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This is a shot horror story I wrote, I'm only young so not all will be pefect, I hope you enjoy.

Submitted: November 11, 2017

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Submitted: November 11, 2017




Drowning has always been one of my biggest fears and possibly the worst way to die... at least thats what i thought until a long time ago, my uncle was always a close person to our family a trusted man with a gravely voice ad a thick beared, we woud always go hunting in the woods togethe me, my brother and my uncle it was one of our many favourite hobbies the smell of the fresh air the sound of the birds and feel of the ground beneath our feet.

it was an ordinary day but for us it was our favourite time it was time for our anual hunting competition, our dad normally drives us there and we meet our uncle half way as he says he always has buissness to attend but recently our farther has been injured trying to clib a ladder and our mother doesnt drive so for the first time our uncle had to drive us. my paents acted hessitant abut it at first something to do with his "buissness" he needed to attened to first but being a child they told me 'youll understand when your older' they always say that but i fel its quit innacurate.

later that eveinging me and jack, my brother, had packed are things redy to go and our unce was awaiting in the car downstairs, he didnt want tospeam to our parents and he seemd like he was i a rush. driving along the british country side with the windows down and the hair blowing in my face just gave me a sense of thrill and a rush of excitment which sent  shiver dow my spine, it was getting dark and i struggled to stay awake i guess i mustve dozed of as jack shook my shoulders to awake me from my dreams. i looked around and stepped out the car as i quesioned jack,  "wheres uncle?" he told me uncle had gone to do his buissness and so i convinced jack to come with me to investigate what this 'buissness' could mean.

slowly, stepping into the scilent forest i take a look around and knowtice..nothing, cold breeze, ding trees and a sense of desperation in the air. we walked around for a bit, as a single step on a tree branche echoed throughout the whole forest i looked to my brother who looked back at me with a dead still pale look on his face we turned around slowly as a gravely toned voice sghhouted at us for leaving the car, my uncle was furious he says its dangerous out here that there are..dangerous strangers and animals. he led us further into the woods we started to moan as our feet were becoming painful, it was as if we had been walking for days my brother started to complain even more, my uncle who was getting fustrated turned around and slapped him i shouted at him he just looked at me with a smug grin on his face as he said "your lucky your a girl" as if i was suppost to know what that meant he said "youll understand". i helped my brother up as he was hit so hard he fell to the floor, we stayed sclient the rest of the time until he said "were here" my brother felt relief but i felt...unerved as if i could sense the danger he was putting us in, ill never forget those words that sank my heart so low into my chest, "turn around" he stared me dead in the eye as if he coud see through my soul, he sarted shouting at us we did what he said. he started counting down from 3..3...2...'BANG' a body dropped to the floor i turned around and both jack and my uncle were gone two blood red stains one against a tree one dragging of somewhere, i wasnt pepared to stay and find out what happened. i ran through the woods trying to retarce the way we came in wiping the tears that were streaming down my face as if someone had opened a river dam.

3 years have passed since then, my parents say they dont blame me but thyeve never really quite looked at me the same way since, i told them the truth..i told them what hapened but they dont believe me, if this what my uncle meant by 'im lucky to be a girl' as they were both male?. ive been strugglying to make friends in school, the other students tease me because of my scars on my arm, they dont understand it relieves the pain and the memories, my parents have also sent me to threapy a couple times never the less to say it didnt work as i gain more scars everyday on my arms and in my mind.

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