Revenge, a short Vampire Tale

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This is one of my first short stories of the book I plan on publishing. I know that I'm sharing more then I should but I wanted to show the different styles of writing.

Submitted: June 20, 2013

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Submitted: June 20, 2013




I kneel to the foot of my lover’s grave. My hand caresses the remnants of his name carved so lightly upon hard stone. Has it been so long, that his words don’t ring like church bells in my mind? So long, that I cannot remember his gentle touch, his sweet breath calling my name? I’ve lived many life times, my love. Searching for you in restless thoughts. Flowers in hand I lay them softly to the ground. One night brought upon death but for me, eternal life, alone... My heart fills of bitter loss. But as such, I breathe the words of undying love.

For far too long I have suffered. For far too long I felt my dead heart aching of memories, diminishing as endless time passes. Spending my soulless existence roaming the earth for the creature that forever changed our world. Year after year I hunted, watching from a distance. Trying to hold back cravings of strange desires that ravish my mind. Uncontrollable urges led to unbearable nightmarish violence of hunger. Surrendering to temptations, so evil they cannot be spoken. 

I do not fear for my life, but for my soul. I should have perished that still night, with my love. The gift from this stranger that he was so willing to give damned my essence to a life of despair. This gift sentenced me to the darkness of shadows, always searching for light. Immortality, a smoky veil covering my sight. 

So here I kneel before you, broken. No tears will come to my relief. The lingering emotions covered by a withered heart. I have searched for a long ago memory that fades as the years ever so pass. Only feeling the hate burning it’s fire through what is left of whom I once was. That night still lingers in day light dreams, reminding me of my loss. A vicious attack upon one that shows no harm, suffers in quiet calm. 

For my enemy, I wait. Speaking words of blasphemy, cursing behind an evil longing. If I shall parish and fall to my lover’s side, all will not be lost. For the yearning of his gentle touch will release diminished memories. I will beg the devil to release my horrid soul, so that I may join my love in final rest. But if I shall win my battle, I will walk this world alone giving myself to the temptations, burdens not so easily broken. 

Years have changed to decades. Preparing myself for his return. Never knowing when he was to show. In silent stance I wait. Hearing the movements of the leafs as they gently glide to the ground in defeat of winter. Breathing in the cold bitter air, I listen. For I know he is here, waiting, hunting me. His scent lingers in my memory. 

Feeling the stranger’s cold sweet breath across my neck, piercing all senses. I cringe at my enemy’s touch around my throat. Knowing no fear I rip from his icy hold, turning to him. He steps away from me. Looking at me as if I were an old friend. Has he embraced the thought of my revenge? Is he also prepared for a fight long time coming? 

“So we meet again." He states as he bows in my direction. 
“So we do." I hiss through my lips, bowing only my head in response, never leaving his glare. 

“I don’t blame you for your hate, child. But you’ve received so much more. How could you despise me for giving you immortality? Such a gift should not be taken lightly." His eyes reach mine in disbelief. 
“You took from me something I was not willing to give. And in return gave me something I did not ask for!" I growled in rage.

“I won’t apologize for what I’ve done! I gave you something most people only dream of. You should be so lucky." He says as he turns his back towards me smugly. 

“Lucky? Are you so bind that you cannot see? You call this curse a gift? You took everything from me. Leaving me nothing for my future, not even rest of death." I scowled. 

I crouch to the ground ready to strike. No words are spoken before he lunges towards me. We collide, biting, ripping fiercely at each other’s hard flesh. Not till that moment did I see the fear in his eyes. Pity comes to my mind, pity for him and pity for the lives that he has taken. For the homes and hearts he broke without thought. 

He buckles under my grasp, hitting the ground, I kneel to his ear with a whisper, “I will give you one last gift. Death. You should be so lucky." My mouth waters with delight, smelling his defeat. One bite around the throat, I sink my teeth, pulling shreds of skin from his lifeless body.

Standing to watch his last moment, as his soul drifts to hell. Without thought I reach for my sword. Raising my blade, relentlessly coming down upon his body. My enemy’s head rolls from his shell, a gentle smile reaches my lips. I tasted his blood, drank from his skin. Many have died from his touch. No longer will the weak fear him. No longer do I hunt. 

I turn back to the area that marks the grave of my love. My hand running across the top of his stone, “I will join you in another life, till then I will relish in the short memories that I have left." With one last glance I return to the shadows of darkness. 

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