Halloween Treats

Halloween Treats

Status: Finished

Genre: Horror



Status: Finished

Genre: Horror



A collection of short and scary pieces to read on a dark winter's night.
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A collection of short and scary pieces to read on a dark winter's night.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Halloween Treats

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A collection of short and scary pieces to read on a dark winter's night.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 09, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 09, 2013















Nathan J.D.L. Rowark


First Edition


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Mark Miller




Nathan J.D.L. Rowark


Horrified Press



All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner

without written permission from the author.


All characters appearing in this work are fictitious.

Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.


Copyright 2012 by

Nathan J.D.L. Rowark


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Gothic Aria – A True Ghost Story


Nathan J.D.L. Rowark



I am going to talk now on an experience that, in the past, has been difficult for me to reiterate, yet today of all days I have decided to try.


Before I begin, you should know, what I am about to speak to you about can only truly be believed if you have experienced something similar yourselves, and my particular event dates back to the year 2003.


I was a self employed businessman at this point in my linear flow, and had no real knowledge of metaphysical, spiritual, or re incarnated matters.


It was three days before a festival entitled Samhain (known today as Halloween), and I was decorating my little retail store for the festive season. This involved hanging witches on broomsticks from my window displays and other jovial, supernatural stereotypes.

Once the job was complete, I noticed that a large, old mirror that adorned my stockroom wall had clouded up overnight.

It was a cold morning, and I assumed this was to do with the temperature inside the store whilst it had been closed. It was only later that I found out this wasn’t the case. On the mirror, etched in small, childlike letters appeared the exclamation, ‘Boo‘. A joke that my part time sales assistant had played, I thought. She was with me during this bizarre episode and strongly denied any tomfoolery on her part. I can also categorically state, that from the moment of the strange message, she kept her distance from the aforementioned mirror.


The room in question had no back entrance, and the only way in or out of the building was through the main door. I joked aloud, that any ghost who would write such a thing should learn to spell, and include an exclamation mark at the end of the phrase. I wiped the words away with a damp sponge and headed out to the front end of my business, to facilitate some sales. It was then, as I crossed onto the shop floor, that I noticed the lighting hue had changed from bright yellow to a calm orange. My situation was becoming increasingly more disturbing. I next tried to access some music through the store’s radio system, yet it wouldn’t tune in to any frequency.


As the morning progressed, I became curious to what was transpiring, so vessel in hand, I made my excuses to fetch a cup of tea from the creepy back area. As the kettle boiled, I was almost choked by the immediate smell of strong roses, and reeled back to discover the mirror on the other side of the room re-frosted over with the same message written elsewhere, and with an exclamation mark – Boo! There was no other explanation, we were being haunted. Being of sound mind and judgement, I attempted to reason with it, a short monologue involving me, stating a shared arrangement of the property would be acceptable. It’s a big cosmos after all, and I figured it should be big enough to share. Re-cleaning the mirror, I returned to the sales area to await its answer, a little shock up. This was noticed by my part time helper, who too looked frightened, but knew there was little I could do to ease her fears, or my own.


With the day fast approaching a mid morning stance, she opened the door once again to the back room of frights and told me to look at the reflecting pane. I knew the sight would be arresting, bigger than before. Something was trying to get my attention, to spook me for a reason I couldn’t fathom and may never fully understand.

“You really should see this,” reiterated my staff member. Out in the ever dimming darkness of a stock area under siege, their appeared the words, big and bold…

“I can still see you….BOO!”

I felt the blood drain from my face, a taste of fear filled my mouth, as terror it seemed had moved in to stay. By midday, I bid my sales lady good day, before locking the door and quickly heading out to get something to eat.

When I returned, the apparition had disappeared, radio playing clear again.


As I discussed already, I will never know the true nature of such a bizarre meeting between worlds. I assume the spirit was misplaced, but I know this much, the experience changed me forever. It opened my mind to a place I had no idea could possibly exist, and firmly knocked me off my arrogant high horse and back into the cosmic scheme of which we are all a part.






Gothic Aria


Nathan J.D.L. Rowark


I stand before the spirit world, of a place I cannot know;

Though forbidden as this knowledge is, it puts on a frightening show.

It wants to let me know that it’s beside me in the room.

It wants to let me know that it’s amongst our living soon.


I cannot find the question, for I cannot find the word;

How can a man, thats open mind is closed to things absurd;

It saunters on beside us; it walks through door and wall;

It saunters on beside us, and I fear it hears my call.


I look to have a one on one, to talk between the gaps;

Confab on two separate plates through tectonic shifting maps.

It talks on walls to show us, an eerie line that’s crossed.

It talks on walls to show us, a visiting spirit I found lost.



A Cat in Hell’s chance


Nathan J.D.L Rowark


Whiskers singed from a mouse encounter; up from the bowls; returned to flout her.

Tiny morsel refused his debt from a feline end on a streamed claw set.

Into the cupboard and followed the pipe; green eyes hunt with a phantom's sight.

Twist and turns from the skirting neck, beneath the boards and along the deck.


Tails low, they crawl at leave, in a tightened space where they hardly breathe.

Scurrying on, darkened sprite, that copper springs sang through the night.

Cornered, twitcher turns to glance with a devil's burn for a Hell's romance,

And faces, sharpened, pointed teeth of a pincer's tear as incisor grief.


Nose sniffs between the cracks, paws push through crevice; aloof the rats.

Senses find all's not as first seen; a purr-gatory of a life in-between.

Deadly game, a fleeting of the fur, that instincts dance yet won’t deter.

A place now switched, the roles reversed, shows demon mouse, its coat to burst.


Larger grew the prey once sought, a vengeance asked that darkness brought.

Killer flew with upward bound, the beast behind now of scuttled sound,

Tried to take lives eight and nine, to recompense cut short spent time.

But no matter what the plan exposed, with added weight was juxtaposed.


Sleekest shape did bound back the led of a lined long loop with a streamlined head.

Such kitten manoeuvre; rules disallowed; such human endeavour for survival, proud.

Rocket pipes drain; she ignites once more; tail between engine for a feline roar.

Large detractor follows up to flank with a price of vendetta below swollen plank.


Bursting forth from ash and soot, that curiosity beckoned and burned underfoot;

A struggling monster, disadvantaged by size, now falls to the feet of a cat unsurprised.

Returned to non-supernatural of form, that her mistress's bed foot corpse would adorn;

A loyal companion gasps its last breath, whilst mouse that did haunt had found death.





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