking up and wonder where the sun is going?

Why are you leaving me so early, I just got started with my day.

So yesterday come and follow me, just put your light in front of me.

I look out to the distance, I felt something inside of me.

Still my feelings, are within me...sometimes I cry now & then.

I get moments where you are in my head, somehow can't shake off that feeling of you.

So yesterday would you come my way, shine your light in front of me.


Oh yesterday, would you bring me the light...want to find my way back to your light.

I look at my frames of my past and wonder how it was back then. Oh those days, I remember very well. So it seems that your light, will make my path just right. Oh yesterday, I thought I saw you the other day...but it was just me looking the other way.



May 1st 2011

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