Mirror Maids

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[> this is a shot story that i wrote, i'm only young so not all will be perfect, i hope you enjoy! x <]

Submitted: November 12, 2017

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Submitted: November 12, 2017



*Mirror Maids*

chapter one: (The Gateway)

They see you, they hear you, they know your there but...you dont know them, youve never seen them or heard them but your with them..in the dark and in the light of the day, there always there in your shadows.

how do i know? ive seen them, i should introduce myself, my names Robin, ive lived in the middle of no where ever since i was young, i live with my two sisters and my mother, what happened to our father? he was taken... by them.

i didnt exactly know who "they" were but i know there here in these moments, with me and you...and there angry, there always angry.


chapter two: (Listenngs)

it was around 3 years ago, we had just finished dinner and it was getting dark, as we were in november, for the past couple weeks we had heard strange sound coming from upstairs. We would always use exuces to keep us calm. the sound would always come from the same place in the house, same place, same room, same sound. everytime we went upstairs it would always slow down and as we got closer it would stop and youd hear nothing but defining silence as youd walk past youd always feel a chilling draft blowing in rom the back room (the guest bedroom).

finally i went to bed, put on my sleeping mask, took my medicine, closed my eyes and drifted of into a deep calming sleep and listened to my music wich i would only have on to block out the sound of... them.


chapter three: (the voices)

i awoke from my deep sleep, sweat dripping from my face down to my back,

"not again" i whispered to myself as i crept  out of my cold damp bed

"oh dear god not again!" i said as i let out a slight cry as i looked in front of my goden eye dresser....

what was it? who was it? this happenes every night youd think id be used to it by now, long dark brown hair, snowy white skin and long fang like teeth except shes not here its like shes an image a figment of my imagination or is she? my body was so frozen shut i could barely focus on her faded look. i was wrong! i was slowly released from my frozen state so i stood up ever so gentaley  and walked over to "her" and tried to speak but it was as if my mouth had been glued shut so instead i tried to put my hand on her shoulder but as i reached closer - CRASH!!!

before i could show "her" any sign of my presense "her" presense had dissapeaed.

i then heard crying and screams coming from the spair room, it sounded as if a lost spirit had been lost and trapped but... no one goes into that room it was strange, i swear i could hear my mothers tears.

not paying attension to the once still shadow stood in my room i legged it out of my room, slid past the two other doors and flung open with all my strength the door to the guest bedroom but... nothing! no mother!, no tears!, no sounds!, absolutley NOTHING!!! what was it? who was it? i refused to admit that i had imagined these shadows and sounds however i do not portray the figure of a mad man.

i decided to walk back to my room and go to sleep hoping i would forget this all in the morning, i took one more look around the room before leaving, i then closed the door and turned around to walk back.

(GASP) i took a deep loud breath as i saw her she was the same lady haunting my dreams, the same women standing at the foot of my bed everynight. i stood staring at her with disbeleif, i then scanned her her body with my eyes and noticed her arms i stared even more as she had deep cuts on her wrist leading up to her arms as she dripped purple red blood on the crooked wooden floor. She held broken glass in her arm and as she made no eye contact as she pointed to the shattered mirror.. but why?


chapter four: (isolation)

i woke up again? i had no memory of faling asleep honestly how could i or anyone fall asleep if they saw that..i was having a debate in my head on wether it was real or not!

it was now breakfast and the family sat down to eat, "do i ask them?"

"ask us what Robin?" questioned my older sister

unbelievabe ive gone so mad that i couldnt tell what i was saying out loud and in my head had no choice now, i had to tell them, so i did

my mother tried to convince me it was all in my head.. but i know what i saw and there no part of me that doubts.. this is what murdered my father.


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