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The Shadow In The Street

It was 3:00 at night when I heard a sound and woke up. It was dark and scary. I went downstairs to the kitchen and drank cold water from the refrigerator after drinking the water I went upstairs and tried to sleep but I wasn't able to sleep, so I looked out the window a kid was standing near my door, I shouted from the window "Hey boy, what are you doing there?" There was no reply. He looked at me andI was terrified of what I saw, the boy's eyes were bleeding and his face was full of blood. I closed my window, immediately ran to my bed, and covered my face with the blanket. After some time there was a knock at my door, with terror in my eyes I stepped down from the bed and went slowly down the stairs, I opened the door but no one seemed to be there I closed the door and went upstairs to my bed and took a deep breath it help me feel relief.


From that day onwards nothing happened Something was horror in the street and everyone lived happily.

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Submitted: July 14, 2022

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