In A Dream With You

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Poem for my dad, who I love and miss.
I wish I could see him again, I would give anything to be with him.

But I moved on with my life, still I always think about him everyday. I know his love for me will never die

Submitted: November 11, 2011

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Submitted: November 11, 2011



In a dream with you, is all I can think about.

I know you have a smile looking down on us.

From where you are, I bet you are flying through the clouds.

I know for a fact, that everything in life can be hard, but only

we can learn from it and make the best out of it.

I've been on many roads of life while growing up and becoming

the man I am now.

Maybe I grew up too fast, had to adapt to certain things.

Change to me was a little hard, still had to do things

that I did not like.

Sometimes It feels like I am standing alone, but really I have those who need me.

So let me be myself let everything just pass on by.

I talk to myself and say that everything will be ok, when I know things sometimes gets hard.

But you know that is life, you take whatever life gives you.

In a dream with you would be my wish, would you take my hand?

I look up and wonder where you are?

I know you have a smile, that is what matters the most.


So I look at myself, you know you are a spitting image of your father.

No one can take that away, it is a gift that you have.




June 27, 2011

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