The Survivalist

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A 30 year old Man named Noah embarks on a adventure he never thought he would go through. A mall full of bandits and biters.

Submitted: October 18, 2013

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Submitted: October 18, 2013



(By the way this is my first story.)

Noah drives under the highway keeping on the lookout for any bandit or biter. His jeep is drenched with the blood of his infected victims from yesterday he still remembered the news reports and newspapers. Two days ago the Japaneese got deep into its research of the curing of Aids and Cancer. While they both worked on them they finally found the cure. They had brung in two people one with Aids and one with cancer. Both were injected with the cure, only to find themselves even more sick.

Scientist observed as foam spilled from there mouth and there noses bled. Suddenly both started attacking scientist and security. They were too fast to shoot in any of there limbs or chest area. The only way there were killed was a shot to the head. They discovered a blunt weapon, sharp weaponry, or shotguns would hit them pretty much in one hit. His thoughts got him off the road to swerve a little bit. 

His car screeched as he turned back into the road. He drove to a mall and scanned the area. "shit!" he said angrily as he saw two bandits carrying hunting rifles with scopes. They were digging through cars and grabbing supplies. Noah scratched his brown beard and stayed in his car. One came to his car and broke open the glass with the but of his gun.The bandit squinted and opened the car grabbing Noahs wrist and pulling him out. Panic ran over noah and he pulled out his knife lunging at the man. Blood squirted onto Noahs face as his knife was rammed into his forehead. The bandit took his last breathe and clutched his neck. His gripped tightened and a burning sensation in his stomach got him. His thought of the man with the knife in his head made him feel sick to his stomach. A bullet flew by his head and hit the back of his car busting out the tail light.

Noah ran to a destroyed car and took cover there and looked at the corpse. The hunting rifle lied there with ammo across his belt. he ran to his car again and grabbed the corpse. Two bullets went into the stomach of his deaceased meat sheild. Noah grabbed the rifle and shot at the man. He heard a scream of pain and a body flop dead on the floor. Noah ran over to the other man he just killed with his hunting rifle. He looted his body and found a hammer and ammo for the rifle. He felt a hand touch his shoulder and he turned around. A fist rammed into his stomach and he cringed in pain on the floor. " This is all unfortunate bullshit!" he grunted in pain. " Who else is down here the national gaurd?" He heard a chuckle from the bandit in a bandana "nope you're dealing with a large gang" a gunshot fired into him and he blacked out.

To be continued?


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