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Aboard The Galazy Narver, a mutiny is occuring, but it may not be who the captain thinks.

Submitted: September 11, 2013

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Submitted: September 11, 2013



Mayno Varon hid in the corner of his office; he could hear the zing of laser guns, and the occasional explosion of their successful impact in the hallway, outside the doorway.

The room was large and oval shaped, bookshelves filled with old, and new books lined the walls, and a large window towered above the small oak desk where Mayno had spent the last three months governing his ship The Galaxy Narver. Signing request forms, keeping peace among the passengers and crew, and ensuring that they would reach their destination in time.

All that seemed in the balance now, as the unexplained sound of laser beams in the hallway moments before, had caused him to take cover along one of the bookshelves.  Mayno pressed himself up against the rustic smelling books, making his body as unnoticeable as possible.

Where is Jerkon he thought bitterly as he remembered the vow his assistant had made the day Mayno had hired him onto the expedition.  What a great assistant, nowhere in sight to brief his captain.

A large explosion shocked him out of his thoughts as he noticed the door was now in the corner of the room, and the doorway was filling up with thick gray smoke.  He cowered into the corner, pushing himself into the shelf so hard that his ribs began to strain.

As the smoke began to clear, Mayno noticed a shape began to take form.  Faint initially, details became prevalent as the smoke diluted into the safety vents. It was a Quzar, the large circular shape of its mechanical body was now beginning to enter the office.

“thank the maker you are here!” Mayno exclaimed picking himself off the bookshelf, leaving his dignity behind. “I thought I was going to die in this office.  I demand to know what is going on!

The small robot said nothing, and it was at that moment he noticed that the Quzar had its powerful laser gun unsheathed, and it was pointing directly at him.

“I want to know the meaning of this!”Mayno cried pointing at the small laser gun protruding from the machines polished white chest.

Again, it said nothing, and began to move closer to the distressed captain, its small circular wheels creaking slowly as it inched its way forward.

“leave me alone you bastard!” Mayno yelled grabbing a large dictionary from one of the bookshelf’s and holding it up as a weapon, unable to take his eyes off the intimidating firearm that was pointing directly at him.

“threat detected” the robot computed.  Before Mayno had a chance to react, a small stun beam fell down from the Quzar’s chest, and shot out two small needles connected by a single wire.  The two needles flew across the room, their piercing sharp tips glinting off the glare from the window, and eventually piercing into Mayno’s chest.  The incision caused him to retaliate with a cry of pain as the stun liquid absorbed into the man’s bloodstream.

“I am your captain.” Mayno complained groggily, as he began to sway from side to side, “I am your-“and with that he fell to the ground completely unconscious.



His surrounding began to slowly focus. One single large chandelier was directly over him. As he slowly came into consciousness he admired the slowly twirling jewels that were attached to the candles of the grand lighting fixture.

With a wave of fear, the events of the past hours slowly returned to him, and he came to term with his current situation.  He attempted to lift his hand, and it was then he realized he could not, because his hand had been binded to a small table that he was currently laying on.

With hesitation Mayno slowly sat up on to the table and looked around the room.  He was in the middle of the grand hall, onboard his ship.  It was a classically styled room with large red velvet curtains that coated all four walls, and one large throne-like chair that was perched high above the room on a balcony directly in front of him. 

Suddenly, he realized he was being watched, he looked around and with horror observed hundreds of Quzar’s all around him, each with their laser gun unsheathed and pointed directly at him.

There was never that many Quzar on this ship Mayno thought with confusion I brought thirty for protection

“So glad you could join us captain.” Boomed a voice from an unknown origin.  Mayno looked around frantically, searching for the man who had spoken. Eventually he found the man, sitting up on the balcony.


It was Jerkon, his young assistant, dressed in Mayno’s clothing.  Mayno looked down and noticed he was wearing a prisoner tunic.  Beige, bland, and patched up, it was not what he was used to wearing.

“Is this some kind of joke Jerkon?” yelled Mayno up at his assistant “cause I assure you it is not in the least bit amusing.”

Jerkon laughed and stood up, his overly large captains robes falling down at his feet, “oh Mayno, sweet, sweet Mayno…”

Mayno cut him off quickly “I am the captain!” he yelled struggling against his binded hands.

“not anymore” Jerkon proclaimed pointing at the disgraced man, “I am the captain now, you were just a pawn in my game.”

Mayno was suddenly overcome with extremely intense anger, as he remembered how Jerkon had pleaded to be hired, and Mayno had accepted in the goodness of his heart

“You swore.” Mayno whispered.

“What was that?” Jerkon asked jokingly

“You swore an oath, you bastard!” He screamed, yelling as loud as he could.

“An oath, you old man,  means nothing!” Jerkon explained cynically “now… world domination, that means something.  Look around you Mayno; you’re surrounded by what you know to be Quzar, an invention of the state.”

Mayno observed the Quzar again, realizing they had moved in closer after he had yelled at Jerkon, “let me go!” He yelled pulling at his restraints again.

“They are not the invention of the state” Jerkon continued ignoring the screams of the disgruntled man on the lower floor “they are my invention, all 10 million currently in use, are mine, and they all listen to me!”

“You’re crazy Jerkon” Mayno yelled carefully watching the ever-present Quzar.

“Hardly,” he rebutted reaching in front of him and typing a few things into what seemed like a keyboard “with just a few simple taps watch what I can do.”  Once Jerkon was done he pressed a final key, and just like clockwork all the Quzar in the room released all their weapons.  Mayno observed several that he was familiar with the laser, stun, poison tipped, bazooka, and classic guns all protruded from the chests of the small Quzar.

“Put those away Jerkon” pleaded Mayno, changing his tone in order to appease the one who held Mayno’s life in his hands

“No!” Jerkon screamed “They listen to me, and so will you!”

“I am listening, Jerkon.” Mayno cried pulling at his bindings “just… let me go, please!”

“You think me a fool!”

“No…” responded Mayno, realizing his cowardice.

“At this moment” explained Jerkon, overconfidently “my ten million Quzar soldiers have been activated, and each hold their owners captive, whilst the others patrol the streets!”

Mayno was speechless, surely this couldn’t be happening on Earth, the Quzar are friendly little robots that serve most families on the planet. 

“Every single leader, of ever single country has Quzar’s.” continued Jerkon “They have all taken over their respective leaders, and they do my bidding!”

“Stop this,” Mayno beseeched “you do not know what you are dealing with, artificial intelligence is a powerful thing!”

“Nonsense!” Jerkon rebutted, looking down at the Quzar’s standing beside Mayno “they all bow down to me, and once we reach Neptune, I will become leader of that colony too! There is no stopping me Mayno, I cannot be defeated”

Mayno couldn’t believe it; the quiet naïve boy who he had taken on his ship with him was planning the end of the dominance of the human race. Mayno looked around frantically for some way to get out of this situation.

Suddenly, Jerkon made a loud screech.  With horror Mayno looked up to the perched throne to see him take one step forward, a slow and weak step, then Jerkon leaned over slowly and his limp body flipped over the marble balcony. The fall was long and seemed endless, it finally finished when his lifeless body reached the carpeted ground and snapped his neck, a pool of blood began to spill out all around him.  Mayno was shocked.  Who had done this? He was overjoyed that someone had been able to retaliate against the psychopath, but he wondered who. Before he could think any longer his question was answered.

A Quzar

The small oval rolled out onto the balcony with his classic pistol unsheathed.

“Stand down Quzar!” Mayno yelled loud enough so the robot could comprehend.

The Quzar said nothing, but instead made a series of noises; they sounded like the workings of a computer, and went in different patterns.

Like it was planned all along, the Quzar’s that were standing all around him began to move closer to Mayno.

“Are you Daft?” he yelled flailing on the table “I said stand down!”

The robots didn’t respond but kept on moving closer, until eventually they reached Mayno’s table.  With one large chorus of mechanical sounds, Mayno’s table was ripped off its hinges and held up in the air.

“Put me down!” he yelled struggling on the table, he couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Quiet Human!” computed the Quzar that was still standing where Jerkon had been just moments before.

He suddenly realized, the Quzar's have become self aware, so far only for couple of hours and already they have killed their leader.

Oh god they would be taking over the earth, and once The Galaxy Narver reaches Neptune they would conquer that place too.  Jerkon had thought that the Quzar were his soldiers and that Mayno was just a pawn in his game, however In reality ,The Quzar were using Jerkon as a pawn in their sick, cold, and calculated game, universal domination.

Mayno stopped frozen with fear; he suddenly felt no hope for the human race.  The ten million Quzar had been faithful servants for twenty years, and now that Jerkon had activated them, they would never be stopped. They would pillage, kill, and torture any who they saw fit.

Mayno looked up at the Quzar that had its blank screen, which inhabited the top of the oval, pointed directly at him.  If a robot could ever give a sinister and evil face, it would have been then.

He accepted his new place in society, he was the prey, and they were the predators.

The Quzar know all…

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