The Onyx Sea

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The Onyx Sea: a large ocean of complete darkness. This short chronicles the voyage of "The Hunter" as its crew attempts to kill the last Volart

Submitted: July 17, 2014

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Submitted: July 17, 2014



It was a barely capable ship. The Hunter slowly floated through the rough and difficult waves of the Onyx Sea creaking with every impact as the pure oil black waters ravaged its wooden planks.  They had just left Port Garth, and the morning mist was promising a day of humidity and misery, the crew knew this and sulked around the ship as lazily as any disgraced crew one would expect.  Some stared down at the darkness, pondering life with the upmost sincerity, and others suffered on the deck exchanging distressed looks with their fellow crew members.  

Garth had been especially lively that day, as the crew attempted to load their artillery onto The Hunter, grunting and whining with every little parcel.  Garth was a large and very dark city, clearly influenced by the black waters of the sea.  Citizens were characterized as depressed, lazy, and uncaring people, that being the reason most intelligent travellers stayed away from the Holdfast.  It had been the ninth hour of the day when The Hunter had set ship from the Port, and they had been slowly making their way to a location, no one on the crew knew, except for the captain.

It was the mystery of a lifetime, where the black water came from.  In the early days, the Vanelandish scholars had attempted to solve the grand conundrum, but were outwitted by the malicious liquid.  The only thing that anyone knew was that, dangerous creatures lurked in the waters prepared to devour any unlucky swimmer, unfortunate enough to find themselves soaked in the shadowed ocean.  Many sailors and citizens alike have fallen prey to the vicious beings inside the waters of thrbSea, slowly being eaten alive as the animal tortured the poor souls till they were begging for death. Only within the past couple of decades had something truly wonderful began, the long-awaited extermination of the Onyx sea.  That being the forced extinction of one of the most sighted creatures in the slimy liquid.  The Volart, a passive and friendly creature that has been known to approach boats and humans, to the surprise of many.  All of these horrific creatures were triumphantly cut down in the many years of sea exploration,  and none of them were believed to have lived the mass killings.  The animal was killed for no material gain, rarely were they ever even fished out of the water, and when they were brought onto the land they were used as trophies.  The Onyx sea was believed to be a tamed location, and the creatures that were no doubt responsible for the tragic death of many had been killed. 

"Hoist the sails men" a slender woman in tall boots, and loose fighting rags yelled out from a elevated balcony a few feet above the deck of The Hunter "its time for some fishing".  The tired crew began to stir in surprise and suspicion as the Captain retreated back into her quarters.

"bullshit" one man with peach coloured hair yelled out too the closed captain door "there hasn't been any sort of fish in these parts for years".  The rest of the team began to understand exactly what the captain had implied and nodded in agreement with their colleague. Regardless of their opinions all of the members began stirring and making their way to their positions.

The Captains cabin was unusually cool for the day, the large carpeted floor and velvet curtains usually attracted heat, but as Cecilia sat at her sandswood desk she felt no sting of warmth, only comfort in the knowledge of her future endeavours.  The Captain was looking over the best charts she could find on short notice.  The Onyx sea seemed to be an expanse black hole of nothing, that jutted outwards from the northern shores of The Vanelands. 

"Come in!" Cecilia yelled from behind the large table as a knock on the door had just broken her out of her concentration a few seconds earlier.  Rapier her second in command entered the quarters, he was a broad man, with large muscles, and a very unfortunate height.  His large grey mustache and bald head instantly announced his presence from a great length.

"today is a glorious day my friend" Cecilia exclaimed excitedly standing up from her table "we have the honour of butchering the last Volart!". Rapier smiled and began to walk towards her.

"The crew are anxious captain" Rapier responded hesitantly, Cecilia rebutted with a quick eye role.

"let them be anxious then, it is none of my business how they feel as the long as they do their job and we kill this monster!" Cecilia spoke aggressively signifying her growing impatience on the subject.

"what would you like me to tell them?" Rapier asked glancing over the expansive chart sprawled out on her desk.

"whatever you need to Rapier!" She said slowly looking down at the map once again "this will be the biggest accomplishment of my career, think about it! No one has seen a Volart in the last five years, and I have a reliable source that has parted with some information". Cecilia sat back down, and stared intently at Rapier. "Information that regards this fabled Volart and exactly where it can be found"

"understood Captain" Rapier said quietly as he began to exit the quarters.

"oh and Rapier" Cecilia continued.

Rapier spun around "Yes Captain?" 

"I understand your fascination for these creatures, but do not under any circumstances let your personals feelings get in the way of my glory" 

"but… I would never" Rapier replied in an extremely defensive tone.

"regardless of what you would do sir" Cecilia continued making her voice slow and deliberate "I am just warning you, I know your history and if you mess this day up for me there will be severe consequences!"

"I promise my lady..."

Cecilia cruelly interrupted him "thats all I want to say on the matter, now leave me to my cartography"

"yes captain". Rapier quickly exited the room, slowly  closing the small door.  Once he was gone, Cecilia looked back at her huge papers and began charting their exact path to the creature.  She knew that the Volart was a harmless creature, every single person in Orgasiz knew that it was, the fact of its friendliness was one of those lies that everyone told themselves to compensate for the mass slaughter of them all.  It was a sad truth, but she knew that if one of the Great Deities didn't want the extinction of the Volart they wouldn't have let it happen.  She truly believed that.

Cecilia quickly stood up from her desk and turned her attention to the very large circular window behind her.  The large and intimidating expanse of the infamous ocean spread out before her.  She had always thought that it was this sea were all the fears of men originate, this terrible, but beautiful body of water.  


They were quickly approaching the known area of The Last Volart, and The Hunter began to shows signs of exhaustion, creaking ostentatiously with every minute of movement.  Cecilia had left her cabin, and was standing on the deck slowly walking around the edge of the boat observing the dark waters below.  She had changed into her symbolic captains outfit, a tight fitting vest with loose beige pants, and a feathered hat to top off the ensemble.

"almost" she whispered to herself quietly as she surveyed the deck.

Rapier was standing at the stern of the galleon quietly thinking to himself and polishing the captains harpoon.  It was a very large needle, with hooked edges for maximum grip, the Harpoon had been masterfully used by thousands of previous captains to slaughter the Volart, and with great success. He couldn't help but remember the last time he held a harpoon, as it pierced the skin of a small baby Volart. He envisioned the large blade shooting out from his hands and into the water, killing all living things as it torpedoed through the darkness, It had been after that bloody and horrific encounter he had quit sailing for seven years, until Captain Cecilia had offered him a job.  Rapier had believed Cecilia to be a kind and compassionate woman, he had thought in the early years that she was exactly that, but now he was beginning to doubt it, after she had discussed her plans of finally killing the last Volart.  He didn't want to be a part of another slaughter, he knew the creatures were innocent, and it was useless to kill them.  

"were almost there."Rapier was shocked out of his thoughts by a voice "is the Harpoon prepared".  

He stared at Cecilia with confusion for a few moments, until he realized what she was referring too.  "Yes ma'am, polished, sharpened, and ready for your usage"

"wonderful" she responded resting her hand on his shoulder "and I trust there won't be any issues today"

"not one"

"good", and with that said she grabbed the harpoon from Rapier and expertly spun it around.  It was no secret that Captain Cecilia was the most skilled Harpoonist in The Vanelands.  Fabled tales tell of her slaughtering entire packs of Foy Whales with one single throw.  Now he could see that all the stories were true, and as she tricked the harpoon over her shoulder and around her waist Rapier couldn't help feel a little sad for the poor Volart destined to die in a couple of hours.

"I am a Huntress" Cecilia said after a few minutes of silence "this boat is my namesake and I will not disappoint it"

"understood Madame" Rapier replied, beginning to walk away.  Cecilia suddenly stopped flipping the Harpoon and grabbed his arm tightly.

"I'm sorry Rapier" She said slowly

"there is nothing to apologize for - " Rapier was again cut off by her

"yes, I've been cruel to you today, and I just want you too know…" Cecilia took a deep breath and continued "I am just under a lot of pressure right now"

"Captain I completely understand"

"I admire your compassion for these creatures" Cecilia continued "but it is cruel to let this last beast live when his entire species is dead, and you must think of the endless glory we will receive, you and me, side by side, captain and first mate!"

"Yes, I agree completely" Rapier said slowly. Cecilia sensed a hint of sadness in his voice.

"do you?" Cecilia asked sincerely.

"yes, whatever you say captain, I will do" Rapier smiled and began to walk away from Cecilia.  He could imagine the little Volart swimming happily through the dark waters and he began to be saddened.

"today we kill the last Volart" he said quietly sitting on the side of the boat. His memories came back to him quickly and without mercy.  Images of dead Volarts, and crying babies pierced his psyche, and he knew his conscience was beginning to get the better of him.


"Drop the anchor men!" Cecilia yelled out to the crew.  She was proudly perched on the very front of The Huntress, harpoon in hand, and determination in her deep blue eyes, "I see that little bastard"

a little ways out from the right of the ship a little white hump could be seen swimming through the black sea, it contrasted so nicely with the dark colour of the ocean that one could get inspiration from the sight, Volarts were known for their striking beauty. Rapier was watching intently from the top of the captains quarters, observing the scene with equal anticipation and dread.

"Today is my day" Cecilia screamed as they began to approach the only glimmer of light in a sea of darkness.  The Captain gripped the harpoon as hard as she could and got into the standard position, one foot on the railing of the ship, and the weapon firmly planted on her shoulder.  The crew watched with wonder and awe, waiting and hoping for the final slaughter that would surely go down in history as the greatest triumph of modern sea-hunting.

Rapier watched as Cecilia got into her final position. He took out a large handkerchief, and pressed it gently against his wet eyes, he slowly realized that he was crying, it became quite apparent to him that he could not let Cecilia murder this helpless animal.  As the warm tears flowed down his face he picked up his signature weapon a small crossbow in the shape of a whales fin, the product of many years of whale hunting that was sitting besides him on the dark wood, and slowly stuck a thin wooden arrow inside the mechanism. holding it straight at his Captain, aiming at her head with extra marksmanship. He was ready, he knew it had to be done, and it was destined to happen.

Cecilia intensely watched the small animal, and quickly realized it was just a young thing, perhaps even a couple days old.  Questions raced through her mind, but she decided too kill it no matter what.  The Hunter approached the white hump with speed, more speed than anyone had ever seen from the old ship, and soon Cecilia was in the perfect position too take the life, she would surely hit it if she threw it now.

"Now!" someone in the crew yelled "do it!".  Cecilia stood on the side of the ship in confusion, mustering up all her strength to perform the deed, one she found was becoming increasingly harder.  "Damn you Rapier" she said cursing him under her breath, she knew that her conscience was beginning to get the better of her, and as she looked out at the black waters, she realized the Volart had come to the ship and was now sticking out of the water staring up at The Hunter with curious and innocent eyes.

"blasted!" she whispered to herself "I will not let this little creature live, not while I am the captain of this ship". Cecilia gathered up all of her strength and channelling all of it into the throw, she released the weapon, to the loud cheering of the crew members.

Rapier released the crossbow.


Two beings were killed that day.

The Last Volart was killed when a giant harpoon pierced its heart and went straight through its small body.  The Onyx sea was finally cleansed of Volart's and after that fabled day none were ever seen again.  There were consequences, as there always are, but all the citizens of Orgasiz knew that the beast of The Sea had to be extinguished. The last volart was pulled from the water, and its lifeless body was strung up in the captains quarters, but Cecilia had it taken down a few days later, she couldn't bear to look at it.

Rapier was found a few minutes later with an arrow wound straight through the roof of his mouth, he was killed the instant he released the crossbow, and his remains were distastefully thrown into the sea,  he is now seen as the coward he was.

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